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Special Fic Rec III by viplourry

You Really Got Me Now by allwaswell16 (6K)

Louis is the best older brother anyone could ask for. He knows this because he’s agreed to help chaperone his younger sister’s school trip to Rome. As it turns out, Italy is full of surprises. Fizzy’s Italian teacher is surprisingly hot, Rome is surprisingly interesting, and Louis is surprisingly falling in love with more than just the city.

73 Questions by literlarry_real (6K)

Louis is more nervous than usual about filming the upcoming episode of Vogue’s 73 questions. Musician and soon to be actor Harry Styles may have something to do with that.

Will Love Be There by lululawrence (13K)

Au where Louis attends a Steve Aoki concert and accidentally ends up with a husband.

You’ll Hear Me Calling for You by pinky_heaven19 (42K)

The one where Harry is an Alpha and Louis has a problem with it - until he doesn’t.

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen all of the posts about fine stud Lexa? Got any fics about that?

Fine Stud Lexa with a side of Babygirl Clarke and Daddy Lexa.

taking control of this kind of moment by Faustkomskaikru
| 1/1 | 2,549 | mature |

Yes, Clarke thinks when she falls asleep, she’s used to these kind of events. There’s a reason she loves going this much.


Fine Stud Lexa gets jealous at one Charity Gala, and Clarke might have done it on purpose.

demand by Skipz12
| 1/1 | 2,296 | mature |

“Take off your clothes Clarke.”

crazy in love by Elly_belly
| 1/1 | 5,819 | explicit |

This is not how Lexa thought her night would end.

Not that she’s complaining, because meeting a frustratingly gorgeous and intriguing blonde has been arguably the best thing that has happened to her in a very long time.

Well, at least until said blonde ended up in Lexa’s bed writhing underneath her. That is the best thing that had happened to her in a very, very long time.


a g!p fine stud lexa fic ft. daddy lexa and babygirl clarke

it’s only nature, i live for danger by Minnimodi
| 1/1 | 1,690 | explicit |

Clarke has been sending pictures to Lexa at work all day, and Lexa finally gets home to give Clarke what she so desperately needs.

lay me down tonight, I’m your favorite girl by Remyplurodaun
| 1/1 | 1,473 | explicit |

Lexa and Clarke have some time together after Lexa’s long day at work.

(AKA, another fic where Daddy!Lexa doms Clarke. G!P Lexa as well)

Welcome to the Trigeda Industries, Ms Griffin by commandmetobewell
| 1/1 | 9,084 | explicit |

With the help of a close friend, Clarke manages to land an internship at Trigeda Industries, a multibillion dollar technology corporation, in an effort to pay off her student loans and get a reference for her résumé. What starts out as a seemingly boring job soon takes a sharp turn when she manages to get herself trapped in an elevator with an alluring and confident brunette that is single-handedly the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen.

So… just who exactly is this mysterious Green Eyes?


Clarke unknowingly bangs her boss in an elevator.

His sexuality was part of him now and there was nothing he could do to change that, not that he actually wanted to. Not anymore. The problem was that not everyone could grasp the idea that sex wasn’t in his priority list, it didn’t even make it to the top ten. So, what was the first reaction? The “don’t you trust me?” or the “don’t you want me?” For Raphael, any type of sex was about intimacy, so for him to ever potentially want it there must be a strong connection, an emotional one, which was so hard to get.
—  Raphael Santiago about his sexuality (source)
Mixed Metaphor

So apparently, I am doing this HLWeek thing.  Below is a short written for Day 2 - Favorite Scene/Moment. I could sooner choose my favorite moment of Han and Leia as I could choose a favorite star in the sky, but what came to mind is the look Han’s face (or the series of looks) when he goes to say goodbye to his Princess at the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back.  He is so vulnerable, both hopeful and hurt before he throws up his shields again.  

I actually wrote about this exact moment here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11956289/4/Never-Will-I-Ever

But here’s an original based on the idea of that vulnerability he has around Leia.  Might possibly connect to the short I wrote yesterday.  Maybe.  ;)


He’d always had a good sabacc mask.  If there was one thing he could count on in this scrap heap mess of a galaxy, it was that he could keep his cards close.  No one saw anything he didn’t want them to.

