favorite fictional people

*points out flaw that a character has/mistake character has made* Someone: but I thought they were your favorite? Me:

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i got tagged in a thing by @mythicalwashrag so i gotta tell you some FACTS

name: my true name cannot be comprehended by mortal minds and also i don’t like it so i’m not putting it here

nicknames: xqz, obviously. i may as well have put this as my name because it’s the important one.

zodiac sign: Hornse

height: 5′7″

orientation: right now this compass says i’m facing approximately west

favorite fruit: cantaloupe

favorite season: winter, but i’ll take anything that’s not texas hell summer tbh

favorite book: i don’t read as many books as i used to but i was on a discworld kick a while back and i really liked Monstrous Regiment and Thud! (which is a very good name for a book)

favorite flower: uuuuh idk.

favorite scent: really good strawberry or raspberry jam

favorite animal: frogs! i love all frogs equally.

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? okay so like here’s the thing: my family is Extremely Mormon and i still live with them and so i’ve had coffee like. twice and tea never. so i’m not really qualified to answer this.

average sleep hours: like ten and i hate it

cat or dog person? i love both but am allergic to cats

favorite fictional character: Nico Yazawa, by a landslide

number of blankets you sleep with: 4-5 (i’d take more if i could get them)

dream trip: i think it’d be fun to meet up with cool internet pals in the physical realms

blog created: who even knows. not me

number of followers: 32? neat

i’m supposed to tag people but nah. i guess @everanix you could do this if you want

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name: Jason

nicknames: Jace, Jooj, Pup (i love this one)

zodiac sign: Scorpio

height: 5′2″

orientation: 100% bi (preference for guys)

nationality: American

favorite fruit: Grapes

favorite season: Fall

favorite book: idk

favorite flower: Rose

favorite scent: Rose

favorite color: Pink

favorite animal: Dog

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee

average sleep hours: 9 maybe

cat or dog person: Dog

favorite fictional character: The person people think i am

number of blankets you sleep with: 4 or 5

dream trip: Just seeing my bf

blog created: Late 2015

number of followers: 338

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Buffyverse references in White Collar

  • Me: Mom I don't think you understand me when I say that my favorite people are fictional characters and that after watching them on tv my actual friends seem less appealing.
  • Mom: That's nice hun.
how did your dogs get their names?

Pepper was named for her speckled feet (I know, I was an uncreative high schooler). what about your dogs? were they named after favorite fictional characters? real people? past pets? is there a story that goes with?

so i’m going to make a Purchase, and it’s going to be an iPad pro + apple pencil so I can draw wherever I am and have a digital sketchbook with me at all times, and that will help my artistic career so much, like… it’s a hell of an investment for me, and it’ll do me tons of good, and probably end up paying for itself and way beyond because i’ll be able to get So Much More Work Done than I’m getting done right now.

i’m only $142 away from getting it now, hhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so yes i know i reblog my commissions post All The Time, but i still get people asking if i’m still open for commissions and Yes! Yes I Am! Yes I Definitely Am Open For Doing Commissions, and the information on commissions is here:


I will draw you, your friends, your dog, your cat, your original characters, your favorite fictional people, robots kissing each other, sentient boulders with mohawks, etc. get a drawing with your friend lounging on a velvet chaise that says “BODE” on it and give it to them for xmas…. get a drawing of you and your partner as Team Rocket as a hanukkah gift…. i will draw your mom in a helicopter about to parachute down to kick ass and save a small city… what an excellent birthday present… the holidays are coming and i work fast…. be ready