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What are some of your favorite french films?

AMELIE!! duh

I watched Raw last week and liked that a lot! It’s pretty gross tho so if you don’t like body horror then.. pass. 

Anything by Céline Sciamma is great - Girlhood, Tomboy, and Water Lilies are all amazing. She also wrote My Life As A Zucchini which I haven’t actually seen yet but it looks very cute (and very sad but like… that’s me)

I’m working through Agnes Varda’s filmography right now and she’s like… fucking iconic pioneer of cinema & if you’re interested in French film you absolutely need to check her out!! My favorite films by her are Cléo from 5 to 7, Le Bonheur and Kung Fu Master. 

This is unintentionally becoming all female filmmakers but I’m gonna roll with it lol. You should check out the works of Claire Denis and Catherine Breillat as well. 

Some other random films: 

  • Persepolis - I’ve rec’d this before & it’s one of my favorite movies ever.
  • The Innocents 
  • 17 Girls 
  • Breathe
  • Student Services
  • 2 Days in Paris

EDIT: Here’s a list of films directed by French women! :) And here’s one of essential French films. Mubi is such a beautiful website I should really subscribe :* 


  my top 100 favorite films  ( editing the names in later )

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🎥 My Favorite Short Films: Voice Over (2011) 🎥

“Three extreme situations that are actually the same.”

Genre: Drama

Country: Spain

Language: French (ENG Subs)

So many people that I talk to do not watch short films and I think that is a shame. There are so many AMAZING short films that can inspire you and create an emotional investment in only 10 minutes! That ability is true art. So I thought maybe I should share with you all some of my favorite short films, and maybe then I can make a short film lover out of somebody. ❤️

I’m starting this “series” (if people actually like this) with Voice Over because the cinematography alone is breathtaking! The story is really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and it truly takes you on an emotional journey. ~Enjoy 


Favorite french films → INTOUCHABLES

“C'est exactement ça. C'est ce que je veux. Aucune pitié. Souvent il me tend le téléphone, tu sais pourquoi? Parce qu'il oublie. Alors c'est vrai, il a pas spécialement de compassion pour moi. Seulement il est grand, il est costaud, il a deux bras, deux jambes, un cerveau qui fonctionne, il est en bonne santé. Alors tout le reste, maintenant aujourd'hui dans mon état, comme tu dis; d'où il vient, ce qu'il a fait avant, je m'en contrefous.”


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: favorite relationships [1/5] 

“Je croyais avoir le culte de la fidélité, mais avec toi, tu te souviens ? Tout est allé très vite.”

Get To Know Me Tag (ver. 2)

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Countries I’ve lived in:
just the US

Favorite Fandoms:
Inspirits, Shawols, LEGO 💕

Languages I can speak:
english and very basic french

Favorite film of 2016:
Finding Dory

Last article I read: this dumb thing about I.M from Monsta X and Luda from WJSN dating (spoiler alert it’s not true and these dumb people have the stupidest excuses for “evidence” 😂)

First 3 songs on shuffle:
- black widow ; pristin
- mr. potter ; dia
- boy ; exid

Last thing I bought online: I think it was my senior ring

Phobias / Fears:
- losing my mom too soon
- losing my dog
- being stuck in a job / life that I’m miserable in
- being stuck in a flood

How my friends describe me: I’m trustworthy and funny?

How people don’t like me describe me: long story short this one girl got mad that I told her off for being rude to my friends and she called me fat lol so fat I guess

Who I would take a bullet for:
- my mom
- my friends
- my dog

What would I do if I had money?
I’d go to all the concerts I wanted and I would help my mom live the life she wants and I would give to charity (I know that last one is such a cliche answer but unlike most I actually mean it)