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That episode when Jay unlocked his True Potential!! 👌🐍⚡️


Lightning in a bottle ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 

J-World, Ikebukuro

The guys and I at J-World entrance!

Welcome to Sanji’s cafe in J-world. You can hear Sanji’s welcoming speech played in the cafe over and over again, targeting to the ladies only of course. 

Chopper and Kung-Fu Dugong ice-cream!

Main course display available in the cafe.

Thousand Sunny food display. I’ve no idea what kind of food is it though.

Chopper-themed burger patty

Bepo, Trafalgar Law, Portgas D. Ace and Sabo-themed drinks. I ordered the Bepo one and it tasted funny. It’s a mango yogurt drink by the way. 

Zoro’s Santoryu Carbonara Vege Pasta

The Heart-Pirates meal. Trafalgar Law’s Curry Rice with Law’s Marshmallow chocolate drink and Bepo’s mango yogurt drink. I tried the curry and it was really good!

ASL three brothers meal. Luffy’s Strawhat tomato seafood rice, Ace’s orange juice and Sabo’s drink. I forgot what was Sabo’s drink. XD

I got my favorite Nico Robin coaster. It comes with your drink order and you can choose which character you want.

Help!! Captain!!! I’m melting!!! (Sorry, Bepo ^^;)

Thousand Sunny’s Gaon Cannon! Have your friend stand in front of Sunny’s cannon and aim at his face. Franky will instruct you and ask you to wait for his countdown XD

New Kama bar! 

Soul King Brooke’s performance for the carousel in front of it. He will dance and sing. Oh and I just realized that was my friend doing the 45 degree plank by the table XD. He cosplayed as Brooke once.

Chopper’s adventure to save Luffy! This is a very interesting interactive game. You have to listen to Chopper’s story, then follow his instruction to get the ingredients to save Luffy. You will have a backpack with Chopper in it and you’ll have to carry him around, searching for the ingredients he needed. Chopper will let you know if he discovered something!

It was one of the most magical moments in my life, getting to indulge in the world of One Piece as an indoor theme park. I’ll post another post on One Piece Tokyo Tower next!

MBTI Types as Special Moments

INFJ: when someone tells you their deepest secret
ENFJ: when you go on a road trip with your best friends
INFP: when you cuddle with a puppy
ENFP: when you spot a triple rainbow
INTJ: when it’s just you and a sky full of stars
ENTJ: when you buy your first house
INTP: when you spot a UFO
ENTP: when you win a go cart race with the cart you made yourself
ISFJ: when you blow a bubble and it lands in the grass without popping
ESFJ: when someone you love surprises you with a present for no reason
ISFP: when you’re outside and it’s pouring rain but you don’t even care
ESFP: when you ride your favorite roller coaster
ISTJ: when your report card comes back and you get straight As
ESTJ: when you get a promotion at work
ISTP: when you make your own meal that actually tastes good using only what you can find in the wilderness
ESTP: when you manage to stay on that mechanical bull for what feels like forever


This is it. Failsafe. The episode that broke us all in the span of twenty-five minutes. The episode that changed everything in the Spitfire ship forever. The episode that mind fucked us all because it was so much more intense than a “someone-is-actually-dreaming” scenario. The episode that showed us that nothing good ever happens in the Arctic in Young Justice. A fan favorite. A glorious roller coaster of feels. 


Some people said that, in hindsight they should have known something was up because there was a distinct lack of time-stamp at the beginning of the episode. And while that’s true, what sort of time-stamp could possibly be used for outer space like that? It opens near the moon in outer space, there’s not exactly a sense of time or place out there, they couldn’t have time-stamped it. However, I suppose they could have time-stamped after that. (but I think we all knew something more than meets the eye was going on when the JL members seemingly got vaporized… we just didn’t know WHAT. And it was glorious)

That rather silent ass shot of the alien ship floating into view is so cool. Like, silent, impending doom approaching in the cold dark that is space. 

