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jimmy in msi’s early years: angsty, edgy, drinks his own pee, doesn’t give a fuck, embraces hate, continually screaming 24/7

jimmy today: uses words like “astounding,” almost passes out when he meets his favorite comic book artist, goes on instagram just to tell fifteen and a half thousand people that he thinks the greyhound bus logo looks sad

happy sciles day! 1k+ of mutual pining + soulmates

Stiles gets it first, of the two of them. 

Like everyone else on the planet, waiting to see their soulmate’s name for the first time, he stays up until midnight to his eighteenth birthday. Scott had just spent an awesome day (he’d been planning it for months, shh) taking Stiles to his favorite comic book artist’s very rare book signing, and then came back to Beacon Hills to have dinner with Stiles and his dad. Scott stays over after, laughing and joking with Stiles as usual like any other of his sleepovers, except there’s a hint of nervousness in the air as they wait for midnight. All the presents have long been unwrapped– a lumpy sweater from Stiles’ grandma, a few cards and stuff from classmates, and the new videogame that Scott camped out for two days in secret just because Stiles halfheartedly mentioned it three months ago.

Stiles is looking intently at his wrist, laughing and joking that it might be Lydia Martin (except they both know Lydia got her soulmark last week and already is making plans to move to France to search for her soulmate). Scott sits up, hoping the supportive best-friend face he practiced in the mirror is good enough. 

It’s always a game-changer, once people find out who their soulmates are. Scott knows this, even with his own birthday coming up soon, that while people can and do fall in love with others before they know the name of their most compatible– most people hold the name with special regard, dedicating their young adult life to finding their soulmate. 

“Oh, here it is!” Stiles says brightly, and Scott can see the beginnings of the magical black ink swirling and forming into someone’s handwriting. Someone lucky enough who Stiles will want to have for the rest of his life. 

It’s okay, Scott thinks, maybe it will be even easier. Hiding the fact that he’s in love with his best friend, that is. 

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Finally got around to painting my door! Skottie Young is one of my favorite comic book artists and I am so loving Spider-Gwen, really loved his variant cover, so now it’s on my door :)

So unbelievably happy this past weekend, so just want to mention a few things:
I finished my Red Robin cosplay! Literally since starting cosplaying, I have wanted to make Red Robin’s suit. Tim Drake is my favorite comic book character, so I’ve always tried to complete his various suits–but I never thought I had the skills for this costume. I’m so glad it’s 90% finished (working on cowl still) you don’t even know.

marcusto ended up reblogging my first official photo of it, and holy crap, I just about died. He is, without a doubt, my FAVORITE comic book artist ever. So, as you can imagine, I was completely blown away by his acknowledgment! Thank you so, so much, Marcus! I’m still saving up for some of your artwork, and I WILL (fingers crossed infinitely) be meeting you at a con some day!

Also many thanks to the people who liked and/or reblogged the photo. I never truly feel 100% good in my costumes, but your support (and your tags, holy crap, your tags are amazing) is making me feel great. Especially you atomicrobin. I’m so happy we’re friends!

I’ll be debuting this suit at Anime Expo in July, and San Diego Comic Con shortly after. Hope to see some of you there, and if not, check askthethirdrobin for updates!


Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Artists:

8. Humberto Ramos