Oh sure, sometimes he’d let it loose.  He was nothing if not demonstrative.  If a part crapped out or a system went slack on the Falcon, you’d hear about it.  If some knuckle-headed pilot or two-faced informant ran his mission afoul, they’d know he was pissed.  And if one of his friends was in trouble, he would use everything he had - charm, resolve and outright violence - to get them out of harm’s way.

But, those were the things he wanted you to know about.

There were other things, much more subtle, uncomfortably nuanced that Han held close to his heart.  

The way Chewie’s unflagging loyalty made him feel like a son, a brother, and a father all at once.

The way Luke’s boyish exuberance brought back a childhood that Han would rather forget and made him wish it had been spent with a passel of kids to pal around with and protect.

And pretty much anything having to do with Princess Leia Organa.  

What people didn’t realize was the shape his mask took.  It wasn’t cool indifference.  It was blustering pride.  It wasn’t heated, molten anger.  It was all those things.  That’s what made it so damn good.

Whenever he felt that pesky little organ activate, that thing both mysterious and unavoidable in the upper lefthand center of his chest, he would throw up the mask again.  His chameleon-skinned cover would take whatever shape it needed to.  

He could admit to himself more readily than to anyone else that it wasn’t always pleasant, for him or for those he came in contact with. He was an opportunist, he was a pragmatist, he was a survivor.  It was all he knew, and it had served him pretty well for the first 30 years of his life.

Didn’t seem to be working as of late though.

As a pilot and an accidental engineer, Han knew a lot about machines.  They were cool hunks of metal, plasticine, and glass twisted and shaped by fire and air, then run by the same combination.  Give it a source of power, enough oil and a space to do its thing and it’d purr for you like a moon cat.

He’d thought of himself that way for a while.  He ran on anger, oiled it in charm, and gave himself enough freedom to do his thing.  

The thing about machines was, they didn’t do well with water.  They could withstand a little bit, but a steady stream of it would corrode the inner workings, maybe cause a short, and a torrent would douse the whole damn thing, possibly taking it to a state of no return, no repair.

He thought about love that way.

A little bit was fine.  His inner workings were strong enough to withstand it, maybe they could even do with a little cleaning, get the gunk off, keep ‘em nice and shiny.  But a steady patter, a sprung leak, now that could be a problem.  He’d worked over the last couple years to keep the water at bay, to live in that comfy place between just enough and not too much.

But, lately, it seemed the leaks were springing up all over the place.

The sound she made when she was absorbed in a task, a little growl in the back of her throat both frustrated and pleased with her progress.  

That damn hair.  No matter what she did with it, it was always so silky-looking, such a rich dark color, the color of chocolate and whiskey and all good things.  But, she never wore it down, so he would have to imagine how he’d untwist those braids, where the do ended and she began.

The time he’d made her laugh.  Really laugh.  A few months into this dangerous game.  He hadn’t really meant to.  To be honest, he’d been furious, attempting to plug an actual leak in the main hold of the Falcon.  He and the Princess had been fighting over which way to turn a wrench (like she would know with her lily-white politican’s hands) and they’d pulled the whole damn enclosure off.

The water had come out in torrents practically drowning them and he’d sputtered and hissed like  that selfsame moon cat forced into a bath tub and she had laughed, so loud and long that his anger had been doused and all he’d been left with was a bubble of joy so intense that there’d been nothing for it but to burst.  He’d laughed with her, drowning in her half moon eyes and bright white teeth and that sound, so full and rich and full of life.

It had taken a week to dry out the Falcon, during which time he’d been grounded and springing more leaks than he could cope with.

His head hurt as he thought through this bizarre metaphor.  Since when had he become a damn poet?  

He glanced around the Falcon quiet and sleeping, settled into the hangar for the night with all the other good little ships.  He frowned into the silence, wondering why it felt off.  Everything was in its place, the ship was in better shape than she’d been in a while, fitted with a new converter that Leia had secured for them after a particularly impressive weapons run.

