favorite gemstone


1. favorite season?

2. prettiest thing u own?

3. do u prefer to be outside or inside?

4. furthest ever traveled?

5. what’s your aesthetic in 3 words?

6 favorite gemstone?

7 best thing about yourself, in your opinion

8 best thing about yourself, in other’s opinion

9 what’s your weirdest fear?

10 weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

11 go-to hiding place

12 favorite place in your house

13 earliest memory

14 do you believe in ghosts?

15 favorite sea creature?

16 cold showers or hot baths?

17 satin or lace?

18 gold or silver?

19 hoops or pearl earrings?

20 aesthetic song

21 top 5 songs

22 favorite time of the day?

23 favorite part of your body?

24 do you drink alcohol?

25 dream job from when u were a kid

26 messy or clean?

27 tea or coffee?

28 favorite book

29 zodiac sign?

30 extrovert or introvert?

31 celebrity crush?

32 early bird or night owl?

33 do you believe in love at first sight?

34 favorite book quote

35 three wishes you have  

36 do you believe in magic?

37 do you believe in soulmates?

38 zoo or aquarium?

39 cats or dogs?

40 how many languages do you speak?

41 how has your life changed from last year?

42 why do you have your name/url?

43 do you keep secrets? how well?

44 favorite animal

45 what is love to you?

46 future children name?

47 favorite color

48 favorite movie

49 cuddles or kisses?

50 if you could have any person in the world over for dinner, who would be?

51 someone to bring back from the dead

52 lipstick or lipgloss?

53 are you street smart or book smart?

54 your biggest strength

55 favorite sport

56 favorite drink?

57 favorite winter activity

58 last time you went abroad

59 favorite dessert

60 favorite artist

61 favorite singer/band

62 favorite dancing song

63 favorite crying song

64 do you wear glasses?

65 first thing you do when you wake up

66 how long do u usually sleep for?

67 one thing you lost and you want back

68 biggest fear

69 favorite carnival ride

70 do u have birthmarks or scars?

71 favorite childhood memory

72 what do u think about during a storm?

73 one word to describe your life?

74 craziest thing ever done

75 do u have piercings or tattoos?

76 favorite flower

77 do u have any pets?

78 describe your style

79 choose one thing to change about yourself

80 do u play any musical instruments?

81 if your life was a movie would it be a comedy, a rom-com, action film or drama?

82 do u prefer dark, dramatic makeup or natural makeup?

83 favorite perfume

84 biggest fandom

85 favorite YouTuber(s)

86 OTP

87 country, state where you were born

88 your parent’s name

89 favorite snack

90 pasta or pizza

91 pen or pencil

92 blue or black ink

93 paper books or electronic books? 

94 history or geography? 

95 pastel or neon

97  soap or body wash

98  conditioner, no conditioner, or 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner

99 singing in the shower or not

100  listen to music while bathing or silence

101  blow dry, towel dry, or air dry your hair

102 morning or night showers?

Witchcraft Asks #1-105

Here is the list of the 105 witchcraft questions I just finished answering. I answered one each day but feel free to answer them all at once or however you want to do it. Tag your it!

