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10 of my favorite Korean drama couples

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Valentine’s day is coming up, so here are my 10 favorite Korean drama couples. (in no particular order)

Hong Nan Hee & Byung Hyung Tae - 9 Ends 2 Outs

If I had to choose my favorite couple of all time, Nan He and Hyung Tae would take the title. These two best friends turned lovers are still making my heart pound whenever I watch 9 Ends 2 Outs. Their knowledge and understanding of one another, as well as their constant need to protect each other was wonderfully portrayed. And Soo Ae’s chemistry with Lee Jung Jin was so on point I wondered if they didn’t date in real life.

Ban Ji Yoon & Yoon Dong Ha - A Witch’s Romance

Noona Romance are not new in kdramas but this one is probably my favorite. It was heartbreaking to watch Ban Ji Yoon fight her feelings for Dong Ha because of their 14-year old gap, but the mature take on the subject made it worth it. Plus, their kiss scenes were just too hot.

Na Bong Sun & Kang Sun Woo - Oh My Ghost

These two are just too cute. Introvert Bong Sun and top chef Sun Woo didn’t look like they were ever going to fall in love but thankfully our ghost Soon Ae helped a little. I particularly love how Sun Woo just can’t resist Na Bong cuteness. 

 Kim Bok Joo & Jung Joon Hyung - Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo

A fan favorite and probably the best couple of 2016, Bok Joo and Joon Hyung have brought to light a realistic portrayal of a couple and their relationship. From strangers, to friends, to lovers they’ve showed us how a relation based on respect, communication and trust can work.

Cheon Song Yi & Do Min Joon - You Who Came From The Stars

If these two aren’t the definition of opposites that attracts I don’t know who could be. Using one of my favorite trope, neighbors/cohabitation, Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon’ love story was stellar. 

Choi Hee Jin & Kim Bong Do - Queen In Hyun’s Man

Another opposite attracts kind of story, Choi Hee Jin and Kim Bong Do made my heart pound and break and pound again. The idea that love is timeless and that 400 years of distance is not such an issue was one of my favorites out of all the love stories. 

Yoon Myeong Joo & Seo Dae Young - Descendants of the Sun

Set in the military, the obstacle they faced wasn’t just your usual parents disapproval. Seo Dae Young’ struggle to follow orders while trying to keep Yoon Myeong Joo from hurting was heart wrenching. But it’s Yoon Myeong Joo’ stubbornness that made this couple so lovable. This and their beautiful theme song.

Jang Dan Bi & Lee Do - Splash Splash Love

It was only two episodes but these two gave me feelings that some couples haven’t been able to do in 20 episodes. Their love story was short lived but so sweet that it will be remembered for eternity.  

Grim Reaper & Sunny - Goblin

Definitely the couple with the most painful story on this list, Wang Yeo and Sunny made cry like a baby. To be exact, it’s the innocent and slow approach this couple took only to find out the ugly truth that made cry. Like hurting in one life is already awful but can you imagine it being your destiny? Granted their reincarnation did get a happily ever after but it wasn’t the same. 

Go Eun Chan & Choi Han Gyeol - Coffee Prince

I love these two because not only did they do the romance but they also did the bromance. Their love story was really one that transcended genders, which was quite a feature for Korean drama. Han Gyeol struggle to understand his feelings for Eun Chan, followed by his acceptance of the situation gave me so many feelings. 

One thing all these couple have in common is how much they loved each other, they might not have made the best decisions all the time but their love is so big that it blinded me several times. 

On this note, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day whether you are in a relationship or single. For those of you who are in relationship, enjoy your time with your significant other. For those you who are single (like me) don’t feel desperate and just enjoy the day with yourself or your friends. Finally for those of you who don’t celebrate/care about Valentine’s Day…have a wonderful tuesday :)

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo - Final Thoughts

It’s official - this is one of my favorite shows and favorite couples of all time. In fact, I love (almost) all of the characters. It is one of the best coming-of-age shows out there, because it shows the process of growing up in a way that feels real and organic, but there is genuine payoff to the lessons along the way. The show also managed to never succumb to the dreaded mid-episodes slump or to utter boredom after the OTP finally gets together. I’m sure if I thought about it I could find a few complaints along the way, but they are vastly overshadowed by the positives.

As for the OTP, if only every boyfriend in the world were like Jung Joon-hyung. He is imperfect and still learning, but that only helps to sell him as a real person rather than mere wish-fulfillment. I also love the Bok-joo is not perfect as a person or a girlfriend. All too often, dramas fall into a pattern where a nearly perfect (or if she’s “ugly” it’s because they stuck glasses on a model-gorgeous woman and tried to convince us she’s ugly), long-suffering but never complaining woman gains the love of an asshole mostly for putting up with him. In this case, Bok-joo is awesome but not perfect, and Joon-hyung loves her just as she is. They will continue to be two imperfect people who love each other no matter what and will learn to be better, together.

