favorite french film


  my top 100 favorite films  ( editing the names in later )

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FAVORITE FANDOM: sinja fandom

LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK: Spanish, English, German, French (basic) 

FAVORITE FILM OF 2016: no idea…



  • Pompeii - Bastille
  • Lost Cause- Imagine Dragons
  • Daisuke to Ken no Kaimono Carol 


ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS: Never escaping home, being a failure forever, being rejected by the people I love

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU: no idea, upbeat probs, also loud…..

HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU?:  hmmm they think I’m weird and ugly (they are right)

WHO WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR?  Any innocent person

IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST? I’d pay back my parents, waifu and bf

RULES: TAG TEN PEOPLE YOU’D LIKE TO GET TO KNOW BETTER: not tagging this time either!

i was tagged by @curlykytta and i never respond to these things so i thought i would for once <3

  • Countries I’ve Lived in: U.S.A. 
  • Favorite Fandom: Harry Potter mainly (like it would be anything else)
  • Languages you speak: just english, slowly learning ASL and french
  • Favorite film of 2016: a tie between Fantastic Beasts and Moana
  • Last article you read: i have no idea
  • Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here:
  1. I wanna Rock - Diego Boneta
  2. For the People - Paper Tongues
  3. Heroes - David Bowie
  • Last think you bought online: a cheap dress for a cosplay
  • Any Phobias or fears: stairs in the dark (irrational but there you go)
  • how would your friends describe you: Nerd
  • Who would you take a bullet for? family, mainly my sister, mom, dad, my niece and nephews. And quite a few friends. Probably my cat…
  • If you had money to spare what would you buy first? A decent car…
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  • anyone else who wants to do this. i’m taggin everyone!!
You say i’m too much of a romantic but you kiss me like you’ve seen all my favorite french films and you never believed in magic but i swear we were made of it that night i kissed the stars on the back of your neck. i loved your hands and you loved the smell of my hair and together we made so much sense that i choked on my tears when you said we met at the wrong time. i was half full when i met you and half empty when you left and since then i’ve been filling my glass with cigarette butts and long drives that make me wonder if falling out of love with you was a bandaid or a bruise. the first time i met you i told you i didn’t believe in love and it took me four shots of tequila and drunken lips to realize that i would have shot the sunshine into my veins if it meant a moment with you and the stars in our skies burned out three days ago but they’re still shining the way they did three months ago and i swear to God i won’t forget you even when my dreams do.
—  you were so much of a realist that you couldn’t even believe in a happy ending