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Have you seen all of the posts about fine stud Lexa? Got any fics about that?

Fine Stud Lexa with a side of Babygirl Clarke and Daddy Lexa.

taking control of this kind of moment by Faustkomskaikru
| 1/1 | 2,549 | mature |

Yes, Clarke thinks when she falls asleep, she’s used to these kind of events. There’s a reason she loves going this much.


Fine Stud Lexa gets jealous at one Charity Gala, and Clarke might have done it on purpose.

demand by Skipz12
| 1/1 | 2,296 | mature |

“Take off your clothes Clarke.”

crazy in love by Elly_belly
| 1/1 | 5,819 | explicit |

This is not how Lexa thought her night would end.

Not that she’s complaining, because meeting a frustratingly gorgeous and intriguing blonde has been arguably the best thing that has happened to her in a very long time.

Well, at least until said blonde ended up in Lexa’s bed writhing underneath her. That is the best thing that had happened to her in a very, very long time.


a g!p fine stud lexa fic ft. daddy lexa and babygirl clarke

it’s only nature, i live for danger by Minnimodi
| 1/1 | 1,690 | explicit |

Clarke has been sending pictures to Lexa at work all day, and Lexa finally gets home to give Clarke what she so desperately needs.

lay me down tonight, I’m your favorite girl by Remyplurodaun
| 1/1 | 1,473 | explicit |

Lexa and Clarke have some time together after Lexa’s long day at work.

(AKA, another fic where Daddy!Lexa doms Clarke. G!P Lexa as well)

Welcome to the Trigeda Industries, Ms Griffin by commandmetobewell
| 1/1 | 9,084 | explicit |

With the help of a close friend, Clarke manages to land an internship at Trigeda Industries, a multibillion dollar technology corporation, in an effort to pay off her student loans and get a reference for her résumé. What starts out as a seemingly boring job soon takes a sharp turn when she manages to get herself trapped in an elevator with an alluring and confident brunette that is single-handedly the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen.

So… just who exactly is this mysterious Green Eyes?


Clarke unknowingly bangs her boss in an elevator.

Read It Wednesday

Week 13 is here!! Fics from this week come from the last two weeks, so please be aware that this one is probably going to be LONG. Keep in mind that sometimes I don’t get notifications for everything I’m tagged in. If you really want me to read a fic you’ve posed, send it to me via IM and I will read it right away. Enjoy this weeks compilation!

*Little note: There are some smut fics that are left out of this. They will be included in next weeks RIW. I don’t read smut while I’m at work, and I won’t have time tonight to read them and get this up in time, so I’ve liked all smut fics I’ve been tagged in to read this weekend. I hope y’all understand!

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Do you read JJBA fanfic at all? If so, do you have any fav authors or fics you can rec me?


Fanfic is actually the thing I look for MOST in this fandom, tbqh.  I love art, but I really super SUPER SUPER love fanfic and authors.

I’m mildly dyslexic so it takes me a long time to read and write sometimes, so I’m pretty picky with finishing fics in general… and so I’ve not read a whole bunch!  And to be completely honest the ones I’ve read the most are JosuYasu ones and only a few other ships here and there, so if that’s not what you’re into then I can’t give too great of recommendations ahaha.

I think my absolute favorite fic at the moment is Orange Tree WHICH IS NOT COMPLETE AT THIS TIME SO BE WARNED YOU WILL GET ROADBLOCKED AND CRY ABOUT IT(but it’s very good and makes me want to animate some scenes its just THAT GOOD)

A special shout out goes to the also unfinished-at-this-time Dollars to Doughnuts, written by winplaceshow who has since become very special to me!~  (I sought out their friendship bc of how much I loved where D2D was going and now they’re very dear to me IRL!!)  It’s a bit more dark, more what I was like when I was their age, and it’s all very super relatable. Also I’ve read the WIP upcoming chapter which is so incredibly amazing that I think about it nearly every day- and also can’t listen to the Violent Femmes anymore without thinking of Okuyasu.

YET ANOTHER UNFINISHED ONE is Friday Night Gurus. Oh my dear sweet bebe lort in heffen, this fic. It’s so many things I’ve wanted in one go.  Usually I shy away from fic that doesn’t have Stands (it’s kinda what I love most about JoJo is the Stands?? so without them I find it hard to stay interested)- but this one DOESNT EVEN NEED EM.  It’s definitely a fic that I would recommend to anyone without caveats.

