favorite girl in the show

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I was tagged by: @leex2

Name: Luis

Nickname: don’t really have one. My roommate sometimes calls me bebé (baby) lmao

Star sign: aquarius

Height: around 166 cm

Time right now: 16:50

Last thing googled: coconut oil

Favorite Music Artist: Sufjan Stevens

Last movie watched: Gone Girl (ugihdhDpdh)

Last TV show watched: Weeds

What are you wearing?: a shirt and sport pants

When did you create your blog?: 2008 or 9 i don’t remember

What kind of stuff do you post on your blog?: memes and shit

Do you have any other blogs?: my artblog @silverpinkponies

Gender: Male

Favorite animal: koalas, chinchillas and sloths

Hogwarts house: first time i did the pottermore test i was Hufflepuff and when they changed it i got Gryffindor

Pokemon Team: blastoise, gengar, chandelure, vileplume, arcanine and ampharos

Shout out to: aliens

Mbti: idk

Moral alignment: got lawful neutral

Cat or Dog Person: both

Favorite color: mint

Average hours of sleep: 7,8 depends on the day

Lucky number: 8

Favorite character(s): Asuka from nge

How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1

How many pillows do I sleep with: as many as i can get

Dream Job(s): like a professional illustrator that can pay his own shit, i’m not greedy lmao

Current number of followers: 969 but only like 20 look my shit haha

Why did you pick your URL: because i want to leave this planet.

Dream Trip: anywhere where there’s hot daddies

People I tag: @godzuki @cal-pi-co @toddtomorrow @bacteriaseas

Let me get this straight….

The creator of my favorite childhood show The Powerpuff Girls

The creator of my obsession from 8th grade through college Danny Phantom

And the creators of two of my current obsessions Gravity Falls and Steven Universe


Literally, creators the 4 shows I have ever considered a number 1 favorite of mine are all going to be in the same room together and I cannot handle this.

  • sophia: [describing what happened after she broke her glasses] it took me six hours to find my way home.
  • dorothy: ma, if you couldn't see, why didn't you call me to come get you?
  • sophia: i tried to, but every time i put in a dime and dialed, a condom popped out. i've got 5 in my pocket, here dorothy. a lifetime's supply.

All I can say now is thank you 2NE1


i saw someone make this crossover and i couldnt help but draw the Power Puff Gems


Don’t forget, okay?

Just for curiosity...

I wanna see how many people on Tumblr that are 18 or above watch Disney Channel nowadays

tag your fav shows that are still airing (or ended recentely)



GOSSIP GIRL ( 2007 - 2012 ) “The Upper East Side was like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray – teenagers acting like adults, adults acting like teenagers, guarding secrets, spreading gossip all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth. And membership into this community was so elite you couldn’t even buy your way in. It was a birthright – a birthright that I didn’t have. And my greatest achievements would never earn it.”