John Stewart! <3

CASUALTIES, WE HAVE THE FIRST CASUALTIES. (man I love how you can see their fucking skeletons as they disintegrate. And I know that sounds really fucking morbid but I’m just appreciating the level of detail and, frankly, the darkness of it. That’s pretty fucked up and I love the stuff YJ was able to get away with.)

I like how J’onn, Atom, Supey, and Marvel were just waiting in the fucking launch bay of Batman’s jet like they’re living missiles or something. “FULL DEFENSES DEPLOY. FIRE ZE MISSILES!” 


Batman’s like “THEY GOT ME? THEY ACTUALLY GOT ME? WHAT THE FUCK I AM BATMAN I DON’T GET GOT.” (also every time I watch this and Batman gets ejected from his vaporized ship, for a split second I always think he’s floating in open space in just a goddamn pilot’s chair instead of an enclosed pod, and I’m like what the fuck Batman you can’t survive that kind of– oh, wait, nope. He’s in a pod.) (like I know he’s Batman but I can’t imagine space being so scared of him that it decides NOT to instantly suffocate him in it’s vacuum, ya know? “Oh shit sorry Batman, sir, didn’t realize it was you, I’ll just make sure you have plenty of air, sir. Pardon me, sir.”)


Oh, wait, they DID show a time-stamp once it gets to Red Tornado and the Team watching on the screens. So that really wasn’t any kind of giveaway, imo; in that regard, things are going pretty normally, tbh.

“But should we fail, the responsibility falls to you.” But, you know, no pressure. We’re just the entire fucking Justice League, full of power houses that are older and stronger than most of you because we have more experience, so if we die you’re actually rather fucked, but hey! Give it the ole’ college try, as they say, okay? (I’m not actually shitting on the Team here, I lava them to bits and they’re capable, I’m just being a little shit. Because as capable as the Team is, that’s STILL the ENTIRE Justice League and holy shit, that’s intense)


Okay, so when I started watching Young Justice, my knowledge of the Flash fam was next to nothing (that seems so funny in hindsight, because now I love them to bits and learn as much as I can about them). So I had no idea that Iris was married to the Flash, so I didn’t get why everyone thought this scene with Iris and Flash was so sad. But now I KNOW and it’s just heartbreaking to watch! Like, holy shit. Iris had to act like she doesn’t know who he is, and then he gets fucking vaporized and she’s just– UGH KILL ME. THIS EPISODE IS AWFUL BUT IN A GOOD WAY.


I like that you can see the wing bones on Hawkgirl and Hawkman.


Whelp. Good-bye Justice League.

Nothing out of place here.

“So what are we waiting for, a theme song?” No, we already did that, Conner, get with the times.

Okay when Robin highlights all the aliens on the map, the way all the red splotches look kind of reminds me of Plague Inc. (Robin totally plays Plague Inc. Probably Wally, too. They’re diabolical little shits that destroy the entire world every single time. Ruthlessly, without mercy!)

“Yeah, break it down, build more! Hit those ugly aliens with their own mojo! Ow!” “Martian and Kryptonian in the house.” (Wally stop pretending it actually hurts when Artemis elbows you, you know you just like that she’s touching you/standing close to you, don’t even lie)

“Not that all aliens are automatically ugly.” Nice save, Wally.

I suppose the Arctic is the best place to build a Fortress of Solitude, considering no one in their right mind would come out there willingly unless they’re a fucking climate scientist or something. Or a penguin. (Superman befriends penguins don’t tell me otherwise)

Gotta love the snow stealth outfits! <3


You’d think Conner would have heard that, too. Poor Wolf, sacrificed himself for his grumpy daddy. :(

You can tell that the death of Wolf jars them, for sure, but it’s not enough to cause Megan to take control of the scenario and make them forget it’s all real. I think that was kind of an interesting thing there, that when Wolf dies it’s the first time we see them get at least mildly shaken, but they’re able to shrug it off and keep going because, well… yeah.