A fic that isn’t JosuYasu (shocking!) is Evening Bath.  This one hit me really hard and made me actually exhale with a “whhhhhhhhhhhooa”.  It’s heavy.  And so good.  You could actually FEEL their emotions.

Also from the same author, and one of the very first fics in the fandom I ever read and is one of the VERY FEW for a rarepair of mine: Seven Days Makes One Weak. All i can say about this one is: dang.

Also, falling into a different category is Star Catcher. This one I’m really invested in and if you’re into a really interesting and awesome spin on SDC with a twist on how Jolyne happened, give this one a go.  This one is also not finished at this time, either.

Now there’s a bunch of authors I love, too, some I can’t choose a single fic, or some I just really appreciate their work and their style but none of their fics are general enough that I can recommend them (some kinky shit in here, woooboy, you’ve been warned- some things are NOT FOR EVERYONE and I will not stand for kinkshaming here) but I can rec these authors for their storytelling skills: 

Kawauso, jotaro_polnareff, carriejack03, twlboajkawaii_as_heck,  and a personal favorite SmuttiestPrincess.  Also EVERY AUTHOR FROM THE FICS ABOVE OF COURSE.

There’s a few more I’d love to recommend but this is already really long, so if you have a question about a specific fic or author you’d like to know how I feel about, you can ask!

I’ve written like 20 les mis fics in the past years yet my biggest contributions to the fandom yet, according to the notes, are 2 shitpost thingies. 

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Okay so Experimentation is my favorite Bechloe fic at the moment, and I just gotta let yOU knOW why. Besides the obvious mad writing skills youre sporting, you just really really know how to specifically write for the PP fandom??? Like, you write a perfect Beca Mitchell??? I dont think Ive read many fics that really capture her as well as you do. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if Canon hired you to write a few bits of the PP3 script.

Really, it’s mostly just….

No, wait. Wait, wait. You’ve made me nervous with your compliments.

This is just… So nice! Obviously, as many writers are, I’m a whore for hearing WHY people like my stuff (seriously, just ask my beta). And like… whenever someone tells me I’ve done a good job writing a character, that really makes my day? Every single time? Because, for me anyway, that’s one thing that really makes me nervous. Finding the character’s voice (or in this case, like 8 of them) and trying to write them realistically (which can be hard, case in point; Lilly. Or Fat Amy. Or Flo. Fuck, no, all of them. Every single one) because they can say some random-ass shit, and then that’s wall we get from them in the movies. So, while it’s fun to try and flesh them out, it’s also super daunting.

I appear to have gone off on a small tirade.

Sorry. I really just wanted to say thank you and i love you for taking the time to stop by my ask and say SUCH. NICE. THINGS.

But i can promise you no one has asked me to write anything for the PP3 script. Sorry. ;)

Lookin’ good, Barnes.

inspired by the Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail series by Owlet

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sorry for bothering you, it's just that you're one of the few naruto blogs i follow, but do you know of any sasunaru/narusasu fics that really delve into the dynamics of their relationship, even if platonically?

i LOVE giving fic recs please do not think you’re bothering me

a world of truth by luchia (nsfw)
The world is trapped in an illusion which removes anger, hate, and death. It’s paradise, giving everyone everything they’ve ever wanted and reviving anyone they’ve ever lost. Nearly two years into the illusion, Sasuke snaps back to his senses and must decide whether to keep the world in false bliss, or return it to war-torn reality.

very sasuke-centric; it does a really beautiful job highlighting his thoughts and feelings and his dedication to naruto; it’s basically an exercise in sasuke loving naruto more than anything in the world and i just? it’s probably one of my favorites. sometimes i don’t have the patience for longer fic, but this one is easily doable (10 chapters) and so, so, so well written. definitely recommend it. 

when the house falls down by sowell (nsfw, warning for character death–one of which is a fake death, the other of which is not.)
When the house falls down, all that’s left is to rebuild.

another sasuke-centric one (can you tell i find sasuke fascinating?). this one is a bit darker, though. okay, it’s a lot darker, but it also delves deeper into sasuke’s psyche and his side of the story (which is ultimately the part i find more interesting, seeing as we always get naruto’s perspective). it’s so heart-wrenchingly good, and i also recommend its sequel, called the relic, if you’re looking for something that will really get your feelings going.

