favorite fella

topic: ed sleeping

can we talk about how cute ed is when he sleeps tho
like look at him. 

he fell asleep at his desk AND LOOk at winry: the perfect girlfriend making sure he doesn’t get cold. IM IN LOVE. 

honey child can’t even make it to his bed half the time he just falls asleep with his pen in his hand. honestly i worry about my poor, short shouty fella like how is he gonna rest if he keeps falling asleep in that position?? he’s gonna hurt his neck it most be so uncomfortable waking up like that. GOSH 

AND LOOK!!! HE DOESN’T EVEN PUT HIS HEAD ON A PILLOW THE BIG SILLY!! like win and al are all peacefully asleep. al has the little blanket and winry has her cute little hairdo and ED. ed is totally chill with his hand on his stomach and his other arm way above his head. totally oblivious