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Five Stars for Beezus

First of all: What an incredible season finale, it was so emotional. 

- Schmece are expecting a baby, a caramel miracle! I wanted this the minute Cece met Schmidt. The moment when Schmidt got the call was so precious, and when he surprised Cece.. it was just perfect. This was the first time I cried during the shoot (Btw I chose some of the flowers, lol.) Can you imagine the storylines in a season 7? So many possibilities!

- Waly also delivered in the finale. Winston calling his dad and telling him that he turned out great was beautiful. The fact that Aly found out about the number was also very sweet. I’m so happy FOX got Nasim Pedrad, because her chemistry with Lamorne is so good. 

- And last but not least: NESS REUNION! The whole buildup to the kiss was so well done. Only Liz can write Ness like this. When I heard that we got the rights for Green Light I was happy, because it was a great fit. Nick indirectly saying that he loved Jess was great, but the kiss made it even better. They are finally back together!

Do you guys see what I meant when I said you’ll love this episode, but it’ll leave you wanting more? That’s exactly why we need a season 7 and why we’ll get one. Schmece expecting a baby, exploring Ness 2.0 and Waly’s wedding! There are still so many more stories to tell. But IF the show doesn’t get renewed: It was one helluva run and my favorite comedy show of all time ended with a great series finale.

I’m Too Comfy Now

Cutie-pie Anti, fluff assured! 
Hope you enjoy! 

Fic Request 
“Anti x reader fluff? Like, where the reader is super depressed and Anti tries everything to make them laugh until he just gives up cuddles them, then he’s happy because the cuddling worked, but now he’s comfortable and doesn’t want to get up.” 

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There’s never peace with Anti around. 
The one day you actually wanted to be alone, to sulk, he refuses to leave. 
“Not until I see those pearly whites!” He exclaimed when you snapped at him 
You rolled your eyes, turning onto your side, away from Anti and cuddling your pillow. 
“I’m just tired, leave me alone.” You whined, digging your face into the pillow. 
Anti huffed and leapt over the bed, coming to a bouncing crouch by your head and poking your hips. 
You jerked away from his prodding fingers, anger biting at your words. 
“Tickle me and I swear I’ll decapitate you!” 
He pouted when you rolled away from him. Anti refused to give up though. 
He walked around the bed so you can see him, then proceeded to pull outrageous faces, making weird noises and even reciting a few of your favorite lines from a comedy show. 
But nothing made you smile. It just seemed to sour your mood even more. 
Finally, you snapped when Anti disappeared into your laptop and started making rude noises come out of the speakers. 
You grabbed the nearest thing to you, which had been your poor phone, and you chucked it at the larger electronic. 
Anti’s hand flashed out of the computer, snagging the phone out of the air before it crashed into his grinning face. 
He wormed out of the laptop, frowning down at you as you glared up at him. 
“Just leave, Anti!” You almost shouted. “I’m not in the mood today! Just leave me alone!” 
This time you threw yourself under the covers. It was childish, but it left Anti staring at you in shock. Silence settling in the room as he heard you sniffle quietly under the blankets. 

He sighed and moved towards the bed. Tearing off the blankets, he slid in next to you, throwing the covers back over the two of you.
“What are you doing?” You hissed impatiently. “I don’t you to leave me alone.”
“And I said I’m not leaving till I see those pearly whites,” He replied irritably. “Now shut up and come here.”
You tried to move away from him, but Anti’s grip was like iron as his hands caught your waist and brought you against him.
His arms wrapped around you, trapping you against him as you struggled to remove yourself from his grasp.
Reluctantly, you stopped moving, relaxing into his arms as he nuzzled the area between your shoulder-blades. 
Anti moved so he half cradled you against him, while also allowing you to curl on the bed with his left arm under your head like a pillow. 
With the blanket protecting you from the sunshine that streamed in through the window, Anti’s eyes were the only source of luminescence under the thick covers.
It made your hair shiny, and your skin a soft lime color. It calmed you, better than the darkness did at times like these.
You tried to stop the tears from flowing, but they just kept coming. And no amount of wiping and blinking stopped them.
Anti crushed you closer to him when he heard you sniffle. He felt a stray tear fall on his arm and he nuzzled his face into your neck.
The little squeezes of his arms and the gentle caressing of his hands were enough to calm you. You actually smiled when he braved poking your side.
“Ok, I think i can get up now.” You said trying to move away.
But Anti held you down, snuggling into your back. “Nope. I’m comfy now. You’re gonna have to deal with it and stay here a bit.”
“But Anti-”
“No arguing,” He huffed, tightening his hold on you. You sighed, grinning softly and relaxed against him again. 
You slept the rest of the afternoon away with him holding you gently against his chest and his breath warming the back of your neck.