(I’m so cruel, why do I have this screenshot? Oh yeah, SO I CAN HURT PEOPLE, MWAHAHAHAHAHA– and myself *cries*)


I remember, there were some people trying to claim that Miss M influenced Wally into being so upset about Artemis dying, and that is the biggest crock of shit. M’gann didn’t make anyone FEEL anything, all she did was make them forget. SHE forgot and they were all connected to her, so they forgot, too. and anyway, by that goddamn logic, don’t you think the rest of the Team would have been screaming and crying and swearing vengeance just as hard as Wally? Because if M’gann was making Wally feel that way, it would be affecting the other’s too. They all care about Artemis and they all mourned her, but M’gann and Wally took it the hardest, because Artemis is M’gann’s fucking earth sister and Wally fucking loves Artemis and doesn’t even realize it, and now she’s fucking GONE. (anyway I’m moving on, you’re wrong, good-bye)

Can we just appreciate Kaldur’s anger and how he just like… pwns the fuck out of that ship like a boss? I always thought those were some pretty sweet moves, especially the icicle spikes. Katara would be proud of your waterbender mastery, Kaldur. 

God, Wally’s voice. The way he says that, that’s the kind of like… that kind of uncontrollable emotion, like, you’re feeling something so goddamn deeply that you can’t even keep a lid on it, you can’t sort it out, and it’s just roiling right underneath the surface. Like, Wally just hasn’t even fully processed what the fuck just happened, all he knows is that Artemis was there, and now she’s gone, and there’s something twisting in his stomach and all he can see is red at that moment, because those stupid fucking aliens took her away from him, and he wasn’t even fast enough to try and save her, and why did she have to be so fucking stupid and sacrifice herself like that? “They’re dead! Every single alien, if it’s the last thing I do!” He’s fucking pissed. If he hated those aliens before, it’s nothing compared to raw fucking hatred burning through him after they take Artemis. He only wanted to stop them before, now he wants to make sure every single one of them dies the same way Artemis just did. (intense emotions!Wally is the greatest thing ever. He’s so much more faceted than just being a clown/goofball, and people tend to forget that sometimes, maybe even me)

Then they’re on the Bioship and Wally is still fuming, he’s still hurting, and seeing her empty seat in front of him isn’t helping anything. And there’s probably a god awful ache in his chest where her sarcasm and banter used to be and he feels more empty than he ever thought he could just because she isn’t there, she’s not there and she’s not coming back because he saw her bones in the snow, and why wasn’t he fast enough? And I love the way he just loses it and screams and beats the consoles with his fists; I love that raw explosion of emotion, like, he can’t even speak, all he can do is just scream because everything hurts and nothing’s right anymore and he just wants her back because he needs her there, he needs her elbow digging into his side and he needs her sassy remarks and he needs her not letting him get away with nothing, and he needs that chance back. That chance for something with her that he barely even understands, but he just knows it’s gone now, the chance is lost, and he’ll never get to find out what it was. 

Go away, Eiling, you piece of shit. We all know your game.

“We will help you salvage as many of the alien’s cannons as we can.” Uh, what good would that do? I mean, the Bioship was able to integrate it into her systems, but what the fuck is the military going to do with detached cannons? what could they possibly attach them to to use them? Or would they simply try to drive one of the alien ships? (idk)

“They’re really gone…” 

And now Wally begins grasping at straws. Just sitting there listening to the convo, and then his scientific brain starts reeling, and his heart starts thumping a little bit because hello, Wally! Teleportation! (nevermind the fact that you saw their bones

“I knew it, look! It’s giving off Zeta beams! The same stuff that powers our Zeta tubes, t-this thing doesn’t disintegrate, it teleports! Artemis is alive!” He sounds so fucking ridiculously happy, oh my god it hurts me. He’s like, 100% convinced there’s a chance that she’s alive, that she’s waiting somewhere for him them, that they’ll find her and she’ll snark about them taking so long and he’ll run at her and hug her and then make some lame excuse for it after he puts her down. Like, there’s this balloon of happiness and relief expanding in his chest because she’s actually alive somewhere, all they have to do is find her, and oh god he wants to find her, he needs to see her again so that he knows for sure, something solid and tangible. 