And there it was.


He…missed her.  

She wasn’t far.  Tucked into her quarters off in the bowels of the base.  Safe as she could be in a rebel encampment just out of reach of the Galactic Empire that wanted her dead.

But, somehow, through some bizarre series of circumstances, he felt deep down in his bones, past the masks and the machine parts and all the wet, wet, wet, that he needed her here.

Shaking his head, he sprang from his seat and looked for something to do.  This wasn’t him, this wasn’t smart.  He was getting attached, he was becoming a sodden fool, and if he kept going like this there’d be no coming back, no drying out.

He should really leave.  Should’ve left after that first mission, that first reward.  

But the truth was, he was thirsty.  And the scarier truth was, he might not be a machine after all.

That would mess up the whole metaphor.

So, he found something to do, a thing that didn’t really need doing, in the cockpit of his ship.  It as a tangle of wires that functioned well-enough but looked like hell whenever he opened the navigation panel.  

He got to work, but as kept happening lately, his fingers felt larger and clumsier than they usually did.  His focus would wander, to the graceful curve of her neck or the frosty determination of her stubbornness.  He even found that sexy.  Most women were so easily coaxed from one mood to another, but Leia would stick to her guns as long as she damn well pleased.

There was only one sentient he knew that had the same level of bullheadedness…

“Han,” he looked up to find the object of his musings wringing her hands at the entrance to his cockpit and the damn mask fell right off.

She was pale and a little mussed, a couple wisps coming out of her clumsily coifed hair.  Her big brown eyes were wide and her mouth was reddened, as if she’d been chewing on her lip (like she did when she was nervous).  And most importantly, she was here, looking at him, talking to him.

The bubble of joy burst into a bright smile across his face.


So there is this random part from light fires at night by inthesea (i dunno if they have a tumblr) 

“Leaving us already, Josten-Minyards?” Micky asks, clearly cultivating his death wish.

“It’s Minyard-Jostens,” Neil corrects seriously, pushing past Micky and towards the elevator.

“What?!” Micky says, nearly dropping his glass. “Neil, what?!”

And I just have to say, I remember this part at totally random times of the day and can. not. stop. smiling. about it.

so yeah if youre into all for the game and andreil you should read this REALLY go read it its perfect

Imagine a Fifty First Dates AU with any Lance ship:

Plance?? Lance falls in love with a girl who is Not His Type, doesn’t remember him day-to-day yet still manages to talk his ear off about something different each time, and also has an anxious mother and brother constantly hovering over her. Hunk is both supportive and critical

Allurance?? Lance falls in love with a girl who is Easily His Type…except for the part where she isn’t receptive to his flirting at all. She talks to him out of politeness at first but isn’t afraid to tell him off. Pidge and Hunk are in the background constantly face-palming. Coran is there, ready to protect her but he likes Lance despite himself. Lance gives up after a few weeks which is around the time Allura notices him for the first time

Shance?? Lance, a regular ladies’ man (or so he thinks), hears stories about Shiro before he meets him, a local hero because he rescued near-strangers (the Holts) from an accident, which kept it from becoming fatal…at the expense of his own arm and a solid memory. He admires him and approaches him at that basis (though he doesn’t much care for the way Keith seems to hover protectively). The irony is that Shiro doesn’t remember the accident that made him locally famous. Lance’s admiration turns into a crush, and though Lance himself has never been particularly modest, he admires it in Shiro and wishes he could be better. Hunk and Pidge are worried he’ll get his heart broken, but Pidge, at least, appreciates the irony of Lance - self-declared ladies’ man - falling for a man

Read It Wednesday

Week 13 is here!! Fics from this week come from the last two weeks, so please be aware that this one is probably going to be LONG. Keep in mind that sometimes I don’t get notifications for everything I’m tagged in. If you really want me to read a fic you’ve posed, send it to me via IM and I will read it right away. Enjoy this weeks compilation!

