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@schvylerhamilton asked: Rafe Adler or Nathan Prescott?

guys, kara was worried. she was utterly panicking that she was going to fail and lose alex forever. you can see it all over her face, the i can’t do it, i can’t stop it this time. and alex is just, yes you can. alex is calm, she is the unwavering faith that holds kara upright every single day, and the yes you can when she needs it most. alex was the one in danger, and yet there she was looking her sister in the eye and forcing her to believe in herself, because that’s what alex does. kara knows this, felt it in the moments when she thought she would lose her, and realized she couldn’t survive without it. alex’s you got this sis, is absolutely the voice in supergirl’s head when she thinks she’s down for the count, and she gets up every time.


Kingdom Hearts Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite Trio


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No One Does It Better [Than The Birds of Prey]
A mix for the fabulous ladies of the Birds of Prey who spend their nights kicking butt and taking names.

I. Trouble - Neon Jungle II. Fixin To Thrill - Dragonette III. Don’t Mess With Me - Brody Dalle IV. Search & Destroy - Peaches V. Man On a Wire - Garbage VI. Gun - CHVRCHES VII. The Wreckoning - Boomkat VIII. Because I’m Awesome - The Dollyrots IX - Break The Rules - Charli XCX X. Tigerlily - La Roux XI. Never Say Die - Sleigh Bells

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my bet is that taem's upcoming jpn concept will be Mass Murder we're all gonna die

thank god I can always trust taemin to bring those concepts we really need. Thanks taemin for finally fulfilling my wish to Die i cant wait to see how it plays out

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a while ago you did a fic rec list - got any others you like?

oh my, i’m sorry for taking so long to answer this. 


similar to last time, these are just some gems i think deserve all the love. 

1. a kiss to crack stone  [batwingsandblackcats]

oh man, i didn’t realize how into this i was gonna be. i want a full length novel in this world. it’s a oneshot but god damn it feels so immersive that i literally could not stop rereading it for days afterwards. laura and carmilla are so well written and the world seems so complete - cannot recommend highly enough.

2. Dream a Little Dream [fullyajar]

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. this is literally a treasure trove of all my sexual fantasies. it’s hot and emotional and so in character. everything about it just rings so true and it’s hard not to be like “this is canon now, i accept this”. every time i read this, it leaves my jaw on the floor. 

3. On Our Last Leg [queserasarabi]

it’s no shocker that i love me an AU story, but this one is GUHHHH NEXT FUCKING LEVEL. carmilla and laura are so fully realized in this universe, so well rounded and multidimensional; there is humor, there is smut, there is compelling backstory, there is romance, there is the olympics. you couldn’t ask for anything better. i love this oneshot to pieces and it’s the perfect pick me up story.

4. For your sake I have braved the glen [Bellatores]

you ever read something and wish so desperately that someone would make it into a tv show or a film? that’s this fic for me. everything about it feels so cinematic and well paced and i bow down before this author. this is part 2 in a series and while the first part is also immaculate, the second half damn near ruined me.

5. Because You’re Mine, I Walk the Line [laurahhollis]

SHOOOOO YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. this fic spans an entire childhood and good god, does it come in hard with the feels. it aches in all the best ways and feels so real and good and true. the pacing is so well done and the dynamics with the side characters is potentially my favorite from any fic ever. 

okay kids, enjoy the hollstein, sorry this took me six years to answer