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Other groups/solo artists: I like a lot of groups but my mains are BTS, Got7, NCT, Astro and SF9
UB: Jung Hoseok King of dancing and being the sun
UB bias wrecker: Jackson
Personal blogs: Hobiswang
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Bra size: 34D I believe
Hobbies: Watching gaming videos (Achievement Hunter and Markiplier)/playing games, watching dramas
Games: GTA V and Pokémon
Favorite American artists/bands: Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars
Favorite food(s): Chicken
Favorite drink(s): Lemonade and Sprite
Favorite color(s): Red Pink and Blue
Favorite animal(s): Dogs and Lions
Favorite anime(s): uhhhhh does Pokémon count
3 facts about me: I have 2 dogs and a tortoise, I was in band, and I help the Vet Tech at the humane society.

K.A.R.D Announces Release Of Mysterious New Hidden Track

K.A.R.D Announces Release Of Mysterious New Hidden Track

External image

It looks like our favorite co-ed quartet will return with a special hidden track!

It was announced through K.A.R.D’s official Twitter account that at 12 a.m. KST on March 2, the group will unveil a hidden track for “Don’t Recall,” volume two of the K.A.R.D Project.


Not much is known about the new song yet, but judging by how well both…

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“ Look what we’ve done to you. You’ve got one foot in the grave and your Father has never so much as looked back. Why do you follow him?

Anonymous asked : Favorite Anime Characters

I kinda lost all the motivation for this one, since I wasn’t very happy with it to start with, but thought I’d share it anyway since I bothered to do the lineart– I’m deep in Gotham season 3 hell right now and I’m losing my shit thanks to these two………………