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ABCs of Favorite Characters: Sebastian Moran | Sherlock

“Some chase women, some chase opium dragons, some chase pots of gold. Dammit, some chase postage stamps or currant buns. I chase these edge-of-life-and-death moments—when an animal or man tries to kill me, and I kill them instead. It’s the surge inside—in the water, behind the eyes, in the loins. That’s what Basher Moran’s about.”

Use These Faceclaims and I Will Love You Down

Row 1: Lily Loveless, Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Pearce, Elizabeth Gillies, Megan Prescott, Jenna Ushkowitz

Row 2: Avan Jogia, Robert Sheehan, Harry Shum Jr., Iwan Rheon, Skandar Keynes, Jamie Campbell Bower

Row 3: Amber Benson, Antonia Thomas, Grace Park, Nellie Veitenheimer, Anna Kendrick, Hayley G. Hoover

An incomplete list of much-loved faces.

crystal reed gif hunt.

at the link below you will find #2,637 hq small/medium textless gifs of my all time favorite faceclaim the beautiful crystal reed. crystal is known for her acting career, mainly as allison argent and marie jeanne valet on mtv’s teen wolf. she is of european decent and is 31 years old.  i have collected all these gifs over the past two years. there may be a few repeats or text gifs but not many. all are from interviews, auditions, public appearances, her instagram, comic con and various roles. i do not own nor do i take credit for any of the gifs. do not repost or put in your own gif hunt. please like or reblog if this helps you in any way. you can find the gif hunt here.

My Favorite (330+) Faceclaims 

As requested, this is a list of my favorite faceclaims! There’s a mix of #331 overused and underused faces, and I also included their age and ethnicity (if it’s available). The list is also divided by gender, and listed alphabetically. There’s probably not going to be a lot of model/musician/reality TV/Youtuber FC’s since I’m not a big fan, and the FC’s I’m most familiar with are popular in Western culture just you’re aware. So yeah, enjoy!

Note: All ethnicities were found on either ethnicelebs.com or Wikipedia. If you notice an error or have the answer to somebody’s unknown ethnicity, please message me with a valid source and I’ll change it! 

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Look I love Dylan O'Brien and Phoebe Tonkin a ton but sometimes you get bored of using the same old faceclaims, they are taken in a roleplay or maybe just want to mix it up. There’s nothing wrong with that, under the cut is a masterlist of my favorite UNDERUSED faceclaims with plenty of resources.

