favorite deancas moments

Favorite Dean/Castiel Moments: 1/10

»If there is anything worth dying for - this is it.«

This is that one huge moment. Castiel takes a leap of faith, because Dean shook him with all the things he said. He convinced him that what Castiel believed all his life, and that means for millenia, might not be so right after all. Castiel risks everything, he turns against his own brothers… and if that’s not a beautiful and amazing moment for Dean and Castiel, I don’t know what is.


Favorite DeanCas moments: Season 4 [6/7]
        ↳ 4.02. Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester: "I am not here to perch on your shoulder.“


Again, I´m in the making of Favorite Destiel Moment.
I found another thing that I can’t ovoid to share.



This is Dean Winchester, the hunter, the warrior the one who killed hitler and the death itself.
And what is particularly special about this frame?
He is enunciating the name of his Buddy Cas.

Carry on please, nothing to see here.