Hello helloo hi! I just recently made a new tumblr. I’m trying to make some new tumblr friends. I am really into photography, fashion, film, and girls…obviously. Send me a message, tell me what your favorite comedy show is. 

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asking me my favorite show is weird bc like it’s legion but it’s also iasip ??

Needy (Calum Imagine)

Thanks for the request! I love some needy Calum!

“Cal, just a second,” you murmured to your boyfriend, nudging him off of you slightly. He had been like this all day, constantly clinging to you and whining softly into your ear. You loved him lots, but you wished he would just give you some space. 

He let out a huff, crossing his arms and leaning back against the couch. “I’ve just missed you a lot is all.” 

You smiled at him, running your hand lightly through his curly locks. “I’ve missed you, too. But we’ve got a lot of time together now, yeah? You are done with tour now and we’ll be in Sydney for a bit together. There’s no rush.”

“Yeah,” he breathed against your neck, standing up and stretching afterwards. 

“If you’ve got stuff to finish, I think I’m gonna call Ashton over, okay?“

You nodded, slipping your computer into your bag. “I’m going to head to the library for a bit. I’ll bring something back for dinner. I can take your car?”

“Sure.” Calum sounded a little dejected, so you pressed a quick kiss to his plump lips.

“Once I finish this paper, we’ll have all week to do whatever we want,” you promised, grabbing his keys and leaving, hearing his mumbled goodbye before shutting the door behind you.


You were being really productive. In all honestly, you couldn’t get anything done when Calum was around you, so it was nice to just sit in a quiet space and do your work for once.

You had just finished and were packing up when you finally checked your phone, which had been on silent. Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head when you saw four missed calls, two from your boyfriend and two from Ashton. 

Shoving the rest of your things into your bag, you quickly exited the building, calling Calum. It rang a few times, and just when you thought no one would answer, Ashton’s voice boomed in your ear.

“Ash? Is everything okay? Why’d you call me?” You fired at him immediately. Your question was met with a slight pause. “Ash?“

“Everything’s… okay,” he said, but he sounded strange.

“What’s wrong? Is Calum there? Can I talk to him?”

“He’s here. He doesn’t really want to talk right now,” Ashton’s voice dropped in volume to a whisper. “Can you just come home? He, like, needs you.“

“What do you mean?” You started your car, ready to take off, zooming out of the parking lot faster than you should. “He needs me?”

Ashton sighed. “He just had a breakdown or a panic attack or something. He’s okay, just pretty upset. Has he been acting normal to you?“

You thought back, his clinginess making sense now. You should have known this would happen soon. Calum always had a tough time adjusting from the hectic schedule of touring to the boredom of an average life. You felt bad that you hadn’t shown him the attention he had so desperately been craving.

“I’ll be back soon,” you told Ashton, pausing at a light. “Just stay with him until I get there.”


You said goodbye, hanging up and concentrating on getting home safely. You shut the car as soon as you pulled into the driveway, opening the door and stepping into your home. All was quiet, but as you ventured further in, you could hear Ashton’s soft voice coming from the family room.

“I know it’s tough,” you heard Ashton console. “I talked to Luke earlier, and he says he’s struggling, too. Remember how hard it was last year? It takes a little while to get back into the normal swing of life. You’ll get the hang of it soon, though, and you’ve got Y/N to help you out, too.”

“Talking smack about me?” You teased softly, stepping into the room. Your heart broke as you saw Calum sitting on the edge of the sofa with his head in his hands, shoulders shaking. Ashton’s hand was rubbing his back as the older boy looked at you sympathetically.

“Just a bit of post-tour depression is all,” Ashton smiled sadly, his own clear in his eyes. You sat down on Calum’s other side, brushing your hand through his hair softly like you know he likes. You sat like that for awhile, Calum not moving and only a soft humming from Ashton breaking up the silence. After a bit, Ashton stood up, glancing at his phone and stretching.

“I’ve got to head home and pick up Harry and Lauren. Promised them I’d take them to the movies later,” he said, mostly to you.

