favorite film since childhood

“When I heard the first notes of “Put on your Sunday Clothes” at the theatrical release of “WALL-E”, I knew then that I would forever have a connection to WALL-E’s quirky character and film. Michael Crawford has been one of my favorite singers since childhood and “Hello, Dolly!” is such a joy to watch. All three of these things never fails to bring up my mood when I feel “down and out” on a “blue Monday” :D”


“Send a shepherd to shepherd us…”

Clearly one of DreamWork’s most captivating characters adapted from the first books of the Bible. Moses, a once young and staggering man with so much promise, dramatically and dynamically changes throughout The Prince Of Egypt. Now an aged but wise old man, he lives on towards human history as one of the most important and unsurpassed prophets in the Holy Bible. Never again was there a prophet in Israel like him, for God has delivered his people from Egypt through the obedient and leader-born Moses.


Singing in the Rain and Star Wars are two of my all-time favorite films and have been since childhood. Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher have both always been idols of mine, and I can’t believe these last fews days of 2016 have taken them both from us within less than 48 hours.

My heart goes out to the Reynolds-Fisher family for these two horrific losses.