“Maybe…” “No ‘maybes’, they’re all alive!” He’s grasping at it so hard that he won’t even give Robin the chance to puncture a hole in it. He’s desperate. He needs her to be okay. There’s no other option, because the only other outcome is that she really is gone, and he can’t fucking handle that, he can’t even fucking fathom that idea; she can’t be gone, she’s a spitfire, his spitfire. So he latches onto the idea of Zeta radiation with all of his heart and that’s the only thing that keeps him going for the rest of the episode. And Robin knows it, so that’s why he uses it.

Kaldur and Conner aren’t convinced either. Only Wally and M’gann are optimistic/desperate enough to believe it. Oh god, can I please just hug them both until they can’t breathe? Precious bbys.

“That… didn’t feel like…” Teleportation. T_T

Kid Flash starts to help and Kaldur’s just like NOT TODAY! And shoves him through. 

Conner jumping into the Zeta tube instead of just walking seriously reminds me of how in World of Warcraft there’s an inexplicable need to jump INTO the dungeon instance portals rather than just walk straight into them. XD

Good-bye, Kaldur. :(

I love how Happy Harbor bay near Mount Justice is somehow completely untouched by the alien invasion. Wat?

“If we really believe the aliens are teleporting their victims.” “We do!” Oh, Wally, baby…

“Worst case, he’s teleported inside, and we set him free along with Artemis. And uh, Aqualad, and everyone.” God, he’s so concerned about seeing Artemis again that he literally doesn’t even give two shits about anyone else. They’re safe, they’re all safe, but the only one that matters is Artemis. 

“HUZZAH!” Damnit, Alfred! XD



“No, my mind is clearer now, the disintegration beam is exactly that. There is no detention facility, no prisoners to rescue. Our mission holds no purpose.” “No! You’re wrong! The Zeta radiation proves she’s alive, she’s–!” “Stop it, KF! I’ve been scanning for League and Team signals since we got inside. They’re not here. Artemis is gone.” 

Wally is so fucking desperate and you can hear it in his voice. I feel like maybe a small, logical part of his mind, somewhere deep in the back, he knew that the beams weren’t teleporters. But he was so goddamn desperate for her to be okay that he latched onto it anyway and made himself believe it as hard as he could, told himself that he would see her again if he just kept trucking through. Robin knew that was the only thing keeping Wally going, too, without being wreckless or useless, and so he used that to his advantage. It’s part of the many things that make him say “I don’t want to be the Batman, anymore.” in Disordered. He hated fueling Wally’s false hope, but he had to.

And then I think maybe Wally goes back to anger. But it’s a defeated kind of anger, like, he can’t fucking take this shit anymore. She’s gone, but maybe she wasn’t, but now she really is. His emotions have been yanked all over the place and beaten to a pulp and now all he wants to do is blow this ship up and everything inside of it. He swore before that he would destroy every single alien, and now that’s what he intends to do. It won’t bring her back, nothing will, but maybe he can get some kind of revenge for her.

“You knew. You knew from the beginning why we were really here.”

^ That is the face of a boy that has been defeated. Istg. Wow. Okay. Fuck you, Failsafe.

“16 seconds and counting.” It’s always 16 seconds. 16 seconds and counting, 16 seconds til ceasing… ffs! XD I think I hate the number 16 because of Young Justice. 

“We’ll follow as soon as we blow those doors.” Right. Wally and Dick never had any intentions of leaving that ship. Goddamn that tears me up. Holy shit NO. WHY. STOP SACRIFICING YOURSELVES OH MY GOD THESE POOR CHILDREN, NO FUCKING WONDER THEY NEED LIKE TWO FUCKING WEEKS AND PROBABLY MORE OF THERAPY!

And they’re not even scared about it. They just look at each other and nod. Because there’s literally nothing fucking left for either of them. This is their last fight, they’ve done all they can do.

