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Since US history is all the rage now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite stories about the founding fathers.

-John Adams and Thomas Jefferson once visited the home of Shakespeare together… and both broke off pieces of one of the writer’s chairs so that they could take home souvenirs.

-When he was given an official surrender document during the French-Indian War, George Washington blindly signed the thing because he didn’t want to admit he couldn’t read French. In doing so, he basically solely accepted the blame of multiple war crimes. Somehow he wormed his way out of this… one of his methods was to blame his translator.

-Ben Franklin was forbidden from writing the Declaration of Independence because the founding fathers thought he would try to slip in puns and jokes.

-John Hancock was a convicted smuggler. Charges were dropped against him after he hired John Adams for a lawyer.

-Aaron Burr was a firm believer in the intellectual equality of men and women and lobbied for women’s suffrage.

-John Adams named his dog Satan.

-James Madison was our smallest president, at 5'4" and roughly 100 pounds.

-When he was 26, Washington bribed voters into electing him into office with alcohol… he gave certain voters about a half gallon for choosing him.

-Ben Franklin once wrote an essay urging scientists to “improve the odor of flatulence.”

-Jefferson warned Lewis & Clark to beware of giant sloths during their expedition.

-Adams and Jefferson were the original bros; after a lifetime of friendship, bitterness, and more friendship, they died hours apart on the same day- July 4th. Adams’ last words were, “Jefferson survives.” Well, not quite.

-Washington crossed enemy lines during the Battle of Germantown to return a lost dog to General Howe.

-The Star Spangled Banner was based off of a rowdy English drinking song.

-Alexander Hamilton’s descendants heavily edited and even hid some of his letters to his totally hetero bro, John Laurens, claiming “the content was embarrassing and indecent.”

-Ben Franklin opted for the turkey to be the U.S. national bird, claiming that bald eagles were cold and volatile.

-A few days before signing the Declaration, the Constitutional Convention got LIT. It’s rumored that the founding fathers drank 54 bottles of Madeira, 7 bottles of Claret, 7 bowls of spiked punch, 22 bottles of porter, 8 bottles of whiskey and 8 bottles of hard cider in this one night.

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FINALLY here are A FEW of my FAVORITE/MOST INTERESTING facts about my second favorite founding father! 