*Little note: There are some smut fics that are left out of this. They will be included in next weeks RIW. I don’t read smut while I’m at work, and I won’t have time tonight to read them and get this up in time, so I’ve liked all smut fics I’ve been tagged in to read this weekend. I hope y’all understand!

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Lookin’ good, Barnes.

inspired by the Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail series by Owlet


@prettymuchjustsomezayn tagged me to do my 8 favorite underrated Zarry moments, so I took a page out of her book and did 10 instead. There were just too many to chose from and even this was not enough!

I tag anyone who wants to do this because the more Zarry the merrier!

anonymous asked:

sorry for bothering you, it's just that you're one of the few naruto blogs i follow, but do you know of any sasunaru/narusasu fics that really delve into the dynamics of their relationship, even if platonically?

i LOVE giving fic recs please do not think you’re bothering me

a world of truth by luchia (nsfw)
The world is trapped in an illusion which removes anger, hate, and death. It’s paradise, giving everyone everything they’ve ever wanted and reviving anyone they’ve ever lost. Nearly two years into the illusion, Sasuke snaps back to his senses and must decide whether to keep the world in false bliss, or return it to war-torn reality.

very sasuke-centric; it does a really beautiful job highlighting his thoughts and feelings and his dedication to naruto; it’s basically an exercise in sasuke loving naruto more than anything in the world and i just? it’s probably one of my favorites. sometimes i don’t have the patience for longer fic, but this one is easily doable (10 chapters) and so, so, so well written. definitely recommend it. 

when the house falls down by sowell (nsfw, warning for character death–one of which is a fake death, the other of which is not.)
When the house falls down, all that’s left is to rebuild.

another sasuke-centric one (can you tell i find sasuke fascinating?). this one is a bit darker, though. okay, it’s a lot darker, but it also delves deeper into sasuke’s psyche and his side of the story (which is ultimately the part i find more interesting, seeing as we always get naruto’s perspective). it’s so heart-wrenchingly good, and i also recommend its sequel, called the relic, if you’re looking for something that will really get your feelings going.

the earth doesn’t move by mostlyharmless (nsfw)
Years after Sasuke has come home to the village, he still doesn’t really fit in very well. Naruto thinks maybe it’s his turn to wait for the olive branch. All the ramen is an added bonus.

this one is, hands-down, my favorite sns fic at the moment. it’s short, it’s realistic, and it portrays naruto and sasuke at their bests–complimenting each other, even if that compliment isn’t always peaceful. it’s more naruto-centric, but it still deals a lot with sasuke, and how they’re never out of each other’s orbits. it’s still so, so beautiful and so well done and i cannot recommend it highly enough. 

dear 12 year old rookie 9 by spinestalker 
Dear 12 year old Me, I know you’re gonna think this is troublesome, but do yourself a favor and punch Naruto while you still can. Trust me.

this one is absolutely rookie 9 centric–as the name suggests–but there’s an overarching theme of sns throughout; the other characters mention it in their letters. this one is definitely on the fluffier side–it’s super cute–but it lets us see into how the other characters view naruto and sasuke, which i think is neat. it’s also cool how they see themselves, too; sometimes it’s easy to forget that naruto and sasuke don’t actually exist in a vacuum, that there’s a world around them, and this kinda touches on that. 

clouded mind and heavy heart by dawnstruck (nsfw, dubious consent, codependence, violence)
You reap what you sow. Sasuke plants seeds of doubt.
Instead of fighting in the Valley of the End, Sasuke convices Naruto to join him.

okay, warning all around, because i do not give this link out lightly: this one is disgusting. it is dark. it is nasty. sasuke is manipulative and slimy and naruto doesn’t know any better; the author says it best: “in a way, this is still a love story. but not a happy or healthy one.” once again, sasuke-centric, but this is not a kind sasuke to be reading about. a really good read, but please take the warnings to heart. it definitely contains triggering content. 

aaaand those are the top five i can think of off the top of my head? i hope you like them and that they’re what you’re looking for!!

Share a favorite Jonsa fic moment

I just want to read small bits of Jonsa goodness! I will start!

