favorite comics of 2013


One of my favorite comics nobody read was the 2013 Thunderbolts Annual. Acker and Blacker took over Thunderbolts to finish up the current run with #27 and it has been a lot of fun, but this was the preview of sorts where WAND, the magic department of SHIELD, sends the Thunderbolts on a mission to kill Doctor Strange who is making the world happy (in the bad way) so they have to steal magic items from everyone in the Marvel Universe - including Elsa Bloodstone (Bloody White Stripes).

from Thunderbolts Annual 2013

by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker and art by Matteo Lolli with color by James Campbell

Currently there is one more new issue to come out if I remember correctly and the current/final arc has been Punisher vs all of the Thunderbolts so if you want to see Punisher in a giant robot punching out Red Hulk you are in luck.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I has a question... My comic book ignorance knows absolutely no bounds but I want to start reading them. I'd really like to start 616 but I honesty have no idea what that even means. I was wondering if you had any recommendations? I'd really like to read Tony's comic most. Also Steve's and Tasha, Clint, Bucky and yeah. But mostly Tony. Tony is my baby. Any recommendations on where to start?

ok so the first thing to know about comics is that it seems hella daunting at first. you’ll never find a comic fan who’s read literally every comic there is and knows every single issue inside out and if there are i salute them but they’re probably 80 and have heaps of time on their hands. you’re allowed to start wherever you want, read whatever you want and alternatively not read whatever you want. the lists you find on tumblr or other comic sites are just guides.

from a quick google search here’s some quick lists for clint, natasha, bucky

the main titles i would recommend for them are respectively: HAWKEYE (2012-present) which is the famous matt fraction run you’ve probably heard/seen everywhere, BLACK WIDOW (2014-present) with the gorgeous art by phil noto and i’m not 100% sure of this but CAPTAIN AMERICA V5 #8-14 (2005-6) seems to be the place to start for modern winter soldier.

for steve and tony there’s a very recent combined list by the wonderful sakuratsukikage here and an older one by slaniasong here. some guides on steve and tony individually.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: MAN OUT OF TIME (2011) is the best place to start with steve and it’s the only cap comic i’ve read so far, with the added bonus of the adorable first time steve meets iron man and then mr. stark and they have this meet cute with adventures to the smithsonian. 

IRON MAN: EXTREMIS (2007), aka the comic that iron man 3 totally butchered (gold star for ‘u tried’ mcu) is where i’d go first for tony. it’s fantastic, it’s the beginning of essentially the modern era of iron man in the comics and it’s one of the best iron man runs to date with beautiful art and great storytelling. next up is INVINCIBLE IRON MAN (2008-2012) by matt fraction before he went on to do hawkeye. again, beautiful art, and modern iron man. also definitely read DEMON IN A BOTTLE (IRON MAN V1 #128, 1979). arguably one of the defining cornerstones of iron man comics and extremely famous in it’s own right in comic history.

personal favorite: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #4 (2013) which is here because it’s one of THE happiest times we see tony after a lot of the post-civil war and siege of norman osborn bullshit. there might be a couple before and after that, he also makes an appearance later on but reading the entire volume is a lot of fun away because the guardians is gr9/

for tony and steve more generally, in conjunction with various avengers line-ups, there’s AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (2012-present), NEW AVENGERS V1 (2005-6). for extremely shippable material: AVENGERS WORLD V1 #1-3 (2014) and best beloved AVENGERS: PRIME #1-5 (2010). 

then ofc there’s CIVIL WAR (2006-7). download links included. you’ll find more info on events like siege and secret invasion and original sin in the links or on marvel’s website but you can take a look through the tags if you want to see where tony, steve or stevetony come into recent events with marvel. 

i haven’t even mentioned retro comics which is everything from AVENGERS V1 (1963-68) but those comics are full of really great tony and steve stuff. refer to my FAQ for a few links on that. 

if you need links to downloads please have a google first but if you can’t find anything, don’t be afraid to send me another ask. i torrent my comics but i’d be happy to have a look for you/post your ask so others can comment with links.

happy reading!