1. Are you solitary or in a coven?
2. Do you consider yourself Wiccan, Pagan, witch, or other?
3. What is your zodiac sign?
4. Do you have a Patron God/dess?
5. Do you work with a Pantheon?
6. Do you use tarot, palmistry, or 
any other kind of divination?
7. What are some of your favorite herbs to use in your practice? (if any)
8. How would you define your craft?
9. Do you curse? If not, do you accept others who do?
10. How long have you been practicing?
11. Do you currently or have you ever had any familiars?
12. Do you believe in Karma or
13. Do you have a magical name?
14. Are you “out of the broom closet”?
15. What was the last spell you performed?
16. Would you consider yourself knowledgeable?
17. Do you write your own spells?
18. Do you have a book of shadows?
If so, how is it written and/or set up?
19. Do you worship nature?
20. What is your favorite gemstone?
21. Do you use feathers, claws, fur, pelt, skeletons/bones, or any other animal body part for magical work?
22. Do you have an altar?
23. What is your preferred element?
24. Do you consider yourself an Alchemist?
25. Are you any other type of magical practitioner besides a witch?
26. What got you interested in witchcraft?
27. Have you ever performed a spell or ritual with the company of anyone who was not a witch?
28. Have you ever used ouija?
29. Do you consider yourself a psychic?
30. Do you have a spirit guide? If so, what is it?
31. What is something you wish someone had told you when you first started?
32. Do you celebrate the Sabbats? If so which one is your favorite?
33. Would you ever teach witchcraft to your children?
34. Do you meditate?
35. What is your favorite season?
36. What is your favorite type of magick to preform?
37. How do you incorporate your spirituality into your daily life?
38. What is your favorite witchy movie?
39. What is your favorite witchy book, both fiction and non-fiction. Why?
40. What is the first spell you ever preformed? Successful or not.
41. What’s the craziest witchcraft-related thing that’s happened to you?
42. What is your favourite type of candle to use?
43. What is your favorite witchy tool?
44. Do you or have you ever made your own witchy tools?
45. Have you ever worked with any magical creatures such as the fea or spirits?
46. Do you practice color magic?
47. Do you or have you ever had a witchy teacher or mentor of any kind?
48. What is your preferred way of shopping for witchcraft supplies?
49. Do you believe in predestination or fate?
50. What do you do to reconnect when you are feeling out of touch with your practice?
51. Have you ever had any supernatural experiences?
52. What is your biggest witchy pet peeve?
53. Do you like incense? If so what’s your favorite scent?
54. Do you keep a dream journal of any kind?
55. What has been your biggest witchcraft disaster?
56. What has been your biggest witchcraft success?
57. What in your practice do you do that you may feel silly or embarrassed about?
58. Do you believe that you can be an atheist, Christian, Muslim or some other faith and still be a witch too?
59. Do you ever feel insecure, unsure or even scared of spell work?
60. Do you ever hold yourself to a standard in your witchcraft that you feel you may never obtain?
61. What is something witch related that you want right now?
62. What is your rune of choice?
63. What is your tarot card of choice?
64. Do you use essential oils? If so what is your favorite?
65. Have you ever taken any kind of witchcraft or pagan courses?
66. Do you wear pagan jewelry in public?
67. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your faith or being a witch?
68. Do you read or subscribe to any pagan magazines?
69. Do you think it’s important to know the history of paganism and witchcraft?
70. What are your favorite things about being a witch?
71. What are your least favorite things about being a witch?
72. Do you listen to any pagan music? If so who is your favorite singer/band?
73. Do you celebrate the Esbbats? If so, how?
74. Do you ever work skyclad?
75. Do you think witchcraft has improved your life? If so, how?
76. Where do you draw inspiration from for your practice?
77. Do you believe in ‘fantasy’ creatures? (Unicorns, fairies, elves, gnomes, ghosts, etc)
78. What’s your favorite sigil/symbol?
79. Do you use blood magick in your practice? Why or why not?
80. Could you ever be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t support your practice?
81. In what area or subject would you most like your craft to grow?
82. What’s your favorite candle scent? Do you use it in your practice?
83. Do you have a pre-ritual ritual? (I.e. Something you do before rituals to prepare yourself for them). If so what is it?
84. What real life witch most inspires your practice?
85. What is your favorite method of communicating with deity?
86. How do you like to organize all your witchy items and ingredients?
87. Do you have any witches in your family that you know of?
88. How have you created your path? What is unique about it?
89. Do you feel you have any natural gifts or affinities (premonitions, hearing spirits, etc.) that led you toward the craft? If so what are they?
90. Do you believe you can initiate yourself or do you have to be initiated by another witch or coven?
91. When you first started out in your path what was the first thing or things you bought?
92. What is the most spiritual or magickal place you’ve been?
93. What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone who is searching for their matron and patron deities?
94. What techniques do you use to 'get in the zone’ for meditation?
95. Did visualization come easily to you or did you have to practice at it?
96. Do you prefer day or night? Why?
97. What do you think is the best time and place to do spell work?
98. How did you feel when you cast your first circle? Did you stumble or did it go smoothly?
99. Do you believe witchcraft gets easier with time and practice?
100. Do you believe in many gods or one God with many faces?
101. Do you eat meat, eggs and dairy?
102. What is your favorite color and why?
103. What is the one question you get asked most by non-practitioners or non-pagans? How do you usually respond?
104. Which of your five senses would you say is your strongest?
105. What is a pagan or witchcraft rule that you preach but don’t practice?