Thieves among us

“Hello, Jon,” she greeted evenly. Sansa may have had the sense to speak first, but her tone was distant—as distant as it had been when she’d spoken to him on the rampart. It was like she had thrown ice water over him, jolting him out of his dazed bewilderment. The fact that she sounded so casual, as if her presence wasn’t anything strange to ponder over whatsoever, only set him off the edge just a little further.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” He demanded, barely able to mask the frustration in his voice. His mind had been circling around her for most of the evening while he tried to keep his concerns at bay, but here she was, standing tall before him, her blue eyes as alert as ever. Candlelight spilled over her hair, transforming it into the colour of spun gold, but it was powerless in thawing the coldness in her stance. “Lady Brienne said that you weren’t feeling well,” he related, refusing to cower beneath her hard stare.

Theon’s voice cut through the silence that followed, just as her lips parted in preparation for a response. “Don’t be cross with her, please,” he pleaded.

Jon tore his eyes from Sansa’s to glare at the ironborn reclining in bed, his back against the oaken headboard. Despite his initial intentions, Jon had completely forgotten about Theon as soon as he caught sight of the woman who sat in the chair beside his bed. His face wavered a bit when he took in the ironborn’s damaged frame—shoulders and torso wrapped heavily in linen, with one side of his face well-battered and swollen, the other mottled with bruises, some of them ranging from a deep purple to a sickly yellow.

His grip on the door handle tightened. Jon was still trying to wrap his head around the scene laid out before him, despite the fact that there was nothing complicated to it—nothing at all. Was it because of the stark clarity behind it? He had spent far too much time mentally grappling with the nature of Sansa’s connection with Theon, this newfound affinity that they had unearthed so suddenly; now that there was a picture he could attach to it, something physical and tangible, Jon could only stand and stare.

“Please don’t be cross with Sansa,” Theon entreated again. “It’s my fault she’s here. I asked her to come,” he explained hurriedly.

“It is not your fault,” Sansa protested, shaking her head defiantly, red hair dancing around her face in conjunction with her movements. She rose to her feet in one swift movement—Jon couldn’t help but liken the act to a swan extending her majestic wings in preparation for a flight. “Lady Brienne was only following my orders,” she admitted, head held high. If she felt guilty in the least for lying to him, Sansa managed to conceal it wonderfully. So proficient was she in her ability to rein in her feelings that Jon had to start questioning his own. He was beginning to accept that his bitterness was in league with his jealousy, but what right did he have to be jealous?

I don’t like tagging but I am afraid no one will share anything if I don’t tag 😄  

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I was tagged by @sansapotter to share my favorite jon x sansa fic moment(s). 

I am doing one from a one-shot and one from a multi chapter fic. 

If anyone has ever heard me talk about fanfic, at least the authors the choices belong to should surprise no one at all.

One Shot: And If You Want Me, I’m Your Country by @thefairfleming

Nearly a month after their wedding, they sit by the fire in her solar. Sansa is knitting and behind her, two of her maids sit on a low couch, doing the same.

Jon is meant to be looking over some of the household accounts, a task Sansa was grateful to surrender to him. Instead, he is mulling over a message that came that morning, wondering how to broach the subject with his wife.

As Jon sneaks glances at her, glowing in the firelight, it occurs to him that perhaps this is the real thing the men of the Night’s Watch give up. Not the physical act of love, but the companionship. The steady satisfaction that comes from sitting across from a woman, lying with her at night, feeling the soft weight of her hand on his arm.

“You’re brooding,” Sansa observes without looking up.

“I’m thinking,” he counters, and the corners of her lips lift in a small smile.

“There is not much difference between the two for you, I think.”


Instead, he keeps his eyes on the ledger and says in a low voice, “Dismiss your ladies.” (No matter how many times I re-read it this line always gives me butterflies in my stomach!)

Sansa does not look up either as she does just that. The girls gather up their sewing, and Jon thinks he hears a few giggles as they leave the solar, the door closing softly behind them.

Neither he nor Sansa speak, and the only sounds in the room are the crackle of the fire and her needles, still moving even as her fingers seem to tremble a bit.