“Sorry,” Calum mumbled, still not moving.

“Hey man, it’s cool, we all get down sometimes. I’ll text you later to check up on you, sound good?”

Calum nodded, and you mouthed ‘thank you’ to Ashton and he smiled sadly, escorting himself out of your home. You spent the next couple of minutes gently rubbing Calum’s back, trying to gather the right words.

“I’m so sorry,” you finally said. “I should have been paying more attention to how you’ve been feeling. I forgot how difficult it can be to come back from a nine month tour.” Silence. “It’s okay, you know that right? It’s okay for you to need me. How many times during the tour did I call you in tears? That’s why we have each other. For the good times and the bad. It’s-“

Suddenly, before you could even figure out what was happening, you were crushed in a bone crushing hug, your boyfriend half in your lap, his face pressed into your neck as salty tears wet your collarbone. You wound your arms around him tightly, wishing you could stop his shaking shoulders and shuddering breaths, wanting more than anything for him to feel okay. He was like a beacon of light to you. He deserved to know how loved he was.

“I’m sorry,” he gasped into your skin. “I j-just don’t know who I am when- when I’m not on st-stage.”

You hushed him, rubbing his back and trying to keep your own tears at bay. “It’s okay. You do know who you are. You’re the same person, Cal. Just gotta find your footing again.“

“I don’t remember it being this hard,” he mumbled, sniffling.

“It might not have been. You were in a different place last year. That’s okay.”

“I’m sorry I’ve been so clingy.“

“I’m sorry I haven’t been paying attention to you. Besides, you know I love your cuddles.” You poked his side gently, eliciting the smallest of laughs. It was enough, though. You pried him off of you but kept him on your lap, leaning back a bit so you could wipe under his puffy eyes gently.

He sniffled. “Gonna blow my nose for me too?”

You laughed, pressing a kiss to his red lips. Just a short one, so he knew you loved him. “Whatever it takes, babe.“

He paused, looking at his lap and playing with your hand. “Is it okay if we just stay in tonight? I’ve done nothing but I’m just so tired and I miss you so much. Can we just order take-out or something?”

You nodded, loving that concept. “Totally. I’ll ring up the pizza place.“

So you did, and when the pizza came, you and Calum ate on the couch watching reruns of your favorites comedy show. The whole entire night, Calum didn’t venture more than two feet from you. When you went into the kitchen, he went. When you went into the bedroom, he went. The night went on like that, but you didn’t mind. Not when you knew he needed you. And when it was time to go to bed, you both climbed under the covers, his body immediately finding yours, a gentle whining coming from the back of his throat as he nuzzled your neck.

“It’s alright, Cal,” you murmured, rubbing his back, knowing his emotions always spiked at night. “I love you.”

“Promise you won’t leave,” he mumbled, voice gruff and raw.

“Promise.” You pressed a soft kiss to his wild hair, holding him as close as possible. You felt him relax at your touch, breath quieting down until it evened out completely, his body mostly on yours. But it was okay. You would do anything for him. That’s what you do when you love someone.

Step Bro...Fuck Buddy... or Love?

So dear adorable anonnie I really tried to keep this short but I just couldnt so it turns out to be a mini series with 2 or 3 chapters and I hope you like this…

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Reader

Word Count : 1553

After the divorce of my parents I was living with my mom. She has been upset  for quite some time and I was worried about her. However for the last couple of months she seemed fine thanks to the man she has been seeing.

She is already awake when I wake up and drying her hair.

“Morning mom”

I smile and hug at her. She hugs me back, telling that he fetched something for breakfast. Before making my way to kitchen I joke around.

“Meeting Mr Mysterious?”

She goes “Yah” but smiling “True”

I obviously say that I want to meet him and she sighs.

“That may be sooner than you expected. We are planning to move in together.”

I go “Wow” Cannot help but raise my eyebrows

“Isn’t that a little bit quick?”

She comes patting me on the shoulder.

“Honey I know that it is quick but we are on rent…You know…  And our contract is going to end soon. He says instead of renewing it we should live together.”

I nod trying to swallow it all. We keep talking about the situation and I notice she is pretty nervous I decided to take things light hearthedly.