And Wally literally thought, as he died in that fiery explosion, that he the last thing he ever did was destroy every single alien. He went out thinking he had blown their entire fucking armada up with Dick. And that probably gave both of them some kind of piece right before they went, too. (my shipper heart is telling me his last thought was of Artemis, too, considering how much he mentions her throughout this episode)


Goddamn, that part where J’onn STABS M’gann is like the most intense shit. Actually, this whole fucking episode is hardcore as shit, but like, he STABS her! Like, you see him use his fist but if you look at her back you can see it come to a FUCKING POINT, LIKE, HE MORPHED HIS HAND INTO A POINT AS HE WAS PUNCHING HER, SO THAT HE ACTUALLY WINDED UP STABBING HER. HOLY SHIT.


That huge gasp of air as if she’s coming up from the water, or, you know, WAKING FROM A GODDAMN NIGHTMARE SIMULATION OR SOMETHING.

“Exercise?” God… jesus FUCK, they’re all so confused. 

“But all that changed, when Artemis died.”



there is an amusement park inside of him and every time we make love im taking a ride on my favorite roller coaster and every time he leans in to kiss me im waiting in line for candy apples and cotton candy and his eyes seem to always be lit up like festival lights and i can’t seem to stop laughing in his arms like im spinning in the tea cups and feeling sick from all those butterflies


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Relationship Status: In a roller-coaster relationship 😂😂😂 

Favorite Colors: Matte Black, Purple, Powder Blue, Bloody Red, White

Pets; Chihuahua, Toyger, and British Shorthair

Last Song I Listened to: We Are (One Ok Rock) I’m actually listening to it now 😄

Favorite TV Shows/Series: Misteryo (old Filipino TV show and still lovin’ it), NatGeo, Walking Dead.

First Fandom: Fast and Furious 

Hobbies: Listening to musics, Play games (rpg, and otome), and browsing

Worst Thing I’ve Ever Eaten: I remembered I ordered dumpling in a restaurant last January and I think it was spoiled, as soon as we arrived at home I had diarrhea.

Favorite Place: Fort Santiago (Intramuros, Manila, Philippines)

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Favorite/Least favorite Roller Coasters/Amusement park games/rides of the Argo 2 crew + a few others

  • Percy loves log rides, water rapids, water slides, water parks, anything with water. Though, no matter how hard you try, you could never get him on one of those really tall coasters like Kingda Ka or the drop towers.
  • Annabeth enjoys the arcade. Skill, tactic, no surprises. She ends up winning a bunch of stuffed animals that she shares with the gang. She hates haunted houses though;Too many (fake) spiders most of the time.
  • Jason is a sucker for tall rides. High up in the sky? You bet he’s ridden it.. Meanwhile, he’s not a fan of haunted houses either, and usually hangs outside with Annabeth while the others ride it (he’s a scaredy cat).
  • Piper will ride just about anything, but her absolute favorites are the tea cups or bumper cars. Why? She loves spinning the tea cups really fast, and she owns at bumper cars. She’s also great at the little arcade or side games. She hates ring tosses though. Those things are the worst.
  • Frank prefers calmer or smaller rides. If it’s slow with not a lot of loops, he’ll probably be up for it. Also carousels and tea cups (with anyone but Piper). Wet rides are fine with him, as long as he has a towel or something with him. He hates big, fast rides though. Usually he’ll stick to riding the carousel with Hazel.
  • Hazel’s favorites are the carousel and haunted house. Calm and leisurely with horses and of course a little spoopy ride for fun. Usually she’ll ride the carousel with Percy and Frank, and the haunted house with Nico. Her favorite haunted house ride will always be The Haunted Mansion, though (classic). Her least favorite thing is the side games. Always so taunting and ready to take your money.
  • Leo loves the side games and arcade, especially the cane games. His favorite rides, though, are bumper cars and anything fast, especially with loops or if it just looks wild; It’s just his style. He hates wet rides. They’re much too damp and cold for someone with fire powers.
  • Nico is a complete sucker for haunted houses. Even just walking past one he can’t help but crack a smirk. He’ll always try to drag the others on it, and he always manages to get Hazel to go with him. When he does get on, he’ll try to ride it several times in a row. He has to ride it at least twice. His least favorites are really tall rides and water rides, though he’ll bear the latter if he must. (Nico also drags everyone to the food carts/bars after every few rides. Food is a very high priority. Especially junk food and ice cream.)
  • Reyna will bear just about anything, and usually with a stoic face. However, she does enjoy big rides a bit more than others, mostly because she finds it fun to watch everyone else get scared. Usually Nico and Hazel manage to drag her to the haunted houses, and Jason knows how to convince her to go on the giant rides with him. She dislikes pirate ships out of everything. She just doesn’t like the idea of pirates very much.
  • Grover’s favorites are rides with nature scenery, ones that you can see the entire park from, or water rides. When he’s not on one of those, he’s usually hanging out by the games or food, or being dragged around by Percy and Annabeth. His least favorites are the big ones and car rides, mostly because of how much space the big ones take up, and how bad cars are for the environment. 
  • Thalia likes small but wild rides, and she’s a bit of a fan of Haunted Houses. She’ll bear other ones too, like water rides or tea cups or carousels, but there’s no way you’re getting her on a drop tower (unless it’s Tower of Terror, but that’s just because it’s enclosed. She feels less like she’s going to fall out.) Her least favorites are, obviously, tall rides. No way in Hades is she going to ride Kingda Ka. 
  • Rachel loves hanging out at the games, and riding the tall rides. (Legend says she rode Kingda Ka with Jason, twice.) The only rides she doesn’t like are the really slow ones, like kiddie rides or carousels. She lives for action and speed. Usually, she’s the only one that will go with Jason, Thalia, or Leo on the really wild rides.
  • The Stoll brothers spend most of their time at the games, usually messing with stuff and pranking people. When they aren’t sabotaging someone’s game of ring toss, they’re probably on one of the pirate ship rides or those rides where it spins so fast you get pressed against the wall. Their least favorites are the kiddie rides. Much too boring for their tastes.

