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  • Shenshen: Let's play a game.
  • Galinda: Spin the bottle!
  • Pfannee: It's just girls. Why would we play that?
  • Galinda: Oh, yeah.
  • Shenshen: Okay, first girl to fall asleep gets her bra taken off and frozen.
  • *Pfannee, Shenshen, and Milla squeal with delight*
  • Elphaba: Wait, hold on. How is Galinda's thing weird but then that you're all on board with?
  • Shenshen: Well, it would be weird to play spin the bottle with no boys. It's actually, like, impossible. So what we're going to do is we're going take someone's bra off of their cold, unconscious, sleeping body!
  • Pfannee: Duh!

Andy Karl recalls his favorite moment in Wicked (aka BIG MOOD, ANDY, ME TOO)

“What’s my favorite Fiyero moment in this show? It’s in “As Long as You’re Mine”. I bring Mandy Gonzalez on stage with me in “As Long as You’re Mine” and we kneel down and she just starts to sing and her voice just sort of is like a cascade of wonderment and she’s so beautiful too. I mean, just staring into her eyes, it’s kind of like, one of my favorite moments.”


Day Twenty Seven: Top Eight Favorite Quotes

“You shouldn’t let statements like that bother you. I mean, I always do, but you shouldn’t.” -Elphaba

“Now, lets tell each other a secret that we’ve never told anyone else before. I’ll go first. Fiyero and I are getting married!” -Galinda

“Elphaba, shut up! First of all, I can’t harbor a fugitive- I’m an unelected official!” -Nessarose

“Miss Galinda? I hope you’ll save at least one dance for me. I’ll be waiting right there, right by your side, waiting all night.” -Boq

“Maybe the driver saw green and thought it meant go.” -Fiyero

“Oh Miss Elphaba, if it were only a matter of words on a chalkboard. But the things one hears these days… dreadful things.” -Doctor Dillamond

“Smile, wave… and shut up!” -Madame Morrible

“Since once I had my own day in the sky, I say everyone deserves the chance to fly!” -The Wizard

congratulotions  asked:

random question: who are your favorite glinda and elphaba actresses, and why? (also this blog brings me great joy. thank you for giving us the good gelphie content we deserve)

(Ayyy i’m just glad I have a place where my gelphie feels and rambles are appreciated *finger guns*) 

I’ve talked about my faves before, but not so much why they are my faves so here goes:

Katie Rose Clarke is my favorite Glinda. I don’t know how she’s done it, because I usually don’t have a favorite performer. But I do, and it’s her. KRC!Galinda believes in her own goodness, which works really well for the stage version. She’s innocent, sweet, and by all means good. It makes sense why she keeps getting called ‘good’ by everyone around her. She’s also secretly a dork (WHICH IS TOTALLY GLINDA LBR). Even when she’s supposed to be mean to Elphaba, (”she’s phosphorescent” “the artichoke is steamed”) it comes across more as an Observation (although tacky)  than it’s actually meant to hurt Elphaba. 

But what I appreciate most about KRC, is she takes her goddamn time to let moments hit. With the dance scene, she lets it sink in how this is such an important and difficult decision for Galinda. She takes her time letting the words “you’re beautiful” hit. She is ONE OF THE TOUCHIEST GLINDA’S OUT THERE! That’s always a plus. 

AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN TALKED THE SECOND ACT MY FRIEND!!!! Katie Rose Clarke, first and foremost, is the angstiest Glinda ever. It’s painful. It’s heartbreaking. No other Glinda can convey the emotion of Thank Goodness better than KRC. It was like it was fucking made for her. After Elphaba’s death, she isn’t just sad, she’s fucking bitter and that’s exactly what adult Glinda is all about. She’s bitter. She’s only pushing through because that’s Elphaba’s wish. But even in scenes like NOWTM it’s written all over her how much she only doing this for Elphaba… if you know where to look

I could literally talk for hours about all the decisions she made. I actually had to cut some of it out bc it was getting too long. I just. I LOVE HER OKAY!?

Very honorary mentions of other Glindas I absolutely adore: Kara Lindsay (I know she’s your fav, and I agree, she’s awesome!), Megan Hilty, Annaleigh Ashford, and even though I’ve only ever heard her perfomance, I think I’d also very much dig Suzie Mathers’ Glinda. 

Come to think of it, my interpretation comes closer to most West End Glindas, than Broadway ones. This is mostly a cultural difference. Because in the US The Blonde trope is closer to “popular, shallow, dumb” whilst in the UK The Blonde trope is “classist, rich, spoiled, bratty, arrogant” which is waaay more Glinda-esque. Like the only West End Glindas I’ve seen are Sarah Earnshaw, Gina Beck and Suzie Mathers, and I think they’re all great, even tho I am a very specific about my Glindas. 

Not so much with Elphabas! (awesome segue) What I like about the role is that it can be pretty stylized, and that’s what keeps the role new and refreshing. I have talked before that I prefer my Elphabas to be rough around the edges (you got some who play her soft and innocent and NOPE), but here goes anyway.

Elphabas that I absolutely love to death in alphabetical order so it doesn’t look like I show any bias because I genuinely love all these ladies equally and for different reasons:

  • Eden Espinosa GAWDD She’s so good. I just. Yes. YES! I need to rewatch her some more so I can been more specific but YES!
  • Emmy Raver-Lampman deserves all the FREAKING LOVE okay!? She’s a deadpan Elphaba and sings like a goddess. What more do you need in life?
  • Donna Vivino this lady can SIIINNGGGG. Her Elphie is smol and bitter and angry and I love it. There’s also this one bootleg where she goes “As you can seeee~ she’s a PERFECTLY normal color!” and she accidentally kind of sings the “see” and sometimes I just replay that tiny bit because I love that line delivery so so much. 
  • Jennifer DiNoia is just an all-rounder Elphaba. Really good singer and actress and it shows how long she’s been with the role and how much she loves playing Elphaba. 
  • Lindsay Mendez look. okay. I haven’t been able to watch a bootleg of her in which she’s Elphaba. But I rewatch Fly Girl on the regular, and I’ve suffered through Dog Fight for her so I’m pretty sure I’ll love her Elphaba once I find a bl of her
  • Mandy Gonzalez so far the only real softie Elphaba I enjoy. She’s soft but bitter. Also she’s the only actress who gave me sibling Nessa&Elphie feels. She. WOW. I did not expect for her to rip my heart out, but I love
  • Rachel Tucker listen. when. Tucker. GROWLS. in her songs. I. Am. LIVING. also she looks exceptionally pretty in green, even tho all these women look gorgeous in green BUT SHE LOOKS SO GOOD IN GREEN!?!? I’m still furious she wasn’t allowed to talk with her gorgeous accent and she’s also just a genuinely good actress with a lot of passion that comes across really well on stage.
  • Stephanie J. Block I’ve only watched her bootleg once bc the camera quality is pretty bad but SHE’S SO GOOD!!! Also love love LOVED her in Falsettos and 9 to 5.
  • Willemijn Verkaik I mean, do I have to mention why? We all know why!

Also, I know you didn’t ask this, but there’s only one and I mean ONE Fiyero that genuinely charmed me and that is Derrick Williams. He’s does the most with the little that’s given to him and he’s actual a man of colour like Fiyero should be. My musical!Fiyero scale goes somewhere between “you’ve nice line delivery. thanks for that” to “i skip your scenes bc you’re an insufferable brat” but Derrick is the only Fiyero I look forward to seeing. He makes me get why every Ozian is so enarmored with Fiyero. Also he somehow managed to give me fiyeraba feelings???? ME!! one of THE biggest gelphie shippers out there. I mean, that’s impressive buddy. Well played. well played indeed!


Last night, I hit my 50th Wicked. I try not to talk about my number that much. But this is a special occasion. It’s such a beautiful and powerful show, and I love it so so much. It inspires me as much as it did the first time, and it’s still just as funny and charming.

In addition, Jessica Vosk and Ginna Claire Mason are giving absolute powerhouse performances. Jessica MIGHT just be my favorite Elphaba ever, Ginna Claire certainly isn’t far from the top of my list for Glinda either. And each time I see them, they make me feel like an old friend.