the earth doesn’t move by mostlyharmless (nsfw)
Years after Sasuke has come home to the village, he still doesn’t really fit in very well. Naruto thinks maybe it’s his turn to wait for the olive branch. All the ramen is an added bonus.

this one is, hands-down, my favorite sns fic at the moment. it’s short, it’s realistic, and it portrays naruto and sasuke at their bests–complimenting each other, even if that compliment isn’t always peaceful. it’s more naruto-centric, but it still deals a lot with sasuke, and how they’re never out of each other’s orbits. it’s still so, so beautiful and so well done and i cannot recommend it highly enough. 

dear 12 year old rookie 9 by spinestalker 
Dear 12 year old Me, I know you’re gonna think this is troublesome, but do yourself a favor and punch Naruto while you still can. Trust me.

this one is absolutely rookie 9 centric–as the name suggests–but there’s an overarching theme of sns throughout; the other characters mention it in their letters. this one is definitely on the fluffier side–it’s super cute–but it lets us see into how the other characters view naruto and sasuke, which i think is neat. it’s also cool how they see themselves, too; sometimes it’s easy to forget that naruto and sasuke don’t actually exist in a vacuum, that there’s a world around them, and this kinda touches on that. 

clouded mind and heavy heart by dawnstruck (nsfw, dubious consent, codependence, violence)
You reap what you sow. Sasuke plants seeds of doubt.
Instead of fighting in the Valley of the End, Sasuke convices Naruto to join him.

okay, warning all around, because i do not give this link out lightly: this one is disgusting. it is dark. it is nasty. sasuke is manipulative and slimy and naruto doesn’t know any better; the author says it best: “in a way, this is still a love story. but not a happy or healthy one.” once again, sasuke-centric, but this is not a kind sasuke to be reading about. a really good read, but please take the warnings to heart. it definitely contains triggering content. 

aaaand those are the top five i can think of off the top of my head? i hope you like them and that they’re what you’re looking for!!

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3 things i always remember about your work 1) remus's memories of greyback in common woodbrown - 2) fever transformation minuet in g - 3) last paragraph of angels and arise. i get chills whenever i think of any of them tbh

there are many reasons i love you, my buddy, but this—the fact that you picked three obscure-ish moments from my maybe-not-so-secretively-favorite fics, and moments that I’m myself absurdly sort of proud of—is definitely another one! thank youuuuu.


tell me what you remember about my writing

so ronan lynch doesn’t lie, but he sure as fuck bends the truth

where’s the “ronan lynch is half-fairy au” 

i need it

ronan doesn’t know. nobody knows - until adam becomes cabeswater’s eyes and suddenly he can see all the sidhe running around henrietta. which attracts the attention of the fae courts…

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Do you read/can you rec some Jonsa fic?? I need it to live.

I have so, so many favorites. Where do I even begin. We are blessed with some of the best fic writers I have ever read. I will go by my favorite tropes

[] Just having sex? []

Whispered like a secret (Everyone has to has to read this if they haven’t already)

If Father’s ghost would murder Jon for not taking care of Sansa, Jon couldn’t bare to imagine what he’d do if he found out about this

Nameless in the north

Tear me apart at the seams

Without you I am nothing (I love love love this. I pretend this is what is happening in the show)

[] Triangles []

Dearer than gold (it has sansa x jon x daenerys)

Shout my name (because I can’t decide what name I’ll say)

[] Soulmates []

Hold on to your heart

The world turned upside down

The here and the now


[]  POV  []

Cursed (Jon and Sansa through Littlefinger’s pov. I love other people’s pov stuff)

Never to touch and Never to hold (Jon x Sansa through Sandor’s POV)

Of things past (Catelyn pov)

Now you see me (Ygritte pov)

Favorite oneshot (Ygritte POV, Triangle)

Part 1 Part 2 (I can’t quite call this Rickon’s pov but it’s close)

Jon Sansa always hold hands (Arya pov)

[]  Angsty married couple having lots of sex ( or fluff)

Navigating series (I have read this so so many times. Jon marries Sans to protect her but then they fall in love have steamy sex, create a baby)

What a disappointment 

Daylight to nighttime to sunrise (One of my most favorite fic moments, “Why are you covering your face?”) 

Worth the wait to give you my heart

Your body is my orchard

Longest way round is the shortest way home

On the importance of boundaries

Come raise your flag upon me (I am here for jealous, possessive Sansa)

And if you want me, I’m your country

This past was waiting for me

[]  Time travel  []

Broken fates

Of lives unlived

Winter Bird

[]  Fics that painfully crushed my soul []


The lady of Winterfell

Winter’s truth

Before it ends, just tell me where to begin

[] Modern AUs [] (I never thought I would like modern AUs but these people prove me wrong)


Down from the mountain

Under the table

Lost & Found (This is so fabulous. Make sure you have lots of time in your hand when you start to read this. I think I stayed up half the night reading this)


What Would They Say by @queen-of-the-merry-men : OQ. This has to be slowest burn there ever was. And it is both frustrating and glorious at the same time. Just imagine how it will be when they finally get together. I got chills.

Meant to be Yours by @gray-autumn-sky : Regal Believer (with a dash of OQ). Too many feels. I have cried every chapter. And every time I have reread the same chapter. Emotional in the best way. It just makes me happier. 

It Had to be Him by FraiseDandelion : OQ College AU. Beautiful friendship that turns into love. With lots of sex. What more could you ask for? 

Broken Souls by RegalPixieDust : OQ inspired by Ghost Whisperer. This has it all. Romance, mystery, intrigue, twists, magic in the real world, loss, second chances. SOULMATE CONNECTION. 

L’ébauche by @somewhereapart : OQ. It was actually hard to pick just one, because let’s be real ALL her stories deserve to be on this list. But, at the moment, this one has me hooked. The setting, the atmosphere, the language, the teasing/flirting… the sex (obviously). 

What Once Was Lost by @daggzandarrows : OQ. So I actually really like stories involving memory loss. Basically just any situation where two people fall in love again. Fall in love always. 

Morning Waves and Metaphorical Spoons by @lillie-grey​ : OQ. VERY CUTE. I do so love it when they both have such an obvious crush on each other and are both too shy/scared to do anything about it. And too oblivious to notice that the attraction is mutual. 

This One by @lala-kate : OQ Civil War AU. This one is actually complete and not quite so recent but I somehow always find my way back to it. I ADORE IT. A LOT. 

Freeze on the Stones by @toseehowthestoryends : Mostly Rumbelle, but it’s an ensemble fic (OQ included of course). Also complete. It is seriously amazing. AU where Cora casts the curse instead. The detail, the imagination, all the characters and relationships and flashbacks. I am in awe.   

I just wanted to show my appreciation for these wonderful stories and the people that created them. You guys are absolutely amazing, you make me laugh and cry and fall in love. You have given me the strength to start my own writing. So thank you so much.

Fic Recs #3

I thought I had already done three of these, guys! I guess I was wrong… If I am wrong, please let me know.


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Part 1, Part 2

In Your Eyes by @yellowflicker09011996 and @honorthedeadbyfighting - GUYS. This fic is amazing! Felicity is blind, but aside from that and a friendship with Tommy, it seems like the universe is the same to the Arrowverse. I’m loving this story so far and can’t wait to see where it goes!

And Above, The Vaulted Sky by @yellowflicker09011996 - I seriously can’t get enough of this fic! It’s so amazing. The writing is great, the story is so compelling, and I’m impatient for every single update! Felicity is the Spider - an integral part of the League of Assassins - but she escapes and teams up with Oliver to defeat her enemies and attain permanent freedom. Certain people - *cough* Amanda Waller - want her as an asset.

Only Lovers Left Alive by @yellowflicker09011996 - Can you guys tell I’m obsessed with Annie? Because I really, really am right now! Also, I’ve recced this fic before but I DON’T CARE. It’s seriously amazing! If you know the movie, you can guess what the plot is, but let me tell you, you really can’t comprehend the breadth of beauty and emotion and sorrow that Annie is capturing in this story. I’m consistently brought to tears - which is a good thing for me. READ IT NOW.