  • James Monroe is the youngest founding father, born in 1758 in Virginia. 
  • He had one sister and three brothers- one of whom (Spence) died when he was fifteen. Monroe was very close with his mother, who was also his teacher until he was eleven and at the age of sixteen his father died.
  • 1774 was also the year he started College of William and Mary and was a devoted student. He started with intentions of studying law- but dropped out months later to enlist in the 3rd Virginia Regiment in 1775. 
  • June 1775, Monroe, and other students joined twenty four older men in raiding the arsenal at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg. They used the loot of 200 muskets and 300 swords to arm the Williamsburg militia. 
  • During the Revolutionary War, he served under General George Washington, and was an aide de comp for General Stirling. 
  • In 1776, James Monroe was a hero at the Battle of Trenton. He was sent in an earlier boat across the Delaware River by General George Washington to scout. He nearly died at the battle, wounded at Trenton- he was shot in the left shoulder, he bled fast because the bullet severed an artery and he only survived because the volunteer medic stuck his finger in the bullet hole to stop the bleeding. He carried the shrapnel in his shoulder for the rest of his life. 
  • In John Trumbull’s painting The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton, December 26, 1776, Monroe can be seen lying wounded at left center of the painting. In the famous painting by Emanuel Leutze, Washington Crossing the Delaware, Monroe is depicted holding the American flag.
  • In 1777, after the Battle of Brandywine, George Washington sent for French speaking James Monroe to stay with Lafayette (who had been shot at the battle) throughout the night. According to Lafayette, James Monroe spent the entire night talking about how much he loved Thomas Jefferson. (Giles)
  • Monroe also wintered at Valley Forge, eventually reaching the rank of Colonel in the Virginia service. 
  • During the time that Monroe was stationed with Aaron Burr- Burr fell in love with Theodosia Prevost; and so did James Monroe. (Isenburg)
  • In 1780 the British invaded Richmond, and Governor Thomas Jefferson commissioned Monroe as a colonel to command the militia raised in response and act as liaison to the Continental Army in North Carolina.
  • Monroe did not return to William and Mary after the war, but finished his legal training with then Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson who became one of his closest correspondents along with James Madison.
  • James Monroe and his wife, Elizabeth Monroe, had a particularly close relationship and married in 1786. Their warm family life is illustrated by his wife and two daughters, Eliza and Maria (they had a son but he died at sixteen months), who all accompanying Monroe on nearly all his official travel, including diplomatic assignments in France and Great Britain. 
  • During their time in France, the James and Elizabeth attended Napoleon I’s Coronation in Notre Dame Cathedral. Elizabeth was very strong and instrumental in fighting for the Lafayette’s rights and land as well as making sure while Marquis de Lafayette was in prison, his wife–Adrienne de Lafayette–wasn’t guillotined and got her freedom. 
  • The Monroes also provided support and shelter to the American citizen Thomas Paine in Paris, after he was arrested for his opposition to the execution of Louis XVI. 
  • Did you know that James Monroe once almost got into a duel with Alexander Hamilton? They both squared up in the home of Monroe’s family-in-law before Hamilton declared a duel to which Aaron Burr stopped from happening. 
  • Monroe moved to Albemarle County, Virginia to be near his friend and mentor, Thomas Jefferson. His farm Highland actually shared a border with Jefferson’s Monticello. With the addition of their colleague James Madison—whose home in Orange County, Virginia was situated on their way to and from Washington. Three presidents of the United States were neighbors. 
  • When Monroe was Governor of Virginia in 1800, hundreds of slaves from Virginia planned to kidnap him, take Richmond, and negotiate for their freedom. Due to a storm on August 30, they were unable to attack. Monroe influenced the Executive Council to pardon and sell some slaves instead of hanging them.
  • 1803, Thomas Jefferson sent him to France to assist Robert Livingston with the negotiation of New Orleans. Finding Napoleon strapped for cash and willing to sell the entirety of the Louisiana Territory, Monroe took advantage of a deal that would double the size of the nation.
  • As Envoy to Spain, Monroe took a journey by mule from Paris to Madrid to negotiate with Spain for the Floridas. 
  • During James Madison’s presidency, James Monroe held TWO cabinet positions at once–Secretary of War and Secretary of State. He was the only person in America’s history to of held TWO cabinet positions at the same time. 
  • Monroe’s first presidential term was coined the Era of Good Feelings.
  • His inauguration was the first ever to of been done outside. 
  • His daughter–Maria–was also the first to be married at the white house!
  • James Monroe was the first president to travel by steamboat. Towns across the country greeted him with parades, lavish dinners, and other grand events. The city of Charleston, South Carolina actually barbecued an ox in honor of his visit.
  • 1820, Monroe saw no opposing candidates, and he was re-elected with all but one electoral votes. The one electoral vote against him was the result of a man who wanted George Washington to be the only president elected unanimously. This was the last time the United States saw a candidate run without serious opposition- Monroe was the only president besides Washington to do so.
  • James Monroe has a song about him written at the time of his presidential campaign called “Monroe is the man”. 
  • One time, William Crawford (secretary of treasury) called on Monroe at the White House to suggest a list of appointments he wished the President to approve. However, Monroe objected to Crawford’s list and said that he intended to make his own. Crawford lost his cool and snapped at the President, “Well, if you will not appoint persons well-qualified for the places, tell me whom you will appoint that I may get rid of their opportunities!”. The President was not intimidated by Crawford, telling his Treasury Secretary, “Sir, that is none of your damn business.“ Crawford was not easily intimidated, either (he killed a man in a duel years earlier). Monroe’s remark led Crawford to charge at the 67 year old President with his cane, waving it at Monroe while calling him a “damned infernal old scoundrel.”  Monroe was quick to grab two red hot tongs from a nearby fireplace for self-defense and threatened to personally throw Crawford out of the White House. 
  • Monrovia, Liberia is the only foreign capital in the world named after a United States president. 
  • Monroe was recognizably old-fashioned in choosing his attire. He was the last president to dress in the style of the Revolutionary War era (which was considered outdated) and was called nickname “The Last Cocked Hat.”
  • James Monroe was sent a drawing of a penis while he was president with a goofy note. 
  • Because the white house burned down in the War of 1812 and the white house fund was broke- James Monroe had to dip into his own pocket to fix the white house and provide dinners for his guests. His wife Elizabeth chose all of the inside decor and furniture! By the time he finished his presidencies, he had lost his Virginia estate and was $75,000 in debt partly due to his wife’s poor health who likely had epilepsy and severe burns from when she collapsed near a fire. 
  • James Monroe burned his correspondence with his wife after she died. He also burned many of his papers/letters in an attempt to keep a private life. When Elizabeth died, he predicted he would not live any longer. Elizabeth had been his political adviser and James frequently sought her advise.  
  • Shortly before his death, James Madison and James Monroe (best friends and rivals) sent each other a heart felt letter. Monroe felt that he was fading and sent Madison a letter detailing how much he thought of him, and appreciated him, loved him through the years and how depressed he was that he would never see Madison ever again. Madison, getting emotional (who knew) sent him a letter back, scolding him that he shouldn’t be so negative because Monroe was going to get better and they were going to be able to hold one another again. Monroe never did get better. 
  • Like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson before him, James Monroe died on July 4th on the 55th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. 
  • Monroe’s last words were, “I only regret that I should leave this world without again beholding him.” you wondering how this “him” was? IT WAS FUCKING JAMES MADISON. HE WAS TALKING ABOUT JAMES MADISON WHEN HE DIED. 
  • After his death, family were careful to place James in perfect alignment next to his wife. 
Remember when