I exclaim “Oh My Goood” then keep joking “So I have a step brother”

Well I would never joked if I knew he turn out to be my classmate JungKook. The guy who I secretly admire but make no move at all. Besides he keeps dating different girls that I thought it is best to stay away. He smiles as he passes through and all the girls go

“Morning JungKook-ah”

I just cannot help but mimic their action as I find it awkward. Oddly enough he sits next to me. Directly looking into my eyes

“It is funny that they actually are like that in my eyes”

I blink for a second as he gets closer.

“They all are the same and bother me”

I roll my eyes at him. I already am moody because of this moving stuff and he is getting my nevres on even more. I whisper just like him.

“Back off JungKook I won’t be the new toy you are looking for.”

But then after two weeks of ignoring him around now I begin to live under the same roof with JungKook. We are moving on Sunday. The worst weekend I have ever had.  Ok I have to admit the house is beautiful, bright and furnitures are comfortable but it is still bad because I have to live with JungKook.

As he sees me struggle with a big bag consisting clothes JungKook asks in a cool way.

“Do you need a hand with those?”

I shrug

“No I am fine” but in the end he helps me. Grabbing the bag easily carrying it to my new room which is next to his.

Being surprised I thank him. He says “No problem” but it is obvious that he wants to say something else as he clears his throat. It is unusual to see him this serious. Out of curiosity I look him in face.

“Just say it already JungKook”

His voice is lower and his hand travels around the back of his head.

“Y/N I want to keep this living together thing as a secret. You know… We are at the same class and I have a girlfriend”

I cannot help but hiss… This bastard.

“Uhhh… Really ! I thought that you were being nice just for once but no You have done this to ask for secrecy. Fine by me Mr Arrogant but only if we do not interfere with each others lifes OK?”

He simply nods, seems all fine with it. Somehow on the first day while I was having shower on the shared bathroom I forget my towel and JungKook is the only one around. I curse myself as I call out for him. As he walks in to the bathroom.


He apperantly finds the situation awkward.

“Umm… I forgot to take my bathrobe. Can you pass it to me?”

I hear a soft chuckle.

“You careless girl… Which one is yours?”

I almost whisper. “The violet one”

His voice is closer

“There you go”

I open the door slightly peek my hand out but there is nothing. I close my eyes, realizing the situation.

“JungKook don’t joke around”

He laughs.

“It’s close Just open the door a little bit more

He is trying to see me … Bastard.

I almost beg.

“JungKook please give that bathrobe to me”

His voice is dangerously soft.

“Remember you asked for it.”

Before I can hold it the door is swing open and I am all naked in front of him. JungKook looks at me up to down but says nothing. I hear him gasp fpr a second. Embaressed like hell,  I grab my bathrobe, wearing it as quick as possible.

“You are going to pay for this fucking idiot”

He laughs as I pass him by.

“Watch your mouth Kitten… but you can chase after me… It was worth that.”

I make my way to room. I cry at my own stupidness.

*It was your fault to forget that bathrobe… He would of course use the situation. Out of all the guys around it had to be him. The one who saw me whole naked first. Not even my best friend Jimin… It had to be JungKook “

Not knowing what I let myself get into I decide to tease him. I wear my deep v neck white tshirt and fairly short blue shorts. When I purposefully get out to grab something from kitchen he sees me. I bend over the wide black marble counter to reach for my glass as I need some water JungKook walks in. He stands close to me as he grabs the glass instead.

“You naughty kitten Do I have to remind that you do not live alone anymore? You are walking like this in front of me”

However I did not want to bring that up I spat at him.

“Like you haven’t already seen me whole naked.”

Slowly moving up as he keeps checking my ass and go on with my talk.

“And I thought we agreed not to interfere with each other Right? Now if you excuse me”

Before I can move he grabs my wrist, holding in tightly.

“That’s how you want to play? If so… Do not regret later”

His eyes are dark and his voice is deliciously dangerous. I only laugh at his face then go back to my own room

The next few weeks pass through pretty much the same. I tease him in every chance, enjoy as he glares. He teases me back by walking around shirtless and for fuck’s sake that works. His body is just too amazing. Abs, biceps, wide shoulders, back muscles… Not gonna lie I imagine him touching me and stuff but I just don’t give anything away.

However that night when we are alone again as his father and my mother are at some 80s party. I wear one of my baggy tshirts and black lacy panties beneath. I knew that he is going to come to my room as it is weekend and he does not know anything about the upcoming project. While I was laying down on my bed in a comfortable position, watching my favorite comedy show he slowly knocks, saying

“Kitten do you have…”

As he opens the half closed door he stops, absorbing the view in front of him. However I pretend that it is all cool, asking

“What do I have JungKook?”