flower asks ✿
  • sunflower: What is your favorite time of year?
  • bellflower: what is your favorite instrument?
  • crocus: Do you believe in magic?
  • daffodil: What is your favorite smell?
  • marigold: Where do you go to find peace?
  • heather: Do you believe in love?
  • hibiscus: What are your favorite things to eat?
  • iris: Would you rather be a fairy, a witch, or a mermaid?
  • jasmine: Name a song you haven't listened to in a while, but that you still love.
  • lotus: Name your favorite item.
  • magnolia: What is your favorite gemstone?
  • moonflower: What is your biggest dream?
  • rose: Do you crush on someone at the moment?

anonymous asked:

What's the most unique gem in the world?

I guess that depends on your definition of unique. 

If you define unique as rare (and valuable), then gems such as alexandrite, grandidierite, jeremejevite, musgravite, and black opal are some of the most unique gems in the world, found in very specific, limited regions of the world. With these, finding them in a pure form is incredibly difficult, which is why they’re usually worth so much. Black opal is one of my favorites, since it looks like a rock swallowed a galaxy.

If you define unique more subjectively - on uniqueness of appearance rather than rarity - then there are a few other gems that stand out. To list just a few that are my personal favorites:

Ammolite: this gem is similar to opal – both fossilized shell-making, silica-rich creatures but in this case made from fossilized ammonites (nautilus) rather than diatoms (which are a kind of plankton) – but you can find it as whole nautiloids that can then be made into gemstone pieces (though I kind of prefer it whole but that’s my inner paleontologist speaking)

Fluorite: possibly my favorite gemstone mineral, fluorite is awesome for a couple of reasons - namely, it forms in near-perfect cubic crystals, is dazzlingly glowy under UV light, and comes in almost every color (usually clear, purple, and green, and occasionally a rare blue or impure yellow)

Hackmanite: this gem is a particular kind of sodalite that actually changes color in response to light (it’s called tenebresence, and it’s the same concept as transition lenses in glasses - just natural and in a really pretty gem)  - when it’s mined, it’s usually purple, but over time, it turns white; if it’s put back in the dark, it’ll fade back to purple, and you can repeat this over and over and over

Labradorite: with this gem, light reflects off the crystal structure in such a way that the rock has really strong blue-green iridescence, and it looks different every way you turn it - the light will hit it in one spot and the dull grey rock will suddenly explode with all this amazing blue color

Pietersite: I love this gem because it can come in any color - from brown to yellow to red to blue to purple to grey - and I’ve never seen two pieces that look even close to identical. Technically, it’s a variation of quartz - a really, really awesome variation of tiger’s eye quartz that looks nothing like other quartz types

These are just a few examples, and this is a really long and rambling answer to a very short question, but I think uniqueness can be defined objectively in terms of rarity and worth, or subjectively in terms of how freaking cool and special they are

all gems are freaking awesome

30 Day Gemstone Challenge

Day 1 - Create a gemstone that of your favorite color.

Day 2 - Create a gemstone that of your least favorite color.

Day 3 - Create a gemstone that does not exist, and give it a name.

Day 4 - Create a gemstone with a shape other than a circle, oval, square, or any basic shape. Use irregular and odd shapes.

Day 5 - Create the gemstones of a fusion consisting of any amount of gems.

Day 6 - Create a cracked gemstone.

Day 7 - Create two gemstones of the same type, but in a different hue it may come in.

Day 8 - Create a gemstone with asterism. (Star or cat’s eye)

Day 9 - Create a gemstone that can naturally come with two colors at once.

Day 10 - Create a gemstone placed inside of an object.

Day 11 - Create a gemstone based off of a popular gemstone, but one not seen in the show.