Chase the Light by @ohemgeeitscoley - THIS IS FLOMMY. It’s literally the ONLY Flommy fic I’m reading. Basically, Felicity finds out her long-time boyfriend is married right before she was going to take him home for Hanukkah. Tommy steps up to go with her as her fake boyfriend. The problem is, they’re both totally in love with each other and the other has no idea.

Our love will never fade away (I’ll bear your mark on my skin for eternity) by @charlie-leau - (Anyone have her Tumblr?) I’m usually not into soulmate AUs. At least, not multi-chapter ones. But, this one is so amazing! Soulmates have matching marks that bond them. When Felicity is 16, a private investigator finds her and tells her that her soulmate’s family has deemed her unsuitable for their son and they want her to take the Med - something that will make her Mark disappear and muffle the bond if she takes it every day. The man also says her soulmate wants what’s best for his family. Four years later, Felicity moves to Starling City and meets Oliver Queen at a coffee shop.

Jerry the EA by @dettiot - Obviously, Mel is amazing. She has Love is Red, Little Flowers of Eloquence, the Core Curriculum series… All FABULOUS. But, I have a special place in my heart for Jerry the EA who should totally get more screen time.

Ninja Warrior Hacker Goddess by @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline - I fell in love with this fic before I even knew Megan, and it made me so happy when I figured out she wrote it! In Ivy Town, our favorite couple watches American Ninja Warrior. It inspires Felicity to up her workout game. (Also, keep an eye on Megan! She’s writing an Indiana Jones AU and collaborating with @andcreation on a Smoaking Billionaires fic. GET READY, GUYS.)

The Way It Was Supposed to Be by @hannasus - Guys, I generally don’t like amnesia fics. I don’t really know why. But I LOVE THIS ONE. Felicity is kidnapped the night before her wedding to Oliver and the team is going crazy trying to find her. When they do, she’s not the Felicity Smoak they all know and love. I was so hesitant about this because amnesia, but it’s one of my favorite fics at the moment! Read it!

She Refused to be a Swooner by @suchaprettypoison - (Anyone have her Tumblr?) Felicity and Oliver meet in the public restroom at a baseball game. She’s snarky. He’s intrigued. In this ‘verse, Felicity’s father didn’t leave and had much more influence on her life. SO funny and sweet and romantic.

Going Mental by @thatmasquedgirl​ - It’s an Arrow Mentalist AU! I’ve never watched the Mentalist (I know enough general info to get by), and it hasn’t hindered my enjoyment of this fic at all. Felicity is sassy and snarky but wounded, Oliver can’t really explain why he likes her so much. The synopsis is wonderful: “One of these days, she might actually be the death of him, but what a way to go. Snapshots in the lives of Oliver Queen, head of the Major Crimes Unit of the California Bureau of Investigation, and his partner Felicity Smoak, his best friend and the bane of his existence.”

Give Him Your Heart (he will give you his) by @alexiablackbriar13​ - PUPPY!OLIVER. Oliver gets whammied by a meta and turned into the animal that best reflects his soul: a Husky puppy. It is equally fluffy and adorable and heartbreaking and sad because Oliver has a lot of Bad Feelings and puppies aren’t really equipped to deal with them.

Blind Item by @darlinginmyway​ - Oliver and Felicity are best friends. Once day, he realizes how horrible of a friend he is and that he’s madly in love with Felicity Smoak. Now he just has to change his ways and earn her love, all while opening a restaurant with Tommy and Digg. (Slade is a chef! I love Slade.) This fic is funny, sweet, sassy, and absolutely worth reading!

Truthfully Lying by @witchwithwifi​ - (is this the right blog?) Felicity gets into Starling City Boarding School on a full scholarship. She just wants to learn and keep her head down. Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn have other plans. I’m a SUCKER for a good boarding school AU and there just aren’t a lot of them in this fandom!

Okay, that’s all for now! HAPPY READING, EVERYONE! If anyone wants to recommend me some awesome fanfiction, please feel free. I’m always ready to read more fic.

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Hye there mind if I ask some miraculous ladybug fanfics? Anything agsty and completed would be nice hehe I need someeee

I mostly read ones that still aren’t completed but here are some a few that are:

- That Awkward Moment When by breeelis (Completed and THE ANGST IS REAL) It’s a post reveal fic and just omg.

-  Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger (Completed AND NSFW BUT SO GOOD OMG. This fic took over my life for a whole week you don’t even understand) Aged up AU btw.

