favorite cookies in the whole universe

i think this is my favorite screenshot of lapis. idk why? it’s just like…something about her expression…and the way her hair is drawn. i just really loved the way lapis was drawn in this scene so much??? i liked how she was drawn for the whole episode but i thought this scene in particular where they wash mayor dewey’s truck was really well drawn and animated

Positive thoughts and hugs!

Hello everyone! I know I don’t have many followers, but I just wanted all of you to know that you deserve to feel loved. I think you’re pretty great, so you should love yourselves!

So here, have some hugs! And yeah after the first few it’s under a read more for long-ness to not clog your dash, but please click the read more so you can see the rest of your hugs!

Rather awkward Lars hug haha the first hug in the whole series involves Lars

“They canceled my ice cream” freezer hug and the second hug ever features an inanimate object what is this show

“My baby almost died and our faces are weird!” hug 

“New Lion friiiiiieeeeend” hug

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What probably happened before "Gem Glow"
  • Sapphire: Oh no.
  • Ruby: What's wrong, Sapphire?
  • Sapphire: They're discontinuing Cookie Cats!
  • Ruby: WHAT!?! THOSE ARE STEVEN'S FAVORITES!!! We have to do something about this!
  • Sapphire: *looks further into the future* I see that Cookie Cats will return.
  • Ruby: YES!
  • Sapphire: But not until February.
  • Ruby: THAT'S NOT SOON ENOUGH! He's a pet for your tummy and he left his family behind, Sapphire! Wait, I HAVE AN IDEA!
  • Garnet: Gems! We have a new mission of utmost importance!
  • *later, during the episode*
  • Amethyst: We went out and stole a bunch!
  • Pearl: I went back and paid for them.
  • Garnet: The whole thing was my idea.

honestly today is the first day of fall and I’ve always been very superstitious and a firm believer in like universal shifts based on arbitrary guidelines like full moons and seasons changing and years changing etc. It might be stupid but it’s been working well my whole life. I already feel so much better about things. this summer was BULLSHIT. last night my favorite people on earth all came over and we baked Halloween cookies and drank pumpkin beer and listened to cheesy Halloween songs and decorated the whole house for October. I felt really really good and happy and hopeful. it finally feels less humid out and the sky seems bluer and I can actually physically feel that things getting better.