Day 12 - Create a gemstone based off of your birthstone, but not with the same shape and/or facet as the canon version.

Day 13 - Create a gemstone with a facet with double the sides of its border.

Day 14 - Create a gemstone with a smaller facet in the center of the first facet.

Day 15 - Create a gemstone out of an organic gemstone such as Amber, Ammolite, etc.

Day 16 - Create a gemstone with a pattern such as stripes or splotches.

Day 17 - Create a gemstone that emits radiation.

Day 18 - Create a gemstone that from an element on the periodic table, including frozen Mercury.

Day 19 - Create a gemstone from Dry Ice.

Day 20 - Create a gemstone with a name related to a food, most commonly a fruit.

Day 21 - Create a gemstone that is not very well known.

Day 22 - Create a gemstone with a plant in the name. Bonus if it’s in the shape of a flower, clover, etc.

Day 23 - Create a gemstone made of two unshattered gemstones stuck together.

Day 24 - Create two or more gemstones of the same type, but with completely different shapes, similar to the Jaspers.

Day 25 - Create a gemstone with irregular facets and sides, similar to the gemstone seen here.

Day 26 - Create a gemstone from the first gemstone that comes to your head. If you’ve already done it, make one from the next one that comes to your head.

Day 27 - Create an Opal. Give it lots of vibrant color.

Day 28 - Create a metal gemstone. Gold, Silver, Iron, etc. are probably the ones that might come to mind first. If you’ve already done one of these from the Periodic Table, please choose another.

Day 29 - Create a gemstone from a world famous, one of a kind gemstone, I.e. The Hope Diamond, Pumpkin Diamond, etc.

Day 30 - Gather up all of your favorite gemstones you’ve done from the challenge, and put them all in one picture. Show off which ones you liked the most.


It’s been a while since the last time I drew my Lapis/Peri fusion, Larimar. I finished these two days ago ! Despite the fact I started them 2 weeks ago and then forgot :d

I’m glad I didn’t choose Aquamarine as a Lapidot fusion because if the rumors about the new gem are true my fusion will still be legit lmao - Anyway I had my reasons when I chose Larimar, . The elements and colors are perfects, and then I recently found its meaning…Plus it’s my favorite gemstone !

Now, about the picture itself…I just wanted to draw random expressions. I also wanted to draw her with Steven because she would love him so much haha

I’ll probably add more sketches of her, I just didn’t finish anything except these.

Oh. And by the way  :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nao_S9cmE3E My headcanon for her voice. I’m a huge fan of Alice Francis and her voice sounds…perfect ?! I love thinking about Electroswing being a good theme for a Lapidot fusion (I kept listening to this kind of music when I made Lari for the first time)and I’m glad I found out I’m not the only one.

anonymous asked:

"Who asked who out first?" with shinsou?

Shinsou Hitoshi

Who asked who out first?

You asked him out. He never even knew you were interested in him, perhaps because he had become so cynical he couldn’t imagine someone like you would want to be with him. He’s shocked when you ask him out and can only wordlessly nod his head in agreement until his brain fully catches up with what happened. 

Who initiated the first kiss?

You did. You think it’s funny how off-guard you caught him when you leaned in and gave him a quick kiss, especially because he continued to look stunned for a few minutes afterward. He admits he never expected you’d want to kiss him in the first place. 

Who said I love you first?

Shinsou. He was determined to do something first in the relationship at least, and when he started to feel he was in love, he knew he was ready to tell you. He was worried you’d get to that first too but when he first confesses his love for you, you pat him on the back, congratulate him on being forward with you, and tell him you love him too. 

Who would have the others picture as their phone background?

You would be his background on his phone, most likely his favorite picture of you that he’d refuse to change until another one just as great came along. It’d be a picture of you smiling bright that made his chest tingle every time he looked at it. 

Who proposes?

Shinsou! Another marker in the relationship initiated by him (he’s quite proud). He buys your ring after asking around to your friends you preferences (if you’d ever voiced them) and has the ring embedded with your favorite gemstone or color. He’s pleased at your positive reaction to how the ring looks. 

Who does the dishes?

