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Tonight’s episode was absolutely amazing. Like watching the comics. SOOO SOOO SOOO HAPPY that Carl is getting his comic arc. Chandler knocked it out of the park this episode(along with JDM ofc). The chemistry really works. Can’t wait for next week. But first, I must find a more HD picture of Carl’s eye. LOOKS SOO GOOD

First thoughts on Sweet Sixteen

As I write this I am in tears. This was my favorite episode and the most beautiful one yet.

Zayadora was cute as always. Smarkle was adorable and even though I am a Riarkle shipper I would root for Smarkle too. 

The whole Lucas, Smackle, Farkle scene was the sweetest. It kind of bothered me that they skirted around the word “love”. But I also understand that they are still trying to figure this relationship out. 

I found it very interesting that Riley was unsure of her and Lucas, but Lucas made a comment about Riley and Farkle. (I want to go back and really dissect that scene)

The end scene by far is my favorite. I loved that it wasn’t just a yes or no. There are decisions in life that are to be prayed over, thought over, pro/conned over. They aren’t split second yes or no decisions. Life throws us curve balls and through these we grow. It was beautifully done. 

I also just remembered that Maya came full circle. This was a wonderful thing to see. 

On a side note: It is episodes like this one that make me wonder why Disney would EVER think to cancel this show. They are doing a disservice to their audience. For the younger audience to see how Riley and Maya work through this in a world where nothing is permanent and most people don’t stay in the place that they are born in is a wonderful lesson. For the older audience so help us in learning how to help our children through trials like these. Disney company for lack of better words are a bunch of idiots. I am extremely disappointed that this show is not allowed to continue. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 


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Day 8 of the TFP 15 Day Challenge: Favorite Episode

This was really difficult to choose, but for me, Scrapheap is a classic XD It was the first episode I can recall that didn’t feature the Decepticons but I felt it really helped me get to know the humans better. We saw a bit of Raf’s loneliness, the kind that comes from being in a big family and being the smallest voice to be heard, come through during his time with his friends, but then we saw the lengths all three of them would go through for their Bots, no matter how big or small the threat is. We also got a nice nod to the warrior Bulkhead really is and a touch on what kind of conditions could bring even Cybertronians down until they choose to get back up again. The entire episode was essentially about perseverance and that was really nice.

My only complaint is that Optimus never got Raf his snowball :/ 

Day 8: Your Favourite Episode Of Your Favourite Series

I was torn with this one. Invasion is definitely one of my all-time favorite episodes, but I think I’m going to have to go with Tales of the Yokai.

This episode threw me for a loop. We see a young Yoshi, who is a bit arrogant and maybe even somewhat self-absorbed, and a young Saki who is almost (emphasis on almost) likable. Of course, Saki quickly loses any sort of moral ground he might have had by trying to convince Shen to leave Yoshi. And of course the ending to this story is absolutely heartbreaking - brother trying to kill brother, the death of Shen, and the capture of Miwa. As far as the boys, we see them struggle to figure out what is the right thing to do - to kill Saki and end the feud before it begins or allow the events to unfold, knowing the horrible results. Mikey is even swayed into thinking that Saki is maybe not so bad. And of course, that moment with Leo holding baby Miwa is so sweet! Ah yeah, definitely a great episode!