Thank you to everyone who made this show a great ride.

gowther  asked:


  • Why I like them
    • King is lazy and cute but he’s also incredibly protective of the ones he loves. I love how his power gets stronger when he’s protecting his loved ones, it just goes to show how truly selfless he is. He only has a few people that mean a lot to him (and he’s almost lost them all), but he cares a lot for them!
  • Why I don’t (I hate this question bc I don’t even dislike anything about my faves)
    • King used to be my all-time favorite, but he dropped down a couple spots in the list after the other characters got a bit more development. I guess he makes some pretty impulsive decisions sometimes which obviously aren’t the best, like fighting Meliodas under the assumption that Mel was helping the demon clan, leaving the fairy forest to save Helbram, attempting to straight up murder Ban because he thought he killed Elaine, etc. 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
    • I’ve been including the manga in this question as well. Episode 19 is a definite fave of mine, because it explores so much about his past and it’s so damn heartwrenching. I’m also a huge fan of when he fights the albion by himself to save his forest immediately after the fairies all rejected him as their king. It refers back to the protective and selflessness thing I mentioned earlier.
  • Favorite line
    • “I’m a selfish king. So I want to protect the forest, my people, Diane, everything!
  • Favorite outfit
    • well
    • he only wears one
    • just using this as an excuse to post this image:
  • OTP
    • King x Diane (Kiane)
  • Brotp
    • King and Helbram
  • Head Canon
    • Whenever he’s alone, sometimes he puts on his helmet and talks to Helbram, asking him for advice, telling him about his day, etc.
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Don’t have one!
  • A wish
    • Same thing I had for Diane, pretty much. I want them to complete the training with Gloxinia and Dolor and hopefully they can develop their connection after that. Also, I want to see King’s reaction to Elaine’s possible second death, and more Helbram conversations.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    • I don’t want King to truly confess to Diane until she has her memories back. This should be, like…a given, I guess, but I’m still worried. Their relationship isn’t a fraction of what it’s supposed to be when Diane doesn’t remember. I don’t think this will happen, but I had to write something here.
  • 5 words to best describe them
    • Protective
    • Tenacious
    • Lethargic
    • Judgmental
    • Compassionate
  • My nickname for them
    • No nickname

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See ya — [ShikaTema fluff]

“I’ll see you soon.” Shikamaru mumbled stopping at Konoha’s gates where Temari’s brother stood waiting.

She was quiet for a moment, her teal eyes roaming his face.

Parting ways with her was never easy. But of course, he knew this is what he signed up for when he asked her out. She lived in another village, a village thats three days of walking away.

They saw each other from time to time, Temari was Suna’s ambassador, she visited Konoha at least once a month.

“Shikamaru, I’ll see you….” Temari paused, “in twenty six days.”

Shikamaru nodded, a small smile appearing on his face because that was so Temari. “Well, thats very specific.”

Temari shrugged. “I suppose.”

They stood closely for another awkward moment. Shikamaru wanted to give her a farewell kiss but with Kankuro standing nearby, he resisted.

Temari though, wasn’t pleased with that. “It’s not like he’s gonna attack you if you kissed your girlfriend.”

Shikamaru rolled his eyes. “My girlfriend is his sister.”

Temari pursed her lips before grabbing his face and smashing her lips to his.

Shikamaru’s eyes widened in shock but he quickly recovered and kissed her back. He heard the guards whistle and Kankuro cleared his throat.

Temari kissed him for a few more seconds before pulling away and grinning at him. “There, now I can go.”

Shikamaru stared at her in wonder, his breath rapid before nodding speechlessly.

“See ya.” And with that she turned to her brother and started walking away.

“Hey Temari,” He called after her, having found his voice.

She turned her body just enough to look at him, her beautiful teal eyes sparkling.

“See ya.” He said grinning helplessly and she gave him a beautiful smile, one that made his heart skip a beat.

“See ya.” She nodded one last time before turning back to her brother.

He watched her until she was out of sight.

"Why do I ship Apritello?"

Because they’re perfect! just look at these two:

since the first episode, there was a spark:


maybe not at first…

But as time went on…

They got closer together…

of course there’s the sad part in the season 2 premiere..

(image not available due to feels)

But April returned, and then…

It began again…


the kisses were many…

And even though there’s other ships,

Apritello will always be…

My favorite couple.

of all time.

thank you Nickelodeon.