Shinsou generally just gets to it without you even asking him to, though sometimes he’s not in the mood to do them because he’s too tired. If that’s the case, then it would be up to you to do them, but he’d make it up to you by taking on one of your chores. 

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning?

Shinsou wakes up at around 8am every morning unless he has school, where he’ll wake up an hour earlier just to give himself time to get ready. If you’re an early riser and you’re up with him he wouldn’t mind, but he likes to get ready and done things around the house before you’re awake (he likes solitude sometimes). 

Who gets to pick the movie type on movie nights?

Shinsou likes horror movies a lot, but would let you pick if you were really afraid of them. He doesn’t have a huge preference and would watch anything you’d put on, but he hates pointless comedies that just have ‘dumb’ humor to them. 

Who lavishes the other one in gifts?

Shinsou takes note of anything that you point out or say you really like, and will buy it for you at a later time; he likes to give you things that’ll make you happy. He’s harder to shop for but he cherishes every gift that you’d give to him. 

Who worries more about the other?

It’s easy for you to worry over Shinsou, because you know he’s working himself overtime so he can move up to the hero course. You’d have to remind him to eat and drink occasionally, and check that he’s getting the correct amount of sleep, but he doesn’t mind being doted over. 

|| simple and clean ||

i was listening to simple and clean //ray-of-hope// mix and this happened…

disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and is not meant to represent the celebrity’s actual life/lifestyle.

**do not plagiarize/repost this story**


you’re giving me too many things.

Tom had a very extravagant way of showing his love for her. And although she didn’t mind the gifts he gave her, she was beginning to get lonely.

He was busy and was seldom home due to his job as an actor, and despite how proud she was of him and his success, she was beginning to miss his once permanent presence within her life.

Now, Tom was nothing but a sweet and ephemeral memory to her.