Alexander Hamilton wasn’t our favorite founding father?

The Skywalker child named Ben was Luke’s son and not Leia’s

Steve x Tony was the biggest marvel ship

“Hold the door” didn’t break our heart

Space gays mostly referred to Kirk and Spock

The Harry Potter series wasn’t enraging us

You said the name “Bucky Barnes” the first thing to come to mind was the plucky teenage Robin-rip off from the old comics and NOT “Steve Rogers lover”

Vanilla Ice Cream and Oreo's

 Alright, to kick this off, lets start with some friendship fluff between our favorite founding father and yourself. So, that makes this a Alexander x Reader one shot (with potential to be a series, if requested).

“Uh, (Y/N),” Alexander asked as you walked in the door, exhausted. It had been a relatively miserable day at work, your feet hurt almost as bad as your head did, your mood was shit, and as much as you loved your best friend and roommate, you didn’t honestly feel like talking to him at the moment. “Are you alright?” You looked up at him, confusion mirroring his. 

“I’m fine,” You lied. “Why do you ask?” You slumped down in a chair, setting your messenger bag down beside you. Alex stood from his spot on the sofa, shuffling towards you and perching on the coffee table. He looked at you, concerned and serious. Alex was rarely serious with you, and you cursed yourself silently. 

“(Y/N),” You looked up. “You’re wearing two different shoes and you left without eating this morning.” You sighed, leaning back into your chair. “Come on, talk to me.” You kicked off you shoes, tucking your hair behind your ears. 

“I’m just really overwhelmed, I don’t know.” You shrugged it off. “Things are just crazy at the firm right now, and Burr has been on my ass about this case. It’s a lot to handle and-” You stopped, tears prickling at the back of your eyes. “Alex, what if I can’t do this? What if I lose this case, and Laurens walks?” You both looked down, and you felt the lump rising in your throat. “He didn’t do this, I know it. I just don’t know if I can prove it.” You ran your hands over your face in frustration. Alex was quiet, then he stood, walking away from you. “I’m sorry, Alexander,” You called after him. “I shouldn’t have brought it up, I-”

“Shut up.” He called from the kitchen, and you did as he said. You heard him shuffle around, dishes clattering and cruse words softly emitting form the room. You stood, following Alexander to your shared kitchen, where you saw him digging in the pantry and muttering under his breath. “He’s a dick, he’s always been a dick, and now she’s crying and what the hell am I supposed to do, I hate tears, she’s my best friend, where the fuck is it?” You giggled, wiping away the almost dry tears. Alex shot up, hitting his head on the shelf and you gasped. “Son of a bitch.” He rubbed at the back of his head, smiling sheepishly at you. 

“What are you doing, Alexander?” He sat on the counter, gesturing to all the stuff he had put on the counter.

