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Selina straight glammed up to kill a boi. 😂😂 One of my favorite scenes from Season 3. Emotionally/physically exhausting, but worth it. With my talented peeps David Mazouz & Sean Pertwee. 🙌🏽

“I was so blessed to know him, live with him (as room mates) and record music with him. What a talent…I miss you dear Jeffy…‘It’s in your heart, it’s in your art, your beauty….even in this world lies, there’s purity….you’ve got innocence in your eyes, even in this world of lies….you’re still hopeful, it’s very sexy, ok ok’ It was about Jeff. He died never knowing that. I was always too shy around him to tell him…sad. We were right on the verge of doing so much more…never spoke about this. We were gonna do a band together just like a record but he begged me to keep it absolutely secret. ‘Big money’…his label and lawyers wouldn’t like it. Remember, back then I was just ‘that crazy junky girl’ from The Nymphs. Jeff’s apt. was my crash pad. He was very kind to me when I was a very sick girl….period!!! And he was always respectful. He truly was a God fanned real life fucking real in the flesh fucking angel on Earth…I can’t even describe Jeff’s qualities, they were so limitless. Jeff was the closest thing that I’ve ever experienced getting to be friends with someone who was so super humanly gifted in looks, guitar, voice, humbleness, humor, friendship….it was like meeting a higher intelligence, someone that had been here on earth befere many times. An angel in the realist sense, and God damn it, I was dying of drink, drugs…Jeff saved my fucking life…He’s always been the big brother I always wanted. People who didn’t know and love Jeff were often jealous of him…it comes with being great.“-Inger Lorre


Well, what a lovely cover.

Much like everyone else, I can’t help but wonder who is the person making the statement. Truthfully, it is somewhat written that it’s possible that all three of them could say it and is “supposed” to be vague. Through careful consideration, I think it really MIGHT be Gray for several reasons:

1) Emotion. As many have already point out thus far, Lyon and Juvia are both fairly open about their feelings. Both translations relate to the expression of feelings. Inside the chapter, we happen to see some difficulty expressing emotions from our favorite (sometimes) emotionally constipated ice mage.

2) Context. The context of the picture says a lot. Gray is making contact with Juvia. Either she scootched over, or he is making the contact. Bear in mind, Gray usually shoves his hand in his pockets.

3) Content. Both translations are first person. That would typically rule Juvia out. Honestly, I thought it was Juvia at first because she looks somewhat pensive, but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

4) Warmth. That has somewhat become a Gray/Juvia reoccurring theme.

5) Lyon. He already backed out of the “battle” for Juvia’s affection a long time ago. I’m not sure why the triangle would be brought back up. Look at him, he’s there as a friend talking. Not making googly eyes at Juvia. Not even LOOKING at Juvia. He and Gray are chatting and Juvia is standing there.

TL;DR: I think it’s Gray thinking about Juvia. He’s obviously thought about it lately.