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Random Asks

1. Favorite kind of juice?
2. Favorite movie?
3. If you could pick one color to represent yourself, what it be?
4. If you had to pick one texture to represent you, what would it be?
5. Name a talent of yours.
6. Cookies or cream?
7. Do you like to draw?
8. What is the best restaurant you have ever been to?
9. How many times have you cried this month?
10. What’s your biggest regret?
11. What’s one thing that you judge people on?
12. What’s one thing you wish people didn’t judge about you?
13. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what it be?
14. Would you ever cliff dive?
15. Would you ever eat a bug?
16. Would you ever skydive?
17. Do you believe in destiny?
18. When is the last time you ran a mile?
19. When is the last time you kissed someone?
20. When is the last time you hugged someone?
21. Do you turn off the water while you brush your teeth?
22. Do you like hot or cold showers?
23. Hot pizza or cold pizza?
24. Favorite designer brand?
25. What’s one thing you wish everybody co
26. Do you believe in astrology?
27. Do you believe in ghosts?
28. Do you believe in karma?
29. Do your believe in luck?
30. Do your believe in love at first sight?
31. What type is your hair?
32. What color if you hair?
33. What color is your eyes?
34. Do you like school?
35. Favorite fruit?
36. Favorite vegetable?
37. What is the best feeling in the world?
38. What is the worst feeling in the world?
39. Favorite social media platform?
40. Jeans or leggings?
41. Skirts or shorts?
42. What color are your socks right now?
43. What is the best piece of advices you give to someone?
44. If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something, what would you say?
45. What’s one thing you hope to have in the future?
46. If you could go into the future and ask yourself something, what would you ask?
47. What is your zodiac sign?
48. Do you have siblings?
49. Do you want kids?
50. Favorite subject in school?
51. Least favorite subject in school?
52. If you could be perfect at one thing in life, what would you want it to be?
53. Would you rather write an essay or take a math test?
54. Would you rather take biology or chemistry?
55. Favorite shade of lipstick to wear?
56. On a scale of 1-10, ten being a lot, how independent are you?
57. One song that makes you happy?
58. One song that makes you cry?
59. One song that gets you excited?
60. One song that brings back memories?
61. Favorite song?
62. Running or swimming?
63. What is your biggest fear?
64. What’s one thing that always calms you down?
65. Favorite comfort food?
66. Who is your role model in life?
67. One punishment that you will always hate?
68. favorite memory from childhood?
69. Do you use scrunchies?
70. What’s the first thing you want people to notice about you?
71. What’s the first thing you notice about other people?
72. What’s the last TV show you binged watched?
73. Soccer or football?
74. Gymnastics or ice skating?
75. Favorite Olympic event to watch?
76. Dream pair of shoes? Describe.
77. Dream outfit? Describe.
78. Dream wedding? Describe.
79. Dream house? Describe.
80. Dream S.O? Describe.
81. Who is you celebrity crush?
82. What is one trait that turns you on?
83. What is one trait that turns you off?
84. What is your guilty pleasure?
85. Are you a night person or morning person?
86. In one word, describe your love life.
87. In one word, describe your friend group.
88. In one word, describe your style?
89. In one word, describe your music taste.
90. In one word, describe your parents.
91. What’s one thing you wish you could do?
92. What’s one thing you wish you could be?
93. Favorite snack?
94. If you could change one thing from your childhood what would it be?
95. What’s one thing you love about your childhood.
96. Sweet or savory?
97. Do you consider yourself responsible?
98. Favorite scent?
99. What is one movie that always makes you cry?
100. What is one movie that always makes you laugh?
101. Do you shower in the morning or night?
102. Favorite physical trait of yours?
103. Favorite personality trait of yours?
104. Would you want to be a model, an actor, or a singer?
105. Name three things that make you smile.
106. Name three things that make you frown.
107. What’s one language you always wanted to learn?
108. Biggest pet peeve?
109. If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?
110. What is your battery percentage at the moment?
111. Favorite quote?
112. Fanboys actor?
113. Favors singer?
114. Favorite model?
115. Favorite rapper?
116. Reader or writer?
117. Mechanical or traditional pencil?
118. Are you good at making friends?
119. Do you have a lot of secrets?
120. What’s one of your insecurities?
121. What is the best gift someone could give you?
122. What is the worst gift someone could give you?
123. Do you have an accent?
124. Are you scared of public speaking?
125. Are you scared of bugs?
126. Are you scared of flying in planes?
127. Are you scared of heights?
128. Favorite spot to vacation?
129. Favorite album currently?
130. Favorite type of hat?
131. Favorite type of soup?
132. What is something you are confident about?
133. Are you stubborn?
134. What is your spirit animal?
135. What’s one color you would never wear?
136. What’s one color that you wear too much?
137. Favorite song lyric?
138. High heels or flats?
139. Iced coffee or hot coffee?
140. Iced tea or hot tea?
141. Favorite thing to order from Chinese takeout?
142. Milkshakes or smoothies?
143. Favorite kind of donut?
144. Favorite kind of pie?
145. Do you lie a lot?
146. Do you wear glasses?
147. Favorite kind of wine?
148. What is your gemstone?
149. Describe your dream wedding ring.
150. Favorite season?
151. Do you pull all nighters often?
152. How many drafts do you have saved in tumblr at the moment?
153. Manicure or pedicure?
154. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
155. Stripes or polka dots?
156. Are you a optimist or pessimist?
157. Do you like confrontation?
158. Reveal a secret to your followers about yourself.
159. Are you a movie or TV show type of person?
160. Are you indecisive?
161. Favorite band?
162. Favorite book?
163. Sparkles or sequins?
164. Do you still use blankets in the summer?
165. Do you have any games on your phone? If so, what are they?
166. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
167. Your friends need to use one word to describe you. What word do you think they will use?
168. Your family need to use one word to describe you. What word do you think they will use?
169. If you had to pick one superpower, what would it be?
170. Fire or ice?
171. What do you believe killed all the dinosaurs?
172. Have you ever been heartbroken before?
173. Have you tried drugs before?
174. What’s one things everybody in the world should have a chance to experience?
175. Guilty until innocent or innocent till guilty?
176. What quality of yours do you thinks stands out the most to other people?
177. Are you wearing any nail polish at the moment? If so, what color?
178. Describe your ideal first date?
179. What are some things hat automatically make you like a person?
180. How comfortable is your mattress?
181. What is your favorite fashion trend currently?
182. What is your least favorite fashion trend currently?
183. Favorite material to wear?
184. If you could swap lives with a celebrity, which one would you switch with?
185. What’s your favorite thing about school?
186. Favorite genre of movies?
187. What’s one physical turn on of yours?
188. Favorite genre of music?
189. Do you dip yours cookies in milk?
190. Favorite board game?
191. What’s your favorite kind of dressing?
192. Favorite video game?
193. What’s your favorite flavor of cake?
194. Favorite card game?
195. What’s your favorite gemstone?
196. Gold or silver?
197. Favorite meal for dinner?
198. Favorite meal for breakfast?
199. What age did you learn how to swim?
200. Make up your own ask!

