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Finished this WIP (here are the headcannons) overnight (its 3 in the morning haha). Have both final version because i couldnt choose ? Not sure if i like it, maybe i’ll do a gif version where the earthball floats and they breath

  •  I think Hunk created the floating earth lantern ball ; coran gave him the raw materials from some castle lanterns
    • Pidge typed the programm that makes its spin around in 24 seconds
  • Lance just stare at the ball for hours when he misses home
  • they uploaded pictures in it (like in some memory stick but, round) and it takes photos so you can zoom up into earth places they know
  • pidge is pulling all nighter to make it change its appearance to look like the planet they’re on
  • and Hunk tries to build a mini-lab inside
    • *pokedex voice* You’re on Exerus, the fifth moon of Kartasar..
    • Pidge : IT’S ALIVE
  • (I’ll do a close up of the pic one day )
    • They took it in a space mall while shopping (see : fashion voltron for the full experience ahah yes i link my own drawings in headcanons wth im gonna die what is sleep)
  • Also the poster is found in an old abandonned boutique of space roadtrips ; earth used to be popular inside aliens societies 
    • It’s all burnt and torn but Keith found it and immediatly thought about giving it to Lance so he keeps it preciously
    • also the earth is on fire on it
    • it’s probably 3millions years old but okay
  • In the morning Keith wakes up sore and lance is freezing because he gave his shirt to the boy #gotta keep your galra baby hot
    • He never questions the snuggle needs
    • Sometimes Keith come just to be pat like a kitty
    • he totally purrs

(can be seen as klance or not) (also the mobile version shows only one pic ? idk it’s okay)


fandom: captain america (mcu)

pairing: steve rogers / james “bucky” barnes

It’s harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home.

tags: pining, period-typical homophobia, post-captain america: the winter soldier 

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I read this prompt in one of those aus lists and i think is hilarious and it will be more whit onho: You laughed in a restaurant but you have an ugly laugh and I thought you were choking so I spent the last three minutes awkwardly humping you while performing the Heimlich maneuver 

“What the hell happened to you?”

Minho sat on the edge of his bed in a towel, his hair still wet from his shower. His roommate, Taemin was leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed across this chest, looking like he was barely holding back his laughter. Minho, in turned glared at him.

“My date was ruined. And I’m not talking ‘maybe I can call him tomorrow and explain’ ruined or 'you know first dates are always weird’ ruined. I’m talking 'I have no idea why the waiter jumped across four tables like an Olympic gold medal hurdler, knocked you down a flight of stairs and then attempted to give me the Heimlich maneuver, going so far as to rip my shirt off because as he put it 'it was tight and I thought it was constricting your airways!’”

Taemin straightened up, uncrossed his arms and stood alarmingly still, an aura of dumbfoundedness covering him. “Wait. What?”

“Exactly! All I know is that Theo told this awesome joke, it was so funny, or maybe it wasn’t that funny it just that he was sooo cute and I’ve been trying to get him to go out with me for like months so maybe, just maybe I laughed a little too hard and loud.”

Taemin pulled his chin in and looked down at Minho. “Hyung, you do know you sound like a dying hyena when you laugh really loud right?”

Minho blanched. “NO, I DON’T.”

“Denial is a river in Egypt,” Taemin muttered under his breath. “Okay, so terribly abnormal weird experience for a date.  Smooth. But that doesn’t explain why you came home soaking wet.”

“Well, Theo reserved a table by the fountain.”

“Did you decide to take a dip mid date or something?”

“And,” Minho pressed on with a roll of his eyes, “when the waiter bum rushed our table like he was a Dallas Cowboys linebacker to try and dislodge an imaginary piece of food from my imaginarily blocked windpipe–you have to understand. He was strong as hell. He lifted me off the ground-twice!-with his bullshit maneuver attempts–he must have not realized how close we were to the fountain because the next thing I knew, we were both tripping over the ledge and into the fountain. To be exact and completely honest,  he suplexed me into the fountain but that was after he awkwardly and I hate to say this, erotically, dry humped me in some freakish Heimlich remix.”

“Huh,” Taemin lips quirked to one side. “That’s…that’s something.” Taemin eyed the white carton on Minho’s nightstand. “Well, what’s that?”  

“This?” Minho reached for the box and opened it. It was a slice of rich chocolate cake with white icing and a note scratched in pen at the top. “It was supposed to be an apology.”

“From the dry humping, suplex, Olympian hudler guy?”

Minho frowned. “Yeah, that guy.”

“What does it say?”

Minho tilted the carton towards the light.


I’m really REALLY sorry I, uh, knocked your date down–to be honest what kind of date lets you choke I mean really! Even if you weren’t…you know..actually choking– and, as you put it, kind of dry humped you for way longer than what’s considered appropriate then suplexed you into the fountain. I didn’t mean to rip your shirt off either. Well yes I did I was trying–incorrectly apparently–to save your life. But I…well…sorry? Take this cake as my sincerest apology and this coupon for Endless Taco Tuesdays! It’s at the other restaurant I work but I promise to stay out of your way! Again. Sorry.  

Really really sorry :(

Lee Jinki.  

“Awww,” Taemin cooed. “He’s really really sorry, hyung. You should forgive him.”

Minho hmphed. “He can take this cake and his apology and his coupon and shove it up his ass.”

Taemin nodded. “Well can I have the cake and coupons beforehand? If you’re still feeling frisky, you can attempt the apology to ass thing with Lee Jinki later, eh? Heard some people like that.”

“Welcome to El Dorado’s! I’ll be your serv–oh hell.”

Minho lowered his sunglasses. Jinki stared at Minho, in shock, and Minho glared back at him, refusing to blink until Jinki did. He ended up blinking first because either Jinki really didn’t have eyeballs or he’d trained for this sort of stare off in a past life.  

Either way, Jinki’s brute eye strength wasn’t going to deter him. Minho didn’t want to call it, this, what he was doing, revenger per say but….no. No, who was he kidding? That’s exactly what it was. Revenge.  

The real question he couldn’t answer was why he was so fixated on paying Lee Jinki back. To be fair the man did try to save his life but there is a level of abject embarrassment that comes with having your shirt ripped off, humped in front of a restaurant full of strangers and reliving your childhood wrestler’s favorite finishing move…especially as the victim.  

Plus, the way the blush colored Lee Jinki’s cheeks rosy when he was embarrassed was motivating enough.

“I’m here for my tacos,” Minho offered as he slapped the coupon onto the table surface. He tapped the coupon twice before he crossed his arms. “I like them endless so keep 'em coming.”  

“Uh, sir. Endless Taco Tuesday doesn’t start until 6pm and…um..it's–it’s 11 in the morning.”  Lee Jinki sighed and cautiously slid the coupon back towards Minho. “You see, right here on the coupon I gave you?”

Minho narrowed his eyes before he snatched his coupon back. He peered at it, not seeing what Jinki was talking about until he read some chickenshit scribble at the bottom. “Starting at 6pm.”

“I can hold a table for you if you’d like! That way you and your date can come back! Make it real nice. I’ll get the candles out–we only use those for VIP customers. Juan,” he said the name with a hint of sarcasm, “says because they are really expensive but they really aren’t. I always get them from the dollar store. Like a 100 a pack for a few bucks. Great bargain. The lady expects me now, so she has them ready in this really nice looking bag. I hand her the money she hands me the bag.  They don’t even smell like anything and….” Jinki’s words tapered off. “Oh, sorry. I’m so sorry. I ramble when I’m nervous.”

Minho found that hard to believe. “You? Nervous? The same guy who had no problem groping me in public gets nervous?” Minho scoffed.  

Jinki’s hand flew to his shirt, clutching it, scandalized. “I did not!–” he looked around and drew closer to Minho. “I did not grope you, sir. Now I’ve apologized and I gave you cake, cake that personally cost me twelve bucks! And a coupon I planned on using myself next week so no tacos for me AND I offered you candles! I’m not sure what else you want from me!”

Minho contemplated Jinki’s words for a moment and he realized his stubbornness far outweighted Jinki’s remorse. Narrowing his eyes up at the waiter, he leaned back in his chair. “No need to offer me any candles. Because of you I don’t have a date anymore. Thanks. So I’ll just stay until I can get my tacos.”

“Stay,” Jinki deadpanned.


“You can’t just–just sit here until six!” Jinki exclaimed. He matched Minho’s pose and crossed his arms.“You’ll have to order something.”

Minho tilted his head. “Bring me a water then.”

Jinki opened his mouth to say something but deflated. “One water coming right up,” he muttered desoletely.  

“He’s handsome.”  

“He’s the second coming of Satan,” Jinki mumbled as he waited for Minho’s order to finish. Well part of his order.  

“Satan was God’s greatest creation. Of course he’s handsome.”

“YOU go be his waiter then, Kibum. Oh, by the way, he ordered the 32 piece Super Sampler and wants each piece brought out separately and only when he’s finished the previous plate. That’s thirty two plates.”

“Que es un genio,” Jonghyun said in a terribly faulty accent. “Donde es–”

“Oh, god STOP IT. I know you really enjoyed your trip to Cancun but just because you were walking around telling people your name was "Jon” and she told you the translation was “Juan” doesn’t mean you have to try and speak a language you don’t speak!“ Kibum ranted from beside the sink. He turned to Jinki. "He’s obviously flirting with you.”