- Rainy Days by Thelaspilot (Completed and I feel like so many people have read this one because of how amazing it is, but if you haven’t YOU GOTTA RIGHT NOW)

-One Thing After Another by  sKayLanphear (Completed and a;uiha;uhdlhsjks)

- Obsession by KryallaOrchid (Completed AND BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT)

- Black Cats and Curtain Calls by BullySquadess (Completed but not angsty but A LOAD OF CUTE FLUFF WOW)

- Won’t Tell A Soul by Thelastpilot (Completed and sequel currently still a WIP and I feel that you all have probably read this too but OMG REREAD IT OR SOMETHING LIKE I HAVE BECAUSE WOW)

-This Could Take Some Getting Used To by Codango (Completed and pretty much Adrien having an existential crisis over Ladybug’s tru identity. It’s gr8)

There are seriously SOOOO many more completed angsty ones I’ve read but I forgot to bookmark them and I hate myself for it but I will add them in if I do end up remembering. 

Now here are VERY AMAZING ONES that are sadly not completed but there are SOOO many chapters in them that it will probably take you a week to read them or two days with no sleep if you’re like me.

- Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) by LooseScrewsLefty and takethembystorm

(This story seriously needs more love because it’s just so well written and angsty and deals with important issues other than the romance like trauma and depressing thoughts and such and just wow. Super amazing. I’m actually trying to draw out a scene from this fic because I love it that much)

-Back To Us by DarkReyna16 (You guys don’t even understand the EMOTIONS this story has put me through. It is probably my favorite ML fic at the moment and I adore it so much that if the author decides to print out a few physical copies like a few fanfic authors have done before, I will genuinely buy a copy and read it all the time while crying. It’s 250,000+ words long so far so it’s gonna take a while for you to read all of it and omg what an experience)

-Pick-Up and Chase by sKayLanphear (THIS STORY IS JUST SO PRECIOUS AND FUNNY. Like I know you want angst but just trust me on this)


- Satisfaction Brought It Back by siderealSandman (VERY NSFW LIKE A LOT BUT OHHHHH BOOOOYYYY WOWZAAA. Aged up AU where Adrien and Marinette are pretty much sexual af but are still the biggest dorks in the world)

- Anything by BullySquadess in general. Like I literally read everything she’s written and I have fallen in love with all of her stories. 

- Anything by Thelastpilot  because the talent is just overwhelming

-Anything by sKayLanphear too because WOW

and yeah! I have read A LOT MORE but like I said before, I forgot to bookmark them so I’m so sorry! But I hope you got new reading material and have fun! :D

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Top 5 favorite Stuck fics


Okay, okay. These are my top five favorite Stucky fics at the moment.

G.I. Joes and 2AM Diners by ohcaptainmycaptain1918 - this will make every fic list I write because it is that wonderfully amazing. I can’t articulate how much I adore this fic (and author). Just read and you will understand.

Tags: #someone hold Bucky #Steve does yoga, hot yoga #veteranBucky #artistSteve #oh my feelings #friends to lovers #did I mention hot yoga? #metal arm feels #it made me cry, okay?!

The Life of Bucky Barnes by stephrc79 - This fic is cutest thing to ever be written and it comes with fanart for every chapter and it’s beautiful and I’m in love.

Tags: #I can’t say enough about this fic #complete adorableness #postWS Stucky #recovering Bucky #WIP

Of Broken Dreams and Mended Hearts by thebestpersonherelovesbucky - oh my god oh my god oh my god This fic gimme so many feels in every chapter. It’s the perfect balance of heartbreak and fluff. Bucky is… god, I just wanna hold him forever and never let him go and Steve! Steve tries so hard and he’s not perfect, but he tries so hard to be the best husband for Bucky and and I can’t.

Tags: #nope nope nooooooooooope #dom/sub undertones #arranged marriage #I want to stab Rumlow to death #Pierce can go fuck himself #Sarah feelings - oh god #Bucky my babychild #artistSteve #so many twists #WIP

lilies with full hands by refusals - so. much. pain. Wonderful pain, but it hurts like a bitch nonetheless. It just hurts and everyone should read it.