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  • Name/Alias: Riley
  • Age: I’m old ok
  • Birthday: 12 October
  • Timezone: GMT
  • How did you hear about monsters are always hungry?: I think I found it in the LSRPG tag and thought it looked cool!
  • What type of event would you like to see?: I’m not very helpful in this regard, ha. But any event that gets a lot of characters involved and tests them, galas, parties and other basic things too that just give people a chance to interact.
  • What are some of your favorite faceclaims?: So many. But a few I like are Ricky Whittle, Mehcad Brooks. Brett Dalton, Jack Falahee, Priyanka Chopra, Katie McGrath, Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, basically anyone who fits the character though.
  • What types of characters do you like to play?: I’m trying to play a variety. I used to gravitate toward more male presenting characters, and tough types, you know? Soldiers, cops, stuff like that. I love playing softer characters too though. The dorky ones that people underestimate. And people in search of redemption or with a weight on their shoulders. Whoever has a good story.
  • Who are you thinking of applying for/are excited for?: I’m applying for The Empress and I’m excited for everyone else!
  • Favorite song: I don’t even listen to music I’m terrible like that. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Name/Alias: I’m a Riley too!!
  • Age: Grandma (although I lovingly refer to myself as a Golden Girl thank you very much)
  • Birthday: April 12
  • Timezone: PST
  • How did you hear about monsters are always hungry?: Probably stalking the crime or mob rp tags cuz that’s what I do while drinking wine and pining over my muses.
  • What type of event would you like to see?: Honestly, all the rp’s I have participated in died before an event had the chance to happen so I am going to say ANYTHING! Although, I do favor drama and angst so anything that could bring about a lot of those would be much to my liking.
  • What are some of your favorite faceclaims?: Currently I’m on this weird Tom Hardy/Taron Egerton thing. (I was stupid stoked to see Taron in the app list) I think it’s becoming a problem. (Or maybe I just have a thing for Englishmen.) Some of my favorites aside from those boys are Ruth Negga, Genevieve Buechner, Tyler Blackburn, Max Thieriot, Alicia Vikander, Annie Briggs….
  • What types of characters do you like to play?: Big brute like criminals, byronic heros - I seem to have a type. Something personal that I need to explore before I can move on. I am trying to expand myself though, develop muses outside of my norm. I’m pretty new to roleplay in general though so I’m still getting the lay of the land. I suppose it may have something to do with the anxiety of being inexperienced.  
  • Who are you thinking of applying for/are excited for?: I applied for The Tower (Big angsty brute…surprise. >< )
  • Favorite song: My all time favorite song is Tangerine by Led Zeppelin, but I have been listening to a lot of Devlin, Arctic Monkeys (I think I do have a English thing happening) and Welshly Arms lately.
  • Name/Alias: alyssa
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday 420 blaze it (jk pls don’t)
  • Timezone: pst
  • How did you hear about monsters are always hungry? fellow applicant riley :)
  • What type of event would you like to see? reaction to crimes, like assassinations, murders, things like that. or one of the parties at the headquarters.
  • What are some of your favorite faceclaims? devery jacobs, eiza gonzalez, julia jones, sarah shahi, jade tailor, meghan markle, lindsey morgan, stella maeve, gal gadot, candice patton, emeraude toubia, hayley kiyoko, diego luna, sidharth malhotra, godfrey gao, mahershala ali
  • What types of characters do you like to play? I do like characters who are a bit more lighthearted than most. those are the most fun, they help take the edge off during serious moments, but it’s also fun when they’re put in a situation where they need to take it seriously and see how that develops them. but for the most part i play different kinds of characters, the only thing that ever stays the same throughout is that they’re women and more importantly wlw.
  • Who are you thinking of applying for/are excited for? i’ve applied for the emperor and im really excited for death, the lovers and the empress.
  • Favorite song: pretty much anything by banks and hayley kiyoko
  • Name/Alias: nyx
  • Age: twenty-one.
  • Birthday 26th august (virgo holla).
  • Timezone: gmt.
  • How did you hear about monsters are always hungry? a mix between kayla and anonymous recs!
  • What type of event would you like to see? anything which increases the angst by at least 10%
  • What are some of your favorite faceclaims? gal gadot, amber heard, jessica chastain, sophia bush, gugu mbatha raw, morena baccarin, angelina jolie, idris elba, frank grillo, jeffrey dean morgan, and michael malarkey are just some of many. honestly, i could keep listing for the next 84 years.
  • What types of characters do you like to play? i’m only attracted to characters with a multitudinous amount of bad traits? i can’t quite say i’ve ever played anything other than a trash can.
  • Who are you thinking of applying for/are excited for? i think justice is numeruno uno. i do also like the look of judgement, wheel of fortune, and the magician though.
  • Favorite song: at the moment this belongs to heart is black by escondido! great band, great song, highly recommend.

LIST OF RP FAVORITES AND LEAST FAVORITES !  / repost, do not reblog.

tagged by: @rosecrime !!

tagging: @comiiics / @bledhope / @deadlysericus / @rustlcss / @valiiidus / whoever else wants to do it!! this is a Good Meme™

FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY:  rami malek, marlon langeland, kaya scodelario, thomas brodie-sangster, that’s pretty much it for live action faceclaims.
FAVORITE SHIP YOU’VE EVER HAD:  i love every single one of my ships, honestly. but writing josh/oliver this year really rekindled my love for writing ships and roleplaying in general honestly!! i was considering just archiving josh before finn came along with his cute lil oc in tow and cHANGED MY LIFE. i’ve never spent as much time developing a ship as i have with finn, and we have sO much fun!!! i s2g the first two months of us interacting, all i thought about was jollie. 24/7. it was a mess. but a beautiful mess that i love.
FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN:  every fandom i’ve been in has had some bad apples, so. i can’t really say i’ve found a favourite yet. i like being fandomless for the time being!
FAVORITE SONG TO GIVE YOU MUSE:  right now? anything by frank ocean. also bing bong. fuck u bee.
LEAST FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY/PLAY AGAINST:  dylan o’brien, unless it’s actually a dylan o’brien character (stiles from tw, thomas from tmr, etc.), nina dobrev, all of the guys from archie, holland roden (theres so many other red heads come on.)
LEAST FAVORITE RP EXPERIENCE:  maddie rly gonna call me out like this huh. to not step on any toes, i’ll say it was this one time when i was maybe 15. i had a friend that constantly sent herself anon hate (it was very. very obvious it was her.) and then complained abt no one caring but like…………. it was so clearly hER sending them. she also sent them to anyone who tried calling her out on it. it was just a mess tbh.
LEAST FAVORITE GENRE OF WRITING:  i don’t even know if i have one tbh!! i’m really bad with fight scenes though. maybe if i get better i will enjoy them.
LEAST FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN:  yeeeeeah. until dawn.
LEAST FAVORITE THING PEOPLE ASSUME ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER:  i don’t have one for luca yet! one i got a lot with josh (and a previous mentally ill oc i played) was that he needed to be babied because of his illness. it was just irritating and honestly offensive.
OTHER CHARACTERS YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY:  i have sO many oc’s i wanna play.

and, for the bonus round, bold whatever rp-related things appeal to you from the list below!

MUSE PREFERENCES: females / males / canons / ocs / corrupted / good / live action / animated / human / supernatural / other species / hopeless romantic / averse to loveyounger (15-25) / older (25+) / easy for you to relate to / hard for you to relate to.

PLOT IDEAS: accidentally married / affairs / age gaps / angst / apocalypsearranged marriage / boarding school / college roommates / criminals / enemies to lovers / enemies with benefits / exes / fake relationship / fluff / forbidden relationship / friends with benefits / online relationships / pregnancy / prison / professor/student /road trips / rich kids / royalty / smut / supernatural / toxic relationships.

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS IN PLOTS YOU’RE OKAY WITH: abuse / bdsm / daddy kink drinking / drugs / dub-con / gore / incest / kidnapping / murder / non-con / prostitution / stepcest / stockholm syndrome / torture.


— * |  white boys to replace your white boys !

Seeing the same white boys over and over again can get a bit tiring. Thus, I present to you several gorgeous white boys to serve as alternatives to your favorite white boys – Inspired, of course, by the great @hailthehelpful. These faceclaims are in the 20-29 age range. 

  • Jack Kilmer – 21
  • Cameron Monaghan – 22
  • John Karna – 23
  • Ben Rosenfield – 24
  • Lucas Till – 25
  • Jeremy Irvine – 26
  • Brenton Thwaites – 27
  • Nico Tortorella  – 28
  • Matthew Hitt – 29

Age: 22

Birthday: December 22, 1990

Age Range: 16-22

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'2 (1.58 m)

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: Guyanese 

Known For: 

  • Portraying Mara Jaffray on the television show House of Anubis.
  • Former lead singer of the dark pop band the Woowoos.

Gif Directory: x (includes 200+ gifs)


This is definitely a work in progress - at the moment only holding 54 of my favorite faceclaims - but, in time, I wish to have between 500 and 1000 ethnically diverse faceclaims in this list. In order to accomplish that I’ll be adding more and more faceclaims per day. 

Now comes you guys. Please, if you see any mistakes made in this list message me (just be polite about it, remember nobody’s perfect)! I’ll appreciate your help - this is a long, hard process and not all of the information regarding these faces may be correct. If so, tell me and I’ll change it as soon as possible.

If you would like one, two or multiple of your favorite faceclaims added, message me (on anon or not) the following information: their name, gender identity, ethnicity (relating to one in my list - caucasian, black, latinx, biracial, middle eastern, indian, native american, pacific islander or asian), hair color and eye color. I’ll make sure to add these faces as soon as I can.

And, altogether, feel free to use and enjoy the fc directory. It exists to help find unique faces that may match your character more than a cliche one (not that I’m banning cliches from here entirely, I love me some Zayn Malik). 

Thanks, Margo.

CONFESSION :: I am really fucking tired of the way people are so lukewarm about female muses (and especially poc female muses) but they piss themselves over their favorite male faceclaims all of the time. Lady muses deserve better treatment than the majority of rp fandoms provide.