“Well, Lord Snow,” she says at last, setting her knitting down in her lap. “You have me all to yourself. What exactly do you propose to do with me?”

Multi chapter fic: What a Disappointment by @justadram

(Honestly, this was my first read through a salty-teens fic and I can gladly confirm, my life was improved for the better that day!)

He bends to kiss her, one of the hurried, needy kisses that do well to soothe both their tempers, but she stops him, holding his shoulders back from her with stiffly locked arms. He wants to scream. She wants him; she doesn’t. She pulls him close; she pushes him away. She hates this tower; she doesn’t want to leave it. She is a senseless, maddening, infuriating woman, and he wants to be inside her, so his last memories of her are not of a face flushed with fury but pleasure. (Classic salty-teens; LOVE!)

“What is it then, husband?”

“A bloody pleasure,” he retorts, picking her up and dropping her back into the soft fullness of their mattress. “A bloody pleasure neither of us can enjoy if you insist on being endlessly difficult.”

“Better difficult than unfeeling,” she says, wriggling free of her shift.

“I feel plenty.”


“You’re not safe here, my love.” He can’t leave her vulnerable at Queenscrown. It would be worse than a distraction, thinking some harm might come to her, while he is unable to protect her. He would forever blame himself if something befell her.

“Don’t tease,” she says, digging her knuckle between his ribs, “calling me that.”

“It’s not teasing if I mean it.” He’s not sure when it happened, but he is hopelessly in love with his wife. She hides her face in his shoulder. The puff of her breath raises goosebumps along his sweaty skin. Proof of his exertions, whatever they might be, once offended her delicate sensibilities. “Is that proper? My loving you?”

Now he’s teasing, but he feels her smile, and he knows he’s done right to tell her.

“Only if you come back for me, so I might show you how very proper it is.”

I am tagging some people as I genuinely want to know about their favorite moments, so even if you’ve done this before, then just point me towards that? I tag @vivilove-jonsa , @amymel86@riahchan , @bluecichlid , @sweetaprilbutterfly.

gayderade  asked:

Okay so Experimentation is my favorite Bechloe fic at the moment, and I just gotta let yOU knOW why. Besides the obvious mad writing skills youre sporting, you just really really know how to specifically write for the PP fandom??? Like, you write a perfect Beca Mitchell??? I dont think Ive read many fics that really capture her as well as you do. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if Canon hired you to write a few bits of the PP3 script.

Really, it’s mostly just….

No, wait. Wait, wait. You’ve made me nervous with your compliments.

This is just… So nice! Obviously, as many writers are, I’m a whore for hearing WHY people like my stuff (seriously, just ask my beta). And like… whenever someone tells me I’ve done a good job writing a character, that really makes my day? Every single time? Because, for me anyway, that’s one thing that really makes me nervous. Finding the character’s voice (or in this case, like 8 of them) and trying to write them realistically (which can be hard, case in point; Lilly. Or Fat Amy. Or Flo. Fuck, no, all of them. Every single one) because they can say some random-ass shit, and then that’s wall we get from them in the movies. So, while it’s fun to try and flesh them out, it’s also super daunting.

I appear to have gone off on a small tirade.

Sorry. I really just wanted to say thank you and i love you for taking the time to stop by my ask and say SUCH. NICE. THINGS.

But i can promise you no one has asked me to write anything for the PP3 script. Sorry. ;)

anonymous asked:

(1) Yoonmin dont have many moments and sometimes I doubt they're more than friends (tbh I still do, cause u never know) but the moments they do have are so big and suspicious. I rly want to believe they're in a relationship simply because they are so so adorable together and Yoongi rly looks like he likes jimin as more than a friend? Idk about jimin though. But I can't stop thinking ABT THAT DAMN MIRROR EXPOSE THING CAUSE WHAT THE HECK?! Also my purpose was to ask u to share some susp moments?

