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Day Two : Favorite Episode

Luther Braxton ( 21 )

Finally got this done OTL. I loved this episode so much (and I’m not sure why?), and this was heavily referenced from screenshots from the actual episode, as I’m not familiar with drawing these characters yet xD I think I like my first day drawing a little better but eh… On to the next days!

so i’m rewatching “far beyond the stars” and it’s really interesting to think about some of the implications of looking at the ds9 universe as something dreamt up by benny russell

  • first off, he made the woman he loves a space captain with her own ship and her own story/life that is not dependent on his, and that is true love if you ask me
  • he’s punishing willie hawkins by making him a weird-looking alien with a stick up his ass. jokes on you, benny, because I THINK WORF IS STILL LOVABLE
  • ferenghi as space jews = sighing for a million years
  • racist editor pabst is put into the position of cultural other to teach him a lesson
  • badass lady writer kay is made into badass major kira - both are prickly but productive
  • ditzy-seeming, scifi-reading secretary darlene becomes wise, experienced science officer dax which is a really nice acknowledgement of her intelligence 
  • nonchalant, unflappable writer julius is taken down a peg, made into wide-eyed but still capable doctor bashir
  • jimmy becomes way less dangerous jake sisko, now ben’s actual son, in a better position to be influenced and guided

sleeplessbutdreaming  asked:

Lost questions: Three favorite seasons in order? Three Lost OTPs? Three Lost Notps? Three Lost Brotps? Three unpopular opinions about Lost? 3-5 favorite episodes? Have fun!!!

Fave seasons: 2>3>5

Otps: Jack/Kate > Claire/Charlie > Sun/Jin

Notps: Jack/Juliet, Sawyer/Kate, Sayid/Shannon

Brotps: Sawyer/Kate > Claire/Kate > Jin/Michael

Unpopular opinions: The ending was great. Ana Lucía is underrated. John Locke was very selfish to the rest of the group (I still love him tho)

Favorite episodes: The End > Ab Aeterno > The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham > The Man Behind the Curtain > Lockdown.