favorite fandoms in 2011

Darkness, Flooded in Light by galaxysoup

Loki falls. Injured and unable to access his magic, he must struggle to restore himself physically and mentally before the Bifrost is repaired and Asgard comes to find him. That would be difficult enough, but one of Asgard’s deepest secrets has followed him…

Stop sending me messages telling me Shae grabbed a knife. Her ex-lover sneaks into her bedroom, and finds her half-naked in a bed she’s sharing with his father. She’s scared, of course she is, she grabs a knife to protect herself. And then he attacks her.

All Tyrion had to do when he saw her react was turn around and get out. Disappear through the secret passage through which he entered. He chose instead to jump on top of her and attack her, forcing them into a fight to the death. So stop bringing up her grabbing a weapon to defend herself as if that’s an excuse for him murdering her.

Honestly I think my favorite thing about the homestuck fandom circa 2011 was that someone on the MSPA forums released a free, functional version of Pesterchum and for like a year or two pretty much everyone was on it all the time. The fandom doesn’t really have that kind of innovation or community anymore and I miss it.

my favorite thing about being neck deep in the brony fandom in 2011/2012 was seeing bronies get really fucking defensive when people compared them to furries as if bronies aren’t just subpar furries with a more specific obsession

I think Rune Factory might be my favorite fandom on this site, tbh.

I’ve been on here since 2011 or so, and, to be frank, almost every fandom I’ve been involved in has had a huge slew of problems. We’re talking shipping wars, petty complaints/controversy, drama between users/creators, etc. Heck, not even just the large fandoms; even some of the smaller ones that I’ve been in have been wild over the years.

So… yeah. Thanks a ton for being so cool, everyone. It’s been a great ride, and I can only hope it’ll get even grander as time goes on.  c: