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Boyfriend! Yoongi
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How You Two Met

-probably while walking through the park, or in a flower garden; anywhere you can hear your own thoughts

-you were just chilling and had nothing better to do but admire the scenery of mid-autumn

-and like from a movie, yoongi emerges from the falling leaves

-you stare at him

-and he stares back

-the two of you stare at each other

-and stare at each other

-and stare at each other

-tick tock

-nobody actually goes there except for you two weirdos

-to break the tension you give an awkward half-wave and he just nods back

-basically the two of you just go your separate ways and ignore one another


-so it’s becoming an usual routine on bumping  purposely  into the cute boy who always had on red headphones

-and you develop a small crush on him ever since you caught him humming to can’t stop by cnblue they’re your favorite kpop band and fanboys are so FRICKIN rare in the fandom

-he has an excellent music taste marry him

-but whenever you try to initiate a conversation between the two of you about cnblue’s music you chicken out and he just brushes past you

-one day he doesn’t show up at the park

-”maybe he just didn’t want to come today” you don’t give it much thought

-the following day he doesn’t show up either

“Something probably came up”

-and the next day after that

-yoongi’s been missing for a week


-he still doesn’t show up for a great deal of time

-so you’re roaming around the area by yourself everyday (with the occasional creepy old man that does morning walks) and you regret never catching his name nor his phone number because what a cutie you’ll never get that chance again

-you guys meet again three months later coincidentally on the street

-and you’re staring at the black-haired boy in S H O C K

-god has given you a second chance to prove yourself

-growing increasingly bold, you step up and look him straight in the eye, sticking out your hand

-”hey, i’m y/n… that girl from the park you used to go to??”

-”oh hi, yes, from the park? i’m yoongi. Min yoongi. Nice to meet you”


-unfortunately, you couldn’t even look at him properly to speak since the two of you were shoved around by the crowd from blocking the sidewalk

-yoongi, unfazed by the pushing, tucks his hands into his hoodie pocket

- ”we shouldn’t stand here; there’s people trying to pass by. Do you have something to tell me?”


-”y-yes i do! Would you care for an americano?”

-it’s three in the afternoon who drinks americano at late noon honestly

-but surprisingly he agrees??

-what a weirdo

-the waiter sets down your drinks at the cafe; the aroma of coffee is the BEST

-lost in each other’s words, you guys chat about music, music, and more music

-HE’S ONE OF CNBLUE’S TOP FANS husband material right there

-Yoongi tells you that he’s part of a boy band, called BTS, though they haven’t debuted yet. To your surprise -how? he’s been oozing swag and confidence from day one-, he’s a rapper, not a singer

-after spending almost an hour with him, you fall in love with his taste in music, taste in fashion, and taste in everything in general. How do boys like him still exist??

-obviously you could talk to him for the whole day without running out of anything to converse about, but Yoongi, apologetically tells you he has somewhere to be although he enjoyed chatting with you

-you guys part ways, but not before exchanging numbers

-AND YOU JUST COULDN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM AGAIN so you call him every other two days just to chit-chat about nothing

-he doesn’t decline your offers unless he has to go to work and even then he promises to make up for the missed ‘date’

-what a respectful cutie 

The Confession

-you guys spend most of your time together, and he eventually he looks forward to your incoming calls

-”y/n? Yeah i didn’t leave the house yet i’ll take a few minutes to get there” and he gets out of the bed so quickly jin would’ve thought the house was on fire to get him to move like that

-and one day…

-you confess accidentally over the phone; jokingly saying “i love you” to him after he does a favor for you

-cue the awkwardness in the call i’m shocked you didn’t hang up

-”oh you do? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

-”yoongi what that was a-”

-”no i’m serious, don’t you like me?”


-”… you do don’t you”

-”it’s not like you’ll be my boyfriend anyways idiot”

-”i’ll be your boyfriend”



-”w HAT”

-”i said i’ll be your-”

-”i swear to god if you’re playing a prank on me i will personally march over to your studio and beat the living daylights out of you”

-”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i always knew you liked me why didn’t you confess earlier”


-”when’s the date beautiful”

-and that’s how the confession went in very simple words


-definitely no pda between you or him

-like he would hold your hands once or twice in public but that’s it

-he must be the one to initiate snuggling, or else he gets annoyed/uncomfortable

-busy most of the time with comebacks and writing new songs especially with BTS’s thriving popularity… you would get extremely worried if he sleeps at the studio and forgets to call you to tell you he’s coming home late because he’s pulled that multiple times already -not on purpose tho he would never want to worry you like that-

-so many reminders from you to him to eat/breathe a little

-contrary to what yoongi usually acts like, he’s very, very hardworking when it comes to his passions. The only breaks he take is when he sleeps and when he uses the toilet you’re so proud of him for being so dedicated to his career

-he’s committed to his idol duties even his s/o can’t convince him otherwise

-you thank the LORD FOR SLOW ALBUM SALES because you two never spend time together as a couple anymore

-one positive thing after the hectic schedules he has as an idol however is that CUDDLING. POSSIBILITIES. ARE. STRONGER. THAN. EVER.

-yoongi always buries his face in your neck whenever he hugs you from the back -it sends butterflies down to your stomach hE NEEDS TO STOP BREATHING ON YOUR COLLARBONE- and acknowledges the new shampoo/conditioner/body lotion/perfume you’re using -you don’t have to ask him if he notices your new haircut he notices even if he doesn’t say anything trust me-

-absolutely adorable in his sleep?? How can such an evil person look like an angel when sleeping that’s your question

-insults come on a daily basis -they’re lighthearted yoongi wouldn’t actually hurt you with his words-

-although he ruthlessly gives opinions, you always know he loves you

-take his kisses for example

-i see him as a person who likes to give their s/o lazy pecks on their forehead, cheek or lips~ it’s sweet and intimate, and it doesn’t require him to put much effort into it

-however, this does NOT mean he’s a bad kisser!! Once in he’s in the mood, he’ll bruise your lips to the point where they become so swollen that you’re having trouble communicating with other humans

-you two will be a spontaneous couple; planned dates aren’t really his thing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing tho! It’ll make you both treasure memories more

-the first date would be to the arcade or maybe somewhere not exactly quiet, but where you guys can really feel connected as a couple and discuss deep topics about life -and music-

-once bts’s popularity expands internationally and domestically, yoongi starts being burdened about how fans would take your relationship with him

-”will they react kindly to y/n?? Will saesangs target her? Should i even reveal our level of intimacy or insist we’re friends??”

-just know that he’ll protect you at all costs

-and you couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend


Team Rocket Executives Archer, Ariana, Proton, and Petrel.  The only reason I drew Archer was because I thought his design looked super easy. Then I noticed he had friends and drew his buddies.  Something that started as a simple thing turned into a complicated set of Pokemon gen 2 villains.  which is funny, like, no one actually remembers these people.

Archer is just a Giovanni fanboi with Giovanni posters and shrines all over his bedroom.  Archer is so in love with his senpai Giovanni, who never notices him haha.

Proton’s ass is beatiful.

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BTS Fanboys

So in celebration of yesterday’s last Run stage (and win!!), I now present to you:

Some fanboys reacting to the RUN mv and their epic responses 


1.The fanboy who is/was in denial: JRE (Welcome to the ARMY family 👏🏼)

2. The fanboy with too much feels: Dhiraj (A true Jihope shipper)

3. The “we’re here only for the good jams” fanboys: JK&Dragonha (Also in denial)

4. The biased fanboy: Jose (#Thethirstisreal)

5. The skeptical fanboy: Keith (Been there, done that)

6. The overwhelmed fanboys: Justin,Cedric&Raphael (Literally all of us)

Last but not least: The actual fanboys 

BTS, it’s been a blessing, thank you for all your hard work. Let’s stay together forever💕

And thank you to all these guys for taking the time to support our boys. Go subscribe to them!

