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Interview Me! (Ratchet and Clank Edition)

1. Favorite Ratchet and Clank game?

2. Favorite character?

3. Favorite weapon?

4. Favorite cutscene?

5. Favorite scene in the movie?

6. Favorite line?

7. What I want in future games?

8. Favorite ship?

9. Favorite headcanon? 

10. Favorite species?

11. Favorite gadget?

12. Favorite villain?

13. Favorite enemy?

14. Favorite boss?

15. Favorite armor?

16. Favorite soundtrack?

18. Any OCs? 

19. Least favorite character? 

20. Favorite level?

21. Favorite planet? 

22. Favorite side quest? 

23. Least favorite level?

24. Least favorite planet?

25. Least favorite game?

26. Guilty pleasure game?

27. Most frustrating part of any game?

28. Least favorite weapon?

29. Cutscene that always make you laugh?

30. Favorite Ranger armor paint?

31. Least favorite Skill Point/Trophy?

32. Cutscene that always makes you sad/cry? 

33. Favorite pre-order bonus?

34. Favorite Clank level? 

35. How did you get in to the series?

((Please pick no more than three questions/numbers. And I know it sounds lame and pathetic to ask you guys to interview me, but I just love sharing my favorite aspects of the Ratchet and Clank series, and I would love to hear yours, too! Bring Ratchet and Clank fans just a little bit closer.))


A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

Imagine that you show up in your favorite character’s universe, only for them to be missing. You ask the other characters about it, but they have never even heard of your favorite character. You soon realize that you’re supposed to play their role in the story/series…


“Fighting is better than this waiting,” Brienne said. “You don’t feel so helpless when you fight. You have a sword and a horse, sometimes an axe. When you’re armored it’s hard for anyone to hurt you.”– “Knights die in battle,” Catelyn reminded her. Brienne looked at her with those blue and beautiful eyes. “As ladies die in childbed. No one sings songs about them.”

Send me a video game console

Atari 2600: favorite video game
NES: favorite video game character
Super NES: least favorite video game character
N64: if you could live in any game universe what would you pick and why
GameCube: pc or console
PC: favorite villain
PlayStation: retro or modern video games
Xbox: least favorite video game/franchise
Wii: first video game you ever played
Wii U: last video game you’ve played
Nintendo Switch: Zelda or Mario
PSP: PlayStation or Xbox
Nintendo DS: books or movies
3DS: video game guilty pleasure
Sega Genesis: most annoying encounter with a gamer online


Breath of the Wild DLC includes Tingle costume, other non-Tingle content ⊟

Nintendo detailed the first of two DLC packs being released as part of that Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass. The “Master Trials” DLC includes a weird grab bag of modes, including:

  • Trial of the Sword: 45 rooms or so of enemies for Link to defeat, starting with no equipment. Completing this unlocks the Master Sword’s glowing ability full time!
  • Hard Mode: It’s harder! Enemies are tougher (they “rank up” to the next toughest version), they recover health, they spot Link more easily. Also for some reason there are now floating planks with enemies and treasure chests on them.
  • Hero’s Path Mode: Wow! It now traces your steps over the previous 200 hours! You can fine tune the data too.
  • Travel Medallion: An item will appear… somewhere… that lets you create a travel point anywhere you want.
  • Korok Mask: Shakes when there’s a Korok nearby, which is always.
  • New Equipment: Eight new items: “Once discovered by the player, they will yield equipment themed after fan-favorite games and characters such as Midna, Tingle, Phantom and Majora’s Mask.”

I’m in for the Tingles.

Also! Today, the game has been updated to allow players to use one audio language and another text language. Japanese with English subtitles! Or Russian with Italian subtitles! Mix it up!

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favorite male character: Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)

“ You think my life is some precious thing to me? That I would trade my honor for a few more years… of what? You grew up with actors. You learned their craft and you learnt it well. But I grew up with soldiers. I learned to die a long time ago. “