The Questionnaire for Aspiring Friendship (Open to Additional Questions)

1) Reason for your Tumblr username?

2) Who do you follow most and how did you find them?

3) Favorite season of the year?

4) Favorite weather?

5) Worst injury that your willing to speak about?

6) Most embarrassing moment you can laugh at now?

7a) What state(s) have you lived in?

7b) What countries have you lived in/visited?

7c) Where would you want to visit?

8) Choose your weapon!?

9) Current/Future Pets?

10a) If you could hangout with a fictional character for a day, whom and why?

10b) What would you do with said character?

11) Favorite mythological creature?

12) Favorite half-human hybrid creature?

13) League of Legends, favorite champion(s)?

14a) Do you believe in the paranormal? Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, etc.

14b) If you could, would you explore a reportedly haunted location? A reportedly recent crash? A recent sighting nearby?

15) What fiction world would you want to live in?

16) Favorite element of nature? Also, yes, you could bend it to your whim.

17) Favorite type of food from that good old fashion food pyramid?

18) If you’re into that sort of thing, what peaks your “interests”?

19) Robots/Androids/Cyborgs, which do you prefer?

20) Favorite creature in fiction that you would keep as a pet?

21) If you do drink alcohol, favorite?

22) Land/Air/Sea, which would you live in if able to without dying?

23) How do you prefer your potatoes? If you don’t like potatoes, why?

24) That show(s) you could sit down for and watch till its over?

25) Favorite Pokemon(s)/Digimon(s)/Monster Rancher(s) and why?

26) Pirates/Cowboys/Ninjas, who do you root for?

27) Favorite Sport(s) to play/watch?

28) That game you could play for hours/days at a time?

29a) Would you live in a world where furries/athros were cohabiting?

29b) If yes, would you stay human or change into one of the above?

30) Favorite suit in a traditional card deck?

31) Lucky number(s)/charms?

32) That cereal you’ve enjoyed to this day?


34) For those kinky people, those closeted thoughts? That “ideal” scenario?

35) That happy place, your safe haven? Location and people eligible.

36) Rock/Paper/Scissors?

37) Favorite gemstone?

38) That band(s)/soundtrack(s) you could listen to all day?

39) Those things that keep you up at night?

40) Your partner in crime?

41) Disney: movie, character, song?

42) What do you believe is the answer to life, the universe, everything?

43) What would you pilot? You also can have it be a mech or transformer, or both!

44) That Youtube/Twitch channel(s) you watch?

45) That book you could read in one sitting?

46) What do you collect?

47) Favorite actor/actress? Living or passed.

48) Zodiac Sign? Astrological and/or Chinese.

49) That BOARD game you break out when friends are over?

49b) That VIDEO game you break out when friends are over?

50) What would you do first if you won that lottery after paying those bills and debts off?

51) That thing that isn’t creepy to others but still creeps you out?

52) That thing that you enjoy that others tend not to?

53) That drink you could enjoy with every meal?

54) That meal you enjoy every time?

55) That article of clothing you enjoy wearing most?

56) That thing that people do that just makes you feel fuzzy inside?

57a) That smell you could breathe in forever?

57b) That smell that scrunches up your face?

58) That artist you follow on here?

59) That comic you read? Can be a strip like on Taptastic or Marvel/DC/other.

60) That person that ticks you off?

61) That special someone in your life, how did you meet? Best friend and/or beyond.