Random Asks

1. Favorite kind of juice?
2. Favorite movie?
3. If you could pick one color to represent yourself, what it be?
4. If you had to pick one texture to represent you, what would it be?
5. Name a talent of yours.
6. Cookies or cream?
7. Do you like to draw?
8. What is the best restaurant you have ever been to?
9. How many times have you cried this month?
10. What’s your biggest regret?
11. What’s one thing that you judge people on?
12. What’s one thing you wish people didn’t judge about you?
13. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what it be?
14. Would you ever cliff dive?
15. Would you ever eat a bug?
16. Would you ever skydive?
17. Do you believe in destiny?
18. When is the last time you ran a mile?
19. When is the last time you kissed someone?
20. When is the last time you hugged someone?
21. Do you turn off the water while you brush your teeth?
22. Do you like hot or cold showers?
23. Hot pizza or cold pizza?
24. Favorite designer brand?
25. What’s one thing you wish everybody co
26. Do you believe in astrology?
27. Do you believe in ghosts?
28. Do you believe in karma?
29. Do your believe in luck?
30. Do your believe in love at first sight?
31. What type is your hair?
32. What color if you hair?
33. What color is your eyes?
34. Do you like school?
35. Favorite fruit?
36. Favorite vegetable?
37. What is the best feeling in the world?
38. What is the worst feeling in the world?
39. Favorite social media platform?
40. Jeans or leggings?
41. Skirts or shorts?
42. What color are your socks right now?
43. What is the best piece of advices you give to someone?
44. If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something, what would you say?
45. What’s one thing you hope to have in the future?
46. If you could go into the future and ask yourself something, what would you ask?
47. What is your zodiac sign?
48. Do you have siblings?
49. Do you want kids?
50. Favorite subject in school?
51. Least favorite subject in school?
52. If you could be perfect at one thing in life, what would you want it to be?
53. Would you rather write an essay or take a math test?
54. Would you rather take biology or chemistry?
55. Favorite shade of lipstick to wear?
56. On a scale of 1-10, ten being a lot, how independent are you?
57. One song that makes you happy?
58. One song that makes you cry?
59. One song that gets you excited?
60. One song that brings back memories?
61. Favorite song?
62. Running or swimming?
63. What is your biggest fear?
64. What’s one thing that always calms you down?
65. Favorite comfort food?
66. Who is your role model in life?
67. One punishment that you will always hate?
68. favorite memory from childhood?
69. Do you use scrunchies?
70. What’s the first thing you want people to notice about you?
71. What’s the first thing you notice about other people?
72. What’s the last TV show you binged watched?
73. Soccer or football?
74. Gymnastics or ice skating?
75. Favorite Olympic event to watch?
76. Dream pair of shoes? Describe.
77. Dream outfit? Describe.
78. Dream wedding? Describe.
79. Dream house? Describe.
80. Dream S.O? Describe.
81. Who is you celebrity crush?
82. What is one trait that turns you on?
83. What is one trait that turns you off?
84. What is your guilty pleasure?
85. Are you a night person or morning person?
86. In one word, describe your love life.
87. In one word, describe your friend group.
88. In one word, describe your style?
89. In one word, describe your music taste.
90. In one word, describe your parents.
91. What’s one thing you wish you could do?
92. What’s one thing you wish you could be?
93. Favorite snack?
94. If you could change one thing from your childhood what would it be?
95. What’s one thing you love about your childhood.
96. Sweet or savory?
97. Do you consider yourself responsible?
98. Favorite scent?
99. What is one movie that always makes you cry?
100. What is one movie that always makes you laugh?
101. Do you shower in the morning or night?
102. Favorite physical trait of yours?
103. Favorite personality trait of yours?
104. Would you want to be a model, an actor, or a singer?
105. Name three things that make you smile.
106. Name three things that make you frown.
107. What’s one language you always wanted to learn?
108. Biggest pet peeve?
109. If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?
110. What is your battery percentage at the moment?
111. Favorite quote?
112. Fanboys actor?
113. Favors singer?
114. Favorite model?
115. Favorite rapper?
116. Reader or writer?
117. Mechanical or traditional pencil?
118. Are you good at making friends?
119. Do you have a lot of secrets?
120. What’s one of your insecurities?
121. What is the best gift someone could give you?
122. What is the worst gift someone could give you?
123. Do you have an accent?
124. Are you scared of public speaking?
125. Are you scared of bugs?
126. Are you scared of flying in planes?
127. Are you scared of heights?
128. Favorite spot to vacation?
129. Favorite album currently?
130. Favorite type of hat?
131. Favorite type of soup?
132. What is something you are confident about?
133. Are you stubborn?
134. What is your spirit animal?
135. What’s one color you would never wear?
136. What’s one color that you wear too much?
137. Favorite song lyric?
138. High heels or flats?
139. Iced coffee or hot coffee?
140. Iced tea or hot tea?
141. Favorite thing to order from Chinese takeout?
142. Milkshakes or smoothies?
143. Favorite kind of donut?
144. Favorite kind of pie?
145. Do you lie a lot?
146. Do you wear glasses?
147. Favorite kind of wine?
148. What is your gemstone?
149. Describe your dream wedding ring.
150. Favorite season?
151. Do you pull all nighters often?
152. How many drafts do you have saved in tumblr at the moment?
153. Manicure or pedicure?
154. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
155. Stripes or polka dots?
156. Are you a optimist or pessimist?
157. Do you like confrontation?
158. Reveal a secret to your followers about yourself.
159. Are you a movie or TV show type of person?
160. Are you indecisive?
161. Favorite band?
162. Favorite book?
163. Sparkles or sequins?
164. Do you still use blankets in the summer?
165. Do you have any games on your phone? If so, what are they?
166. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
167. Your friends need to use one word to describe you. What word do you think they will use?
168. Your family need to use one word to describe you. What word do you think they will use?
169. If you had to pick one superpower, what would it be?
170. Fire or ice?
171. What do you believe killed all the dinosaurs?
172. Have you ever been heartbroken before?
173. Have you tried drugs before?
174. What’s one things everybody in the world should have a chance to experience?
175. Guilty until innocent or innocent till guilty?
176. What quality of yours do you thinks stands out the most to other people?
177. Are you wearing any nail polish at the moment? If so, what color?
178. Describe your ideal first date?
179. What are some things hat automatically make you like a person?
180. How comfortable is your mattress?
181. What is your favorite fashion trend currently?
182. What is your least favorite fashion trend currently?
183. Favorite material to wear?
184. If you could swap lives with a celebrity, which one would you switch with?
185. What’s your favorite thing about school?
186. Favorite genre of movies?
187. What’s one physical turn on of yours?
188. Favorite genre of music?
189. Do you dip yours cookies in milk?
190. Favorite board game?
191. What’s your favorite kind of dressing?
192. Favorite video game?
193. What’s your favorite flavor of cake?
194. Favorite card game?
195. What’s your favorite gemstone?
196. Gold or silver?
197. Favorite meal for dinner?
198. Favorite meal for breakfast?
199. What age did you learn how to swim?
200. Make up your own ask!

sometimes I think about, what if comic book universes had character merch to the same extent we do? imagine characters buying their own merch. tony stark in a “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” t shirt. steve rogers going jogging in a captain america hoodie. wade wilson goes to buy tacos and pulls out a “merc with a mouth” wallet. imagine.

Hogwarts houses as Fangirls/boys

Huffelpuffs: are there for you with cookies because your fav. character just died horribly. Again.

Slytherins will spoiler you when you´re mean

Gryffindors are the hardcore shippers, don´t mess around with their otp

Ravenclaws are like “It was obvious. OF COURSE HE IS NOT THE FATHER LOOK AT HIS ROBE” trying to be all logic 

The Doe, The Bitch and The Wardrobe

Victoria Chase was great at many things, leading the pathetic little sheep that needed guidance, getting what she wanted, making sure everyone knew that and of course, putting losers in their place. However making up and trying to be friends with someone.. Different, She hated Max upon first encounter, Max the shy and quiet new girl, what Hollywood movie bullshit, she was such a poser and everyone knew it yet she somehow always made friends, it drove Victoria insane, why did Mark love that hipster, everyone took her side and even her own vortex minions started to enjoy Max’s presence.

Of course, the queen hated this new competition but after all the shenanigans that had happened and than that act of god hurricane tornado lovechild, so much had happened, Victoria lost over tens of thousands of dollars in camera equipment, all her work destroyed and her favorite crush/teacher was going all American Psycho on his students! Even her!  And she and max were saved by the crazy security asshole no less, safe to say that after that, Victoria had to make up for her evil bitchiness, she wouldn’t assume direct control and try to initiate Max into minion school but she would be her friend. Blackwell had been rebuilt, all the teachers (Except psycho Jefferson) started resuming classes and her and Maxes class was now being led by Andreas Gursky if you could believe that. the bell hang rang and Victoria was spacing out texting Taylor and Courtney about the newest chase space party they had planned. 

Victoria sighed thinking about the “Chase space” she and all the former vortex members started with her at the head, keeping the vortex club was just too hard on everyone after Nathan died, it just reminded them of their old friend and it was too taxing, Victoria snapped back to reality looking around to see the empty class, she grabbed her phone placing in her new Gucci bag biting her thumb “God damn it!” She said walking out of the classroom and looking around grabbing Brooke by the arm as she happened to pass by which made Brooke flinch in response “Ow! What’s your problem victoria.” which Victoria only responded in a glare 

“Where’s Caulfield.” 

She deadpanned not wanting to deal with anything to which Brooke responded with pointing down the hallway, Max was digging through her locker with her favorite fanboy Warren “Puppy Dog” Graham, she sighed letting Brooke go and walked over to the pair stepping in between them and facing Max leaning on the locker with her shoulder about to speak before she heard Graham’s complaining, she turned around and grossed her arms cutting off Warren “Listen warren, Max isn’t interested in any of your 70s Sci-Fi bullshit, why don’t you go play “Notice me senpai” somewhere else.” She said waving him off with her hand to which he crossed his arms silently and her waving became more aggressive “Go little boy! Go!”  to which Warren conceded to Victoria’s bullying and walked off, she turned over to Max and smiled pointing at her 

“You Maxine Caulfield are coming to the first Chase-space party we’re throwing in our new studio, though I love you Max, I really do, we have to do something about that wardrobe, that’s why you, Taylor, Courtney and I are going shopping later to update you, my treat and before you ask.. Yes you can bring your ‘Girlfriend’ with you.” She said with a smile as if Max would leap at the offer, Victoria crossed her arms and with her shit eating grin facing Caulfield. 


(How did I do? :O)