favorite dc women

So I’ve seen Wonder Woman twice now and I have to say, watching it as a bi woman is truly a mind blowing experience. I mean you’ve got Gal Gadot…you’ve got Chris Pine…you’ve got Gal Gadot eating ice cream in the adorable side bun/hat…you’ve got the island of wlw warriors who would kick my ass…you’ve got Gal Gadot rocking The Dress while also ready to fight (that sword somehow in her back!?!)…like 1000000/10 would highly recommend being bi and watching Wonder Woman. My life is finally looking up now, thank you Patty Jenkins 💗💜💙


These adorable couples just make my heart melt so much.

I dunno why but the question made me laugh… Yes, I love slash pairings above everything else but uuuugh these couples just make me go…

They’re all just so beautiful. (´∀`)♡

Here’re a few other more of my favorite thiiings!
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