favorite couple to ever couple


I love you. I am in love with you. I will love you forever. No matter what. I’m yours. Okay? I’m yours.


“Sam, we can’t just keep ignoring this. I know you’re angry, but maybe this isn’t really a bad thing…”

“What?! It’s not a bad thing that I can’t even look you in the eye anymore? You are my best friend Y/N, and I screwed it up.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be best friends anymore Sam.”

“What the hell does th-”

“Sam! What we had that night… I want that. The two of us, together.”

i really hate the argument that Hussie abandoned the idea of wrapping up any character arcs because “real people dont have character arcs”

hes not writing real actual people that exist in real life, hes writing kids that we’ve seen grow up and face conflict and keep going

why write rose’s alcoholism if you are just going to handwave it away

why write dirk’s whole fucking deal if he’s never shown maturing and overcoming his urges to completely fuck with everyone constantly

why even write the combosprites if their entire existence is just for a couple of one off gags, and then completely forgotten about

why write characters with clearly defined conflicts and then tell us that no they arent characters and we dont deserve to see how they overcame the conflicts to obtain happiness

"How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple?"--Maya Hart

…but it just stood out to me. In Yearbook when Maya and Lucas are voted favorite couple Maya says “How could anybody ever see me and LUCAS as a couple?” When I rewatched the episode it just kind of stood out to me that she called him Lucas instead of Ranger Rick, Huckleberry, Hopalong, etc.

I kinda just feel like if she was actually annoyed because it was stupid or found it ridiculous she would have said something a bit more sarcastic. She was just kind of surprised didn’t really show much to good or bad, just surprised.

We all know Maya has liked Lucas for a while, so it’s no surprise that she wasn’t disgusted by this. What IS surprising is that she DIDN’T cover up with insults, sarcasm, humor, etc. She used to try to hide most of her feelings from everyone for Riley’s benefit, but something just in the way she said it here. She was surprised, a little confused and caught off guard, but she DIDN’T say something like “Ew me and Huckleberry as a couple?!”(for example). She just asked unsure because…everyone sees them as a couple? That’s news to her. She thought they were all gunning for the Rucas summer rain, but they were actually shipping “Lucaya Fiyah”.

Basically the fact that she said LUCAS instead of a nickname, how she didn’t make a joke or use sarcasm, how she didn’t turn off her feelings for Riley’s benefit just for a split second. And how she wasn’t disgused or annoyed, but simply surprised/shocked and confused.


Sugar Pie Honey Bunch 

Shout out to frozen musings​ for introducing me to my new OTP.  She posted a link to a scene from this movie, and I just fell in love.  Honestly, I would have NEVER have given this movie the time of day. The film has pretty bad reviews overall, and I’m not expecting much from it when it comes out on DVD. But gosh, this couple. They have got to be one of my favorite couples ever.  With one of the prettiest duets I’ve ever heard.

Take some time, and watch this scene. You’ll fall in love. xx