Week 11 - Tell us about a beloved childhood story.

My family loves theme parks and roller coasters. I’ve been riding them since I was little. This is an image of my favorite coaster, but it’s not the star of this story. 

My family and I went to small hidden amusement park full of older rides. This was where I rode my first roller coaster that flipped over. Okay cool, nothing to be afraid of. Everyone loves a good adrenaline rush. 

Rode the coaster, great time. No big deal. As we were coming back into the station, the operator made a circle in the air with his finger and the coaster started through the track a second time. This is probably why I love myself a fast flipping coaster ;) 

Lilo and Stitch

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Rating: SFW
Warning: None
Prompt: Bucky hasn’t seen Lilo and Stitch. 

You swayed your hips to the tune of Lilo and Stitch’s soundtrack as you poured pancake batter into a pan. Watching the little bubbles rise to the surface of the pancake you hummed along to the song. Eventually your favorite song ‘Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride’ came on and you sang the lyrics into the spatula before flipping the pancake over.

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how the signs might act at an amusement park

Aries- it is their MISSION to ride every thrill ride before closing hours

Taurus- wants to try all the tasty snacks and just have memorable times with someone they love.

Gemini- wants to experience the rush of adrenaline on their favorite thrill ride like it’s their first time on it all over again.

Cancer- will want to take their time, visit the gift shops, and gradually enjoy their day.

Leo- wants to go on adventures around the park with someone and ride their favorite ride.

Virgo- will have their whole day and plans set up, from where to eat, what to ride, and what to see; it’s all up to them.

Libra- wants to be with someone they care for and love, and will be happy as long as their friend or significant other is.

Scorpio- wants to ride their favorite coasters until they puke, and will not regret a thing.

Sagittarius- wants to run around the park and take cute pictures of everything they encounter, and then at the end of the day spend some quality time with someone.

Capricorn- wants to enjoy the atmosphere and totally indulge themselves with rides and fun, they want to enjoy it.

Aquarius- wants to do what they want to do, they might suffice to entertain you or let you do what you want, but at the end of the day they will always want to do their own favorite thing.

Pisces- might cry in line for a thrill ride, but then be really happy and want to do it again.