50 was magical on its own. But we ended up with these seats because we lost the lottery. We got seats that would normally cost $129 for $40 because we lost the lottery. BEST deal ever. The ‘we’ I am referring to is my boyfriend, who made his third trip to Oz last night (voluntarily!!!!) and his niece and nephew who have never seen a Broadway show. It was a really lovely experience.

My Ideal Wicked Movie Cast (and explanations)

We all know, and hope dearly, that a Wicked movie is in the works.  I have seen many casting options for various roles, and I have a list of my own!

First of all, the wicked one herself, Elphaba:

Now I know people will give me grief about Lea Michele playing Elphaba (as she has already sung many of Elphaba’s songs while starring in Glee).  However, she has a fantastic voice, we know she can act, and she looks the part!  An alternate role for Lea Michele would be Nessarose.

Next up, the bubbly G(a)linda :

I have always thought that Megan Hilty would make the perfect Glinda.  And not only because she’s played her before (and she was darn good when she did).  I chose her because she has Glinda’s most important features - her bubbly, bouncy, witty side and her operatic and dramatic side - all while looking the part.

The leading hunk of the Ozdust Ballroom, Fiyero :

Corey Cott is one hot hot HOT dude.  I mean, just look at that face!  He has recently been on Broadway in the revival of Gigi, so we know he can sing, dance, and act.  Although the fans all want Aaron Tveit to reprise the role in the film, I think a fresh face would bring new character developments to our already beloved Fiyero.

Oh awkward and lovable one, Boq :

Boq has always been the awkward little gem of the show!  And who else was the awkward gem of his most recent Pitch Perfect movies??  That’s right : Ben Platt!  He’s got the awk, he’s got the charm, he’s got the voice.  What more could you want from a movie Boq?

The tragically beautiful Nessarose :

One feature that both Nessarose and Anna Kendrick share is a voice that sounds like a bell!  Nessarose needs to be a strong singer (check), a phenomenal actress (check), and lovable to the audience (check)!  An alternate role for Anna Kendrick would be Elphaba.

Now we have our sheepish teacher, Doctor Dillamond :

Okay now hear me out, yes I know Johnny Depp just played an animal character in Into the Woods.  However, I believe that the unique persona that he could bring to the character of Doctor Dillamond would be an interesting flare to the character.  Plus, we know he can act like an absolute pro!

The wistful woman herself, Madame Morrible :

There’s no character that Meryl Streep cannot play.  We all know this.  This is common knowledge.  We know she can sing as well.  And with the pounds of Madame Morrible makeup, she could also perfectly look the part.  Case closed.

The man, the myth, the legend, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz :

Would Alan Cumming not make the perfect Wizard of Oz?  A huge history of both Broadway and film, a lovable personality that he could easily fuse with the Wizard’s character, and he looks the part (although not as old as the original character is to be thought - which is okay by me).

Now, Wicked fans everywhere would be thoroughly disappointed if the original lead cast members were not involved with the project.  So I’ve found a way to bring our lovely original Broadway leading ladies and the handsome leading man into the film cast!  Here we go…

IDINA MENZEL - Melena (Elphaba’s mother)

Yes, yes I know, she’s already played Lea Michele’s mother before.  But who cares?!  She plays it damn well!  And it’s the perfect way to bring her into the movie!


In the beginning of the story, Melena gives birth to her green daughter.  And who is right there helping deliver the child?  The kooky Midwife!  And who’s kookier than Kristin?!

NORBERT LEO BUTZ - Frex (Governor of Munchkinland)

He spoils Nessarose, his favorite daughter, and keeps Elphaba in check.  He’s the reason for the famous jeweled slippers.  And he’s a role in the movie that must be filled!  Why not by a Wicked native?

Well that’s all!  I hope you enjoy this cast!  Feel free to share your thoughts with me via reblog or message (messaging or fan mail)!

Let’s hope for the best!

ginnaclaire: Three years ago, I was studying abroad in London and a friend surprised me with tickets to see WICKED. I vividly remember @racheltucker01 being my favorite Elphaba I had ever seen, and TODAY I made my Broadway debut with this wonderful, beautiful, talented lady by my side every step of the way. Thank you, Rachel!! Xoxo