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Downton Abbey Coloring Book


Gwen Burns

Sizzle Press

May 2, 2017 

 Relive your favorite characters, scenes, and quotes from the popular Downton Abbey television series in this beautiful and detailed coloring book.

“You’ll find there’s never a dull moment in this house.” —Violet

Just as there’s never a dull moment in Downton Abbey, there’s also never a dull moment in this coloring book. For those missing the Crawleys, eager fans can now experience the delight of the Downton Abbey Coloring Book, created for fans to revisit the romance, excitement, and elegance of the series they grew to love. Enjoy hours of re-creating the memorable world of Downton Abbey by coloring in the many intricate, beautiful drawings.

Set to become an instant favorite, this coloring book is filled with ninety-six pages of black-and-white illustrations, providing a reminder of some of the series’ compelling story lines, enviable fashions, and stunning scenery. Each iconic image is accompanied by a witty, heartfelt, or amusing remark from the show’s host of unique characters that will make you want to rewatch the TV series with this coloring book in hand!


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→ Violet Crawley [Downton Abbey]

i feel like i love kevin day a lot more than is healthy but i will continue to talk about him

do you think kevin and allison would be good friends? i can totally see allison giving kevin makeovers on a regular basis so she can test out makeup and stuff without having to take off her own (because makeup remover is a bitch)

when there’s a lot of drama sometimes allison just drags kevin to her room and pulls about a bottle of vodka and a movie and is like. “listen bitch. we’re gonna chill whether u like it or not.” they probably marathon downton abbey at one point. their favorite character is lady mary

ever since he got his queen tattoo allison makes queen jokes all the time and at first kevin is sorta irritated by it but eventually she isn’t even joking. like once when kevin makes a really good goal allison just shouts “YAS QUEEN” 


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