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Piper Wright reacting to Magnolia flirting with her s/o (I frickin love you)

I frickin’ love you too bby~

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She’s not jealous, what are you saying? She’s soo not jealous.
That’s a lie because Piper is totally jealous when she overhears Magnolia start a ‘friendly conversation’ with you. Her flirting is obvious but somehow goes over your head as you compliment the singer, mentioning how much you enjoyed her performance and when she asks if you wanted a private performance Piper chimes in immediately, wrapping her arms around your waist and asking if you wanted a drink. She tries not to be obvious when she sends a small glare towards Magnolia.

30 Days of Who: Day 2 ~ Favorite Female Companion


I love Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, The Ponds, and River Song

and I’m LOVING Clara

They each bring things to the show and out of the Doctor that no other companion could. 


Donna is my favorite.

It’s more than just because she was The Doctor Donna

She and the Doctor fit like puzzle pieces.

Excellent team work

Brilliant banter

And I guess I just love the idea that the Doctor had a friend for that season, not a potential love interest or someone who fell for him. She was a friend to him, ready for adventure.


Plus, I love Catherine Tate :P

30 Days of Who - Day 2: Favorite Female Companion

Aaaaand I forgot about this. Knew I would. Eh. I’ll just do two today.

Anyways, this is another one of those ‘no contest’ things. Rose Tyler is and always will be my favorite companion for so many reasons. I felt like we could all really identify with Rose - she was that completely average girl who grew up on an estate, dropped out of school, worked in a shop, lived with her mum. There was nothing extraordinary about her, and there’s something about that which makes her so much more real. Of course, then she goes and becomes a goddess of time, which, can I just say, is one of the most epic things to ever happen on television ever. Period.

She’s wonderful, really. She’s kind and compassionate and purely good at her core, something which is hard to find in people these days. She’s strong and determined and stands up for what she believes in. And don’t think that because she hasn’t got her A-levels she’s not clever as hell. There have been so many times that her quick thinking have gotten them out of a spot of trouble when the Doctor was too busy doing something else - for example, defending his sonic screwdriver (see The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - remember, she grabs the squareness gun and opens a hole in the floor and saves them all while the Doctor’s shouting at Jack?). She’s really just an incredible character and a perfect companion, and I love her. And so does the Doctor.


Day 2 - Favorite female companion

Rose Tyler

It’s not just that she was the first companion I knew, It’s that she’s the one who i believed helped the Doctor the most. She’s the one companion who truly mattered and was revelant even after she left. She didn’t have an smart job like Martha and wasn’t the most important woman in all of creation like Donna but she cared about everyone before herself, from the start. Most of the companions the doctor travels with find out as they travel  that they can actually do amazing things and impact people. But Rose just starts off from the beginning knowing who she is and just tries to help out the war-worn Doctor. For those reasons, The Doctor cared about Rose so much that he blew up a star to say goodbye and it’s only terribly sad that in the end, she got the doctor but he didn’t get her.