favorite female movie characters


Top 10 coolest female movie  characters 

1.  Gogo Yubari

2.  Lady Snowblood 

3. Coffy 

4.  Gail


6.  Hammer girl 

7.  Lady Vengeance

8. Jen Yu

9. Foxy Brown 

10. Catwoman 

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favorite male character(s): robin
favorite female character(s): bbbbbbatgirl
least favorite character(s): g od idk none
best looking character(s): batman……..
funniest character(s): batman
favorite season(s): n/a
favorite ship(s): fuck uh…batman and th joker?

12.) Favorite female character in a movie

A very recent, but very valid choice for this one.

Rey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Honestly, I think I owe this one all to Daisy Ridley. Holy shit, is this girl charismatic. It’s her performance that makes Rey the most intriguing, emotive, complex and human heroine the Star Wars franchise has ever seen. She also punts the fallacy that a kick-ass heroine can’t be vulnerable, as Rey is super vulnerable, and that vulnerability makes her not only highly sympathetic but also actually makes her kick-ass moments that much more awesome! Fuck the sexist haters, Rey is no Mary Sue. She is truly the great cinematic heroine we deserve.

Top 10 X-men female characters

Another list after a long while. This time I will count down my ten favorite x-men female characters. I love x-men comics, movies and tv shows and that’s why I decided to make this list. I will make list of ten x-men male characters later today. Also, I can’t wait for X-men Apocalypse.

10. Jubilee

Real name:  Jubilation Lee                                                                           Powers:  Jubilee formerly possessed ability to create energy plasmoids, she calls fireworks. Now she is a vampire and doesn’t have her old skills.                 Portrayed by: Lana Condor

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9. X-23

Real name: Laura Kinney                                                                                 Powers: Regeneration like Wolverine. Two adamantium claws. Superhuman stamina, agility and reflexes.                                                                           She is not in any X-men movies

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8. Scarlet Witch

Real name: Wanda Maximoff                                                                     Powers: Chaos magic, which includes hex bolts, teleportation, telekinesis and flight                                                                                                           Portrayed by: Elizabeth Olsen in MCU. She’ll might appear in X-men universe too.

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7. Psylocke

Real name:  Elizabeth Braddock                                                                     Powers: Telekinesis (she can also create telekinetic katana), telepathy, umbrakynesis (= manipulation of darkness into psychic blasts and bolts)     Portrayed by: Olivia Munn                        

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6. Rogue

Real name: Anna Marie (surname unknown)                                               Powers: Power absorption                                                                           Portrayed by: Anna Paquin

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5. Storm

Real name: Ororo Munroe                                                                             Powers: Atmokinesis, flight, energy manipulation, weather resistance, earth-link, telepathic resistance and energy vision                                             Portrayed by: Alexandra Shipp, before by Halle Berry

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4. Jean Grey/Phoenix

Real name: Jean Grey                                                                                   Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis and Phoenix force,which gives her cosmic pyrokinesis, resurrection and pyro-telekinesis                                       Portrayed by: Sophie Turner, before by Famke Janssen

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3. Shadowcat

Real name: Kitty Pride                                                                                       Powers: Phasing                                                                                       Portrayed by: Ellen Page

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2. Mystique

Real name: Raven Darkhölme                                                                     Powers: Metamorph                                                                               Portrayed by: Jennifer Lawrence, before by Rebecca Romijn

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Honorable mentions: Magma , Domino , Polaris 

1. Emma Frost/White Queen

Real name: Emma Frost                                                                           Powers: Telepathy, telepathic defense,illusion,control and manipulation,mind link, psyonic blast, astral projections, mental detection, phoenix force (unlike Jean, she can’t control the force) and organic diamond form                     Portrayed by: January Jones

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I hope you liked the list. I also apologize for any mistakes. English is my second language.