“I was,” He sighed. “I was trying to make you feel better. You like vanilla ice cream with Oreo’s crushed on top, and raspberry hot chocolate. It’s your favorite, you always eat that when you’re sad,” You smiled gently, walking towards your best friend. “But I can’t find the Oreo’s, and I’m not any good at making you feel better.” He ran a hand through his hair angrily. “You’re an amazing lawyer, one of the best. That’s why I left law school. You’re incredible in court, you’re succinct, and persuasive. Watching you made me realize that I’m not cut out for that shit, that I’m a writer. Burr is a dick, and you deserve a better boss.” Alexander took a breath, having rushed through all of that. “And, I just don’t know how to make this better.” You watched his face, a wide array of emotions coursing through you. Alexander stared at you in silence, expression unreadable. You considered saying something, but closed your mouth again, unsure of what to say. 

You paused, watching Alex frown. Then you walked into your bed room, pulling the sleeve of Oreo’s from your snack drawer and shuffled into the kitchen. You pulled two bowls down, the ice cream scoop, and two mugs. Alex jumped off the counter, crossing the room to the fridge, and assisting you in preparing your personal favorite comfort food. Together, you carried the desert into living room and sitting down on the couch, side by side. Alex smiled at you, and for the first time in weeks, you smiled a real smile back. 

“I love you, Alex.” You laid your head on his shoulder. “Thank you for making me feel better.”

Alexander kissed the top of your head, then lay his head on top of yours. “I love you too, moron.”

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I think John Adams is becoming my favorite founding father, but I can't help thinking that I wish Abigail could've been president instead... if she'd wanted to be, that is. What 'Founding Mothers' do you think would have been great politicians if they could've in that time and wanted to be? Any opinions on where they might've done the most good/fit the best? (As senator, governor, judge,president, etc?)

I don’t know what position they would serve but some Founding Mothers I believe would be in politics today are: Phillis Wheatley, Abigail Adams, Mercy Otis Warren, Elizabeth Pinckney, Martha Jefferson. Martha Washington and Sarah Franklin Bache.

  • Me: *takes a breath* I love-
  • My Friends: Hamilton, yes we get it. You love Hamilton. You love the score, you love that it's based on your favorite founding father yes we know, shut up about it already!
  • Me: I was going to say Star Wars but now that you brought it up did you know that the guy who created Hamilton also helped write the Cantina music for the new Star Wars?
Poli Sci majors by their favorite Founding Father (and how to defeat them in an argument)
  • Jefferson: entitled Conservative assholes. Will argue you to a standstill "just to play devil's advocate" and gaslight you when you get emotional. Their one weakness in a debate is if you refuse to accept their thesis the Civil War wasn't about state's rights they will begin foaming at the mouth. Future State Legislators.
  • Adams: Liberal flip side of the Jeffersonian coin. Embodiment of every negative stereotype of White People™. Completely unchecked privilege. Loves gay white cis men and thinks that makes them LGBT friendly. Thinks racism is something that only exists in small town Mississippi. Loves black people as long as they stay far, far away. Loves immigrants as long as they work in "authentic" restaurants. Can not be out argued, but can be out-woke. They are very sensitive about having never been to a real protest.
  • Hamilton: either a Federalist papers nerd or a musical theater nerd. Both are more likely than the Adamsians to actually get their hands dirty by showing up at a protest, these people either change majors or become professors. Federalist Papers!Hamiltonians look down on the musical theater kids. Musical Theater!Hamiltonians think the Federalist nerds are too serious. Either way, if you start singing the musical they'll both lose all will to argue with you either because they're too annoyed to deal with your bullshit or too busy wondering how a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence impoverished in squalor grew up to be a hero and as scholar.
  • Washington: Conservative, but not as annoying as the Jeffersonians. They've just legitimately never put much thought into the stories they were told in school. Gentle redirection into better sources can sometimes get them to reevaluate their positions, but if you get too combative they'll just dig their heels in and refuse to budge so care is encouraged. These people grow up to teach high school if there's no family business to take over.
  • Franklin: Surprisingly chill frat boys. Arguing with them is not recommended for two reasons. First, they can get you invited to all the parties and they always know a guy who knows a guy who's got a hookup for really fucking nice weed and they'll usually share. Second, they're probably going to be President someday, or at least a Governor or something. Play your cards right and you can ride their coattails all the way up.

thomas jefferson, on a date: so, how do you feel about alexander hamilton?

jefferson’s date: omg, hamilton?! he was so cool, his plans were brilliant! he’s totally my favorite founding father.

thomas jefferson, forcefully shoving ancient breadsticks down his date’s throat: FIGHT ME, PUNK ASS