The orange Jinki was garnishing plopped down on the plate. “Flirting with me?” Jinki looked out of the door window to where Minho was staring at his fourth plate– taquitos. “Sorry but I don’t attract handsome business types who take their dates to expensive five star restaurants. I don’t attract the type who wears shirts specifically made to make other people look. The ones that show off define abs and pectorals that I don’t have. I also don’t attract nutjobs who decide the best way to torture me is to…torture me because I wouldn’t attract someone who decided to torture me!”

“Men are stupid, Jinki. He thinks he’s torturing you, but unless he has absolutely nothing to do on a Saturday and is completely devoid of any kind of human interaction and this is his only chance to hang around one, nobody, I repeat, nobody spends an entire Tuesday in a Mexican restaurant actually torturing a waiter. He may not KNOW he’s flirting but he is.”

Minho’s order came up and Jinki grabbed the plate. “Sure. He’s flirting with me, whatever you say Kibum. Excuse me. I have  to submit myself to more of his special brand of torture.”

“I think I’m flirting with you?”

Jinki almost dropped his plate. “Wha–what?”

Minho was still staring at his plate of toquitas when Jinki approached with his fifth plate–mini enchiladas. Minho looked concerned and that concerned Jinki. Initially because he thought maybe the psychopath was devising yet another way to punish Jinki for the tiny mistake of trying to make sure he didn’t DIE. But the concern on Minho’s face was more confusion than actual concern.

“It’s four in the afternoon. I’ve been here since 11am, that’s five whole entier hours, all on some half assed plan to get revenge on you when c'mon, nobody does that. On a Tuesday? I mean I called out of work for this! And Theo was NOT worth it really. He didn’t even let me explain! And not like it was mutual humping, and I’m sure you didn’t mean to shove him down that flight of steps–”

“To be fair, flight is an obvious hyperbole. It was one step down to the terrace level.”

“Right! And he was acting like I personally shoved him down it! So that got me to thinking.  It’s not like I’m here because I’m that upset because he won’t talk to me and it’s not like I’m here because I’m THAT concerned with making you pay. That only leaves one thing. I’m obviously flirting with you. Easy conclusion. You are cute. And when you stutter my heart stutters a little bit. ” Minho finished his apparently impromptu speech with a smile, his head cradled on top of his palm. “Do you like tacos?”

“Yeah,  I love tacos but–”

“You want to share my endless ones? Although this was highly ridiculous retribution on my part and even though I should be completely ashamed,  I’m not ready to cower myself and leave because watching you is fun. Being around you in fun.”


“Oh,” Minho snapped. “That’s right. You’re actually working.”

“No he’s not!” came a voice from the back that sounded suspiciously like “Juan’s”. Kibum just took over his shift! He’s free!“

"I DID NO SUCH THING!” Kibum yelled back.

“You were the one talking about flirting and torture! Are you going to be selfish and get in the way of Jinki getting laid sometime this century?”

Jinki turned bright red and turned towards the kitchen. “GUYS!”  

“He can get laid on his on time, Juan. Call in Donghae. He can take Jinki’s spot!”



A loud weird dying hyena noise of a laugh interrupted Kibum and Jonghyun’s argument and caused Jinki to whip around. “Ohmygod!” Jinki said alarmed. He shoved his sleeves up his arm and moved closer to Minho. “Are you okay?!”  

Minho immediately stopped laughing. “Does my laugh really sound that bad,” Minho asked, sulking.

“That’s a LAUGH?” Jinki said wide eyed. “Why didn’t you say that the other night?!”

“Can’t say anything while someone is roughly squeezing the shit out of your lungs, really,” Minho deadpanned.  

“Oh,” Jinki said, his voice small. Minho continued to pout so  Jinki touched his arm with soft consideration. “It is ugly but its charming. You’re all perfect with your face and body and arms and hair and stuff but your laugh sounds like an endangered narwhal trying to escape captivity. You’re balanced now! And now that I know you aren’t dying, it’s actually kind of cute!”

Minho frowned. “You don’t have to pretend.”

“I’m not,” Jinki smiled. “Honest.” Jinki pulled Minho’s tab from his apron pocket, set it on the table and turned back towards the kitchen.

“Hey!” Minho called after him. “Tacos or not?”

“Not,” Jinki called over his shoulder. “But I’m very acquainted with your booty and I think your booty deserves something a little better than Endless Tacos tonight.”

Minho’s brow rose. “Like what?”

“Endless PASTA,” Jinki grinned as he threw his apron on a hook. “Let’s go, handsome.”

“Right behind you,” Minho returned with a smile.

“Behind me? That’s a great place to be…as long as you don’t plan on getting me back via Heimlich.”

“It’s too early to make that call, dude,” Minho laughed but quickly clapped his hands over his mouth.

Jinki turned and gently pryed his hand away. “You’re laugh is adorable. I promise I won’t ever try to save your life over it again.”

“Promise?” Minho said with a grin.