Tags: #postWS Stucky #PTSD #Agency Issues #Steve feelings #I can’t #misunderstandings #they try so hard #therapy #it’s an uphill battle #Bucky my babychild lemme hug you

We Three Alone by boopboopbi - This one is kinda cheating because it’s Steve/Peggy/Bucky, but the Stucky content in this is wonderfuland I need more. God, the way Steve cares for Bucky and Bucky knows it too.

Tags: #DominantSteve #I love dom Steve #threesomes #Bucky and Peggy are in love with Steve #DomPeggy #subBucky #He’s such a good boy #PWP but with feelings #good feelings

There. Ya happy now, twifey?

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. It’s not that I don’t love you because you know I do. I have so much going on, it’s been a whirlwind. I’ll have to make a separate post sometime this week. It should be a little less crazy next week. 

Soooo……have you liked having different admins on here? I hope it’s brought some different thoughts and ideas to how this blog is ran. Thanks to @lovelizziekins, @safeinpeetasarms & @gentlemama.

I got to celebrate my 17th wedding anniversary with @hubbyofaneverlarkedwife and it was so much fun! Our theme for our weekend away was “Do things that are ten times more enjoyable without children.” That included copious amounts of coffee and sex. Yeah, I said it.

Onto the reread. Shoutout to @kleeklutch who is an amazing rockstar and mama to many! Heart you!

CHAPTERS 15 & 16:

  • Gale thoughts and ideas. The Nut is a pivotal point for Katniss and Gale. I feel like this is where he becomes a clearer picture for Katniss. Are there any moments you empathize and even relate to Gale’s thoughts and tactics?
  • In lieu of Fanfic Writer Appreciation on Sunday, send your Favorite Fanfic Writer an Ask filled with these three things: Favorite Fic they’ve written. Favorite moment they’ve written and something that you love uniquely about them.
  • Peeta’s cake. There’s something heartwrenching about Peeta’s cake being at the wedding and Katniss knowing. It just..ugh…gives me feels. Draw/create Peeta’s cake.
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a collection of completely unfounded headcanons about b. shitty knight that nobody asked for:

  • owns an uncomfortable number of matching pajama sets
  • vegetarian
  • good listener. good ranter. a rare combination. 
  • way wise and chill about offering advice to other people, has absolutely zero chill about his own life and problems
  • rarely sits on furniture the way you’re supposed to sit on furniture. he’s always sitting on counters, climbing over couches and sprawling sideways in chairs
  • also, if you’re sharing couch or floor space with him you can just guarantee that he’s going to end up sprawled out on you, that’s just how it is
  • bipolar
  • very loud honky laugh. you can hear it a mile away and there’s no question who it belongs to 
  • never fucking sits still even when he’s sleeping (is a bad person to share bed space with unless you like to be embraced in your sleep)
  • likes folk music and female-fronted punk bands
  • you can hear sarcastic air quotes and italics in his voice when he talks
  • collects bongs shaped like weird things (if you never know what to get shitty for a bday you can always get him a bong shaped like a turtle and he’ll be delighted)
  • wears birkenstocks. is mocked for it but doesn’t care. 

Chapter 15:

He chuckles hysterically, dragging a clammy hand down his face. “I’m going crazy,” he mutters, rainwater dripping into his mouth and rolling off his chin. “Derek is missing and now I’m losing my mind. Great. I’d audition for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but it hasn’t been on Broadway since the sixties.” He buries his head in his arms again, feeling played and cold.


Pairing: Sirius Black x Fleur Delacour

AU: Nebulous, non-magical, historically-inaccurate pirate AU

Word Count: 1,026

Written For: muclbloods + gored-sky-at-dawn + cocoartistwrites + the world tbh

There are very few things Sirius regrets about his life.

He doesn’t regret running away from the depressingly grim, aristocratically inbred cesspool that had been the family he’d been saddled with. He doesn’t regret hiding out on a Spanish merchant ship bound for the West Indies immediately after the fact. He doesn’t regret using his highborn accent or his superior education or his innate understanding of the tides and the winds and the politics to further his personal agenda; doesn’t regret the mutiny that he’d coaxed and nurtured to fruition so he could steal the captaincy of the Azkaban outright from that mangy bucktoothed ponce, Pettigrew.


He regrets none of it.

That said—

He deeply regrets kidnapping the French girl.

Jesucristo does he regret doing that.

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