(2) also isn’t the face grabbing thing so cute? Yet… kinda heartbreaking cause Jimin never truly touches his face? He just turns to Yoongi and looks like he’s about to grab his cheeks and then… just doesn’t? Like he looks so awkward when he decides to just do smth else with his hands and Yoongi always looks so unbothered? Like he doesn’t even notice jimin being so shy about his near-mistake of touching his face on camera. These 2 slip ups are so… :( btw yes im that anon lmfao

Whats are your favorite yoonmin moments and fics?!

i KNOW, i mean they actually have a lot of moments but my thing with ym is that they have So many that are objectively so ?? i made a compilation of different kinds of moments here !! and there are some fics here

A fandom year-end résumé (and a few thank you‘s)

So, this was my first year as an active participant in the Sailor Moon community. And I’m still quite flabbergasted about the welcome I’ve had.

So, @irritablevowel gave me the idea by posting that wonderful thing she coined the Fanfic Year in Review, so, there’s where this is coming from, but…


I will always be utterly floored that my fics - especially Ikigai - touched so many people, It’s such an incredibe feeling to be cheered on like this - and I say this a lot, that you have NO idea what it means to me, but I wanna try and put it in words. You know that feeling, when someone you only know in passing remembers something you said way back, because it resonanted with them? That deeply surprising flattering feeling when you notice they actually listened to you? Or that feeling you get when someone you adore takes a moment to appreciate you, tell you they are proud of you? Or that feeling you have when something you did made someone really happy? It’s all that for me, and more. It’s those little daily moments when I look into my inbox, and instead of the usual emails that you get - you know, work emails, tasks, notifications of bills or of facebook messages - and instead I find PMs and reviews and messages of people who tell me they like what I do. It’s exhilarating. It’s amazing. And I’m so, so thankful for each and every one.

And, then, you know, this community… where people who are bonded through their love of one fandom and a couple ships come together and can be so encouraging toward each other. When things like @mamousaweek come together through the work of dedicated people like @sailor-moon-turtle. That feeling when she indulged me to contribute a little to @mamochibaweek a little later. And OMG, you guys, all you people who came together and celebrated fanfic with @uglygreenjacket and me during the @sailormoonreviewevent. …!!!!

I had so many wonderful moments in fandom this year. Made incredible friends. And my life is a little richer for it.

So, thank you guys! Thank you, @uglygreenjacket for writing me a review that gifted me you as a friend, for becoming my beta and partner in fic, for cheering me on like you do. Thank you, @irritablevowel for being the most incredible senpai a girl could want, for the most fun I’ve ever had sharing giggle!reads, for gifting me my first proper christmas card. And outside of tumblr, too. Kasienda, you won’t read this, but yes, I mean you, my amazing friend.

And every conversation I’ve had, here, with all you wonderful people. I will forever be surprised when people message me, or send me anon asks, OR EVEN FANART ( @shelynite, @smokingbomber !!), tell me that they loved my fics and wanna talk. When people are fangirling that I’m fangirling over them. There’s so many incredibly talented people in this fandom, and I’m thankful for each and every one of you.

But I wanna dedicate a special section to a few of my favorite moments in fic that you guys gave me, this year.

Because, damn, you guys. We have some fine fic in this ship.

So, here goes! thank you to…

So, I’m forgetting things. I know I am. And I’m sorry in advance that I did, but let it be known… you are AMAZING you guys, and I’m so grateful for all you give to this fandom, and for making it such a welcoming, friendly, encouraging place!

I sometimes reread my own fics and find random bits I really like. So I decided to do a big post featuring all of my personal favorite fic moments from 2017! 

(here’s my A03 if you want to browse my other fics not featured here!)

It would be really cool if other writers would do this too, it’s fun to see what authors enjoy about their own writing and I think it’s a really positive way to look at your own work. ^^ Feel free to tag me if you decide to post your own!

This got pretty long so it’s all under the cut~

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Hello. Since we don’t know what this weekend will bring, is anyone up for some fun, positive stuff? Like send kudos to someone, your favorite Louis and Harry moments, favorite fics, or headcanons. I’ll be around all weekend so if you want to have some fun positive stuff my ask box will be open :)