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@schvylerhamilton asked: Rafe Adler or Nathan Prescott?

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my bet is that taem's upcoming jpn concept will be Mass Murder we're all gonna die

thank god I can always trust taemin to bring those concepts we really need. Thanks taemin for finally fulfilling my wish to Die i cant wait to see how it plays out

guys, kara was worried. she was utterly panicking that she was going to fail and lose alex forever. you can see it all over her face, the i can’t do it, i can’t stop it this time. and alex is just, yes you can. alex is calm, she is the unwavering faith that holds kara upright every single day, and the yes you can when she needs it most. alex was the one in danger, and yet there she was looking her sister in the eye and forcing her to believe in herself, because that’s what alex does. kara knows this, felt it in the moments when she thought she would lose her, and realized she couldn’t survive without it. alex’s you got this sis, is absolutely the voice in supergirl’s head when she thinks she’s down for the count, and she gets up every time.


No One Does It Better [Than The Birds of Prey]
A mix for the fabulous ladies of the Birds of Prey who spend their nights kicking butt and taking names.

I. Trouble - Neon Jungle II. Fixin To Thrill - Dragonette III. Don’t Mess With Me - Brody Dalle IV. Search & Destroy - Peaches V. Man On a Wire - Garbage VI. Gun - CHVRCHES VII. The Wreckoning - Boomkat VIII. Because I’m Awesome - The Dollyrots IX - Break The Rules - Charli XCX X. Tigerlily - La Roux XI. Never Say Die - Sleigh Bells

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i trust not One God Damn Person who wants another keith plot line lmao


Kingdom Hearts Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite Trio


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MTVS Epic Rewatch #168

BTVS 6x16 Hell’s Bells

(aka the Xander-and-Anya-were-having-it-way-too-easy-this-season-and-it-was-high-time-they-got-their-lives-ruined episode)

Stray thoughts


WILLOW: Buffy, it’s hideous. Oh my god, Buffy. Look at its arms!
BUFFY: I know. But it’s my duty.

Why did Anya get them these awful dresses, though? That’s such a crappy cliché - the bride having awful bridesmaid dresses made because she’s the only one who can look beautiful at her wedding - and I hate that they had Anya do that. Also, notice that Buffy’s dress is slightly less awful, so I’m guessing Sarah pulled her weight to have it that way.

2) Yet another example of how people in Sunnydale are bound to believe anything in order to remain oblivious of the supernatural.

BUFFY: I just can’t believe everyone bought that story about Anya’s people being circus folk. Did you see the guy with the tentacles? What’s he supposed to be? Inky the Squid Boy?

3) Why did they want these people at their wedding, though? 

WILLOW: And Xander’s family. I haven’t seen them that bad since my bat mitzvah. Ugh, did you see how much they drank?
BUFFY: Kinda. Mr. Harris threw up in my purse

4) Of course, following Anya’s declaration of how that day was the happiest day of her life, we see the going-ons at the Harris’s household… and this is what we get a glimpse of…

  • His uncle Rory half-naked suggesting Xander should use Velcro in his cuffs.
  • His uncle Rory trying to make himself an Irish coffee (in the morning…) and then pretending to get electrocuted.
  • Xander’s father giving him a hard time because he’s not ready yet
  • Xander’s mom guilt-tripping him about her not getting to be in the pictures (why did she think that?)
  • Krelvin recalling how Xander’s father had compared him to his mother-in-law and then proceeded to hit him and insult his heritage
  • Xander’s father making fun of Anya’s whole family
  • Xander’s cousin Carol asking him to get her date with “Kevin” while wearing Xander’s cufflinks as earrings. 

I ask again, why did they want these people at their wedding? Except for Krelvin, he seemed like a cool dude.

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What? This isn’t a thong,” Derrick scoffed as he quickly picked up the lacy red material from his couch, making sure the blanket he so fashionably adorned at the moment was wrapped tightly around him, considering he was not exactly clothed underneath it. ‘And there totally isn’t a married woman upstairs in my bed right now. Nope.’ He thought to himself, but simply cleared his throat, offering the unexpected guest his signature smirk-smile combination. “So, uh, can I get ya anything to eat or drink?”


“It’s the Matt Mercer blow-up doll we’ve been waiting for!”

“…Did you really just say that out loud?”

The Most Epic Reactions to The Most Epic Fan Gift Ever, by Vox Machina (feat. Daran de Paul, Will Friedle and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)