His eyes are narrowed and dark. I move in a way that will reveal my chest to him, adding fuel to the fire. He slowly walks to me.

“Do you know what I have had enough with this little game. I warned you not to tease me. Now kitten stand up

I glare at him as I ask in a cool and sharp voice.

“Why would I do that?”

He comes grabs me by the arm softly and he is so close that I feel his breath wash over my face. Mint smell mixed with alcohol. I like it so I do not move. His voice is that venomous dark tone again.

“You object to what I say once again and you will have to use that dirty mouth for something else”

Damn the way he talks turns me on. I look into his eyes as I pull my arm back.

“I want to sit”

That was it he grabbed me by the waist. All of a sudden his lips are on mine. My mind tells me to push him away but my body has other wills. To be honest I want him, I want him so bad. His lips are full, soft and warm. I finally give him as he asks for entrance. Our tongues reach each other then soon JungKook wins over. He breaks the kiss as we both are out of breath.

“On your knees”

This time I do not dare to object. I get down on my knees as I bit my lip. My hands hesitantly move through his jeans’ zipper. I hear that deliciously dark voice.

“Undo it quickly and make that mouth usefull while sucking me kitten”

Tell me what do you guys think ok?

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Akashi Aomine Kagami Kise Takao Imayoshi Hanamiya tickling there gf to make them feel better after having a bad day and then they give them kisses all over them

AKASHI: The frown on your face had to disappear. He reached over towards you and began to wriggle his fingers on your stomach. Initially, you tried to resist but then Akashi began to pepper your face with soft kisses, teasing you by telling you to smile. In the end, you ended up bursting into laughter and attempting to escape his torturous fingers. “Come back, ____, let me make you feel all better.”

AOMINE: If there was anything he hated more than you pissed, it was you sulking. You sat at the corner of the couch, grumbling on about your day. You didn’t listen to anything he said. So, he sighed and placed you on his lap. At first you didn’t care much for it until you felt the tickles on your sides. You squealed and tried to escape his wrath but it was futile. However, you very much enjoyed the sloppy wet kisses he left on your neck.

HANAMIYA: “Oy, stop being all pissy. It’s pissing me off.” He poked your side again for the nth time that night and you slapped his hand away again. Rolling his eyes, he moved over closer to you. When you refused to look at him, he smirked and began tickling you all over. You shrieked and kicked him away but all he proceeded to do was to kiss up your legs, stomach, neck and finally lips. “Come on, I’ll fuck the bad day out of you.”

IMAYOSHI: At first, he thought that a little teasing would make it better but he realized that his efforts went unnoticed. He thought about it for a second before deciding on the method. The tickle method. When he started wiggling his fingers at you, you instantly tried to run away. Imayoshi’s tickles were deadly! You laughed and tried to push him off but he only held on to you while kissing you all over.

KAGAMI: He frowned when you first pushed his advances away, until you started grumbling on about your bad day about some bitchy person in your class. Kagami wondered what he could do and he went with the easiest solution that could always make people laugh — and scream. Once his fingers went at it, you started shrieking. Kagami laughed and kissed you instead. “Now there’s the smile I love.”

KISE: When you started sulking, Kise started sulking. But then he realized that there was no point to it if the two of you were sulking. He sighed and poked your sides repeatedly to catch your attention. “Look at me, ___-chi. Look at me.” He whined over and over then started kissing you. Instead of it making you happy, it only proved to irritate you. “Fine!” You groaned and cuddled into him. At least that distracted you.

TAKAO: Takao tried so many different ways to catch your attention and make you smile, either by doing some silly dances or by putting on your favorite comedy show. Nothing worked. Finally, he went to his last resort and started tickling you and balancing out the torture with sweet kisses on your face. You started laughing and tickling him instead. “Alright, I give! I give!” He grinned, knowing he had succeeded.


Amy Poehler and Jack Black Singing “The Rose” at Festival Supreme 2015    

Reasons why Broad City is the greatest comedy ever.

*well developed characters who are relatable

*drug use portrayed realistically instead of flanderized

*female sexuality embraced and acknowledged

*fucking hilarious,

*canon bisexual and bicurious characters

*also interracial and no one acts like any of these are a big deal cause why the fuck would they be

*strong female friendships ftw

*fucking hilarious