favorite cp moments

anonymous asked:

Favorite nerdy/cute CP moments?

OMG YES there’s like way too many to count, but here are a few of my faves!

Let’s start with this adorableness during the second victory tour game against Brazil:

wtf her smile could cure cancer???

next there’s the time she yelled out “Alright cubs fans, lemme hear ya!” before singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame (#adorkable):

throwback moment when she danced with Kling and I died 😂😂:

after she got a trivia question right and celebrated like a 5 year old:

that time when she chilled with the American Outlaws and became The Little Drummer Girl™️ :

when she couldn’t get her dogs to sit still for this interview:

#that’s too many balls:

awk moment when CP never heads the ball (even for a commercial lol):

when they showed pics of Chris as a kid on TV and she was like “lol r u srs rn”:

when she *highkey* cracked up in the middle of this post-game conference for no reason:

and lastly this (which has made me add “getting Christen to sign my bra” to my bucket list):