62) That color that catches your eye?

63) That stuffed animal/toy you’ve kept around since you were a kid?

64) That console that got you into gaming? PC denied, tis beyond in power.

65) That teacher you had? For better or worse.

66a) What traits in others do you tend to gravitate towards?

66b) What traits do you avoid?

67) Regrets?

68) The saddest moment(s) in your life?

69) For the “passionate” folk out there, you know the question already.

70) The happiest moment(s) in your life?

71) That small thing that is satisfying every time you do it?

72) Would you change anything about yourself?

72b) If yes, what and why? If no, please explain.

73) What would you ride into battle? Living, dead, mechanical, real or fictional.

74) Alright, what do you look like? Hair/eye/skin color. Shouldn’t matter all  that much, that’s why it’s so late on this list, but hey- it’s here.

75) Measurements? Break out the tape and scale.

76) That thing you do to show off to new friends?

77) How would you describe your personality?

78) What personalities do you look for in others?

79) What do you do to relax and unwind?

80) Favorite places to hang out? Outside of the home that is, because really, that should be the ideal place by default.

81) What RPG class would you be? Video games count too.

82a) Play any instruments?

82b) If no: would you want to? If you just said yes, what? If you said no again, why?

83) Waifu(s)/Husbando(s)? We don’t discriminate.

84) That band you listen to that hardly anyone else around you does?

85) Oversized/Perfect/or Tight apparel?

86) That thing you bought on online recently?

87) What do you bundle up with on a cold day?

88) Travel back in time or to the future?

89) Spirit animal? Be specific.

90) That fictional character you wish you could hug?

91a) That thing you bought that didn’t meet expectations?

91b) That thing you bought that you wish you bought sooner?

92) What word do you have trouble saying? We all have at least one.

93) Is there someone you hated that you are now friends with?

94) That show from your childhood?

95) That song that makes you want to dance? Even if you don’t dance.

96) Crushes you had/have?

97a) Best class subject you had/have in school?

97b) Worst class subject you had/have in school?

98) For those that move around: where would you revisit, if your friends were still there?

99) Magic vs. Technology, which would you side with?

100) Where do you see yourself in the future, ideally?

Feel free to add more if you see this. This is meant to break the ice if you ever get stumped in a conversation. Try to keep it clean people.


I just discovered your blog and I had to send you some pictures of my simple, but favorite, gemstones. I have three pieces of amethyst, one that my geologist friend identified and I forgot the name of (first picture, next to the amethyst on the left, the smooth thing on the right is likely just colored, polished glass) two geodes and two dyed agate slices (the big purple one from Howe’s Cavern!)

Then there’s this shimmery, slightly purple rock that I can’t identify. Do you think you could? It’s in the second to last picture set.

And lastly, that little piece of amethyst has been with me since I was a child and I love it.

I have more gemstones elsewhere, like rose quartz and mica. Sorry for so much text!

Lovely collection!


Hello my dear witches, 

Since I started practicing witchcraft, I loved the idea to start a coven. And I think now it’s the moment :) 

  • Working in a group gives you the benefit of learning from people who may have more experience and knowledge than you. 
  • When you’re part of a group, you have more opportunities to meet others in the greater witchcraft community. 
  • Coven work typically is more structured and formal, and rituals are usually more elaborate, which some people find beneficial to their studies. 
  • We can exchange ideas, tips and much more. 
  • We can make some really good friends. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re pagan of wiccan or something else, we’re all here for each other. 

What to do to join the coven? 

That’s really really easy! 

1. Follow me (myhiddenworldblog)

2. Send me your kik name and I will add you ASAP! 

What to do when you’re in the coven? 

Make a little text with some information about you. 

  • Your name 
  • Where do you live? 
  • Since when did you start practicing witchcraft? 
  • What are your favorite gemstones? 
  • What’s your favorite season? 
  • … 

Just say whatever you want! Those are just examples :) 

I will delete you immediately if: 

  • You’re mean to someone 
  • You are homophobic or racist 
  • You don’t understand someone else’s struggles 
  • You do something that harms someone physically or mentally