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Destiel and Cockles Fic List

Copper Park

(Words: 9843) - Audio Version Attached

(AU) The world isn’t fair– Dean has known that for a long time; but when he finds himself out on the streets, that’s when he realizes just how cruel the world can actually be, and, how beautiful.

In the Spine

(Words: 5467) - Audio Version Attached

Cas reads a letter from Dean.

The Perfect Gift

(Words: 2368)

Castiel has a big problem concerning Dean … thankfully, Sam is always around to help

Can’t Stop

(Words: 5863)

He needs to get out of his own head, so what better way to do that than to read? That’s how Dean end up reading “Twist and Shout”.

High Rise / Hard Fall

(Words: 17, 376)

(NSFW) Castiel Novak lives a simple life. He has his simple car, his simple apartment, his simple clothes and his amazing, astounding, wonderful pet cat, James. What more could he possibly need?

A Beast’s Perspective

(Words: 2508) - Audio Version Attached

Benny remembers purgatory– Benny remembers everything.

The Book

(Words: 1884) - Audio Version Attached

Dean finds something in Cas’s jacket pocket

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anonymous asked:

do you believe in gillovny? as in, do you believe that they are together? actually dating, not just "a nice idea"?

here’s the thing, the term gillovny didn’t originally mean david and gillian in a relationship. it meant the unique, beautiful, and often baffling camaraderie between our two favorite co-stars. and i’m not sure exactly when or why that changed, maybe because their fuckery reached astronomical levels with the revival, but i use it now with its original intent.

you don’t have to believe in gillovny for it to be real. there IS something magic that happens when david and gillian are together. they both freely admit that they love one another, that their relationship is beyond, and that they are soulmates in a sense. and considering where they came from, that in itself is an amazing thing.

so yes, i believe in gillovny. i have no idea what they are doing in their romantic lives, whether they are together or with other people, but i will ALWAYS celebrate the magic that happens when my two favorite people are together. 



“Em, I thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for being there as a friend, being there as somebody who I love working with and as someone who’s always kept my chin up, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done and what you mean to me.”

“I especially want to thank David. He’s an incredible director that I love working with, besides being my favorite co-star, and such a wonderful friend and person that I have in my life.”


Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge, Phoenix ComicCon Fanfest 2016.

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2017

April 18th is David Tennant’s birthday and I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a whole week - from 4/16 to 4/22 - packed full of appreciation for this amazing human. ♥

How you can participate! 

🌟 There’ll be themes for each day of the week that you can use as inspiration however you like. 

🌟 Tag your David Tennant appreciation posts with #dt appreciation week in one of the first five tags (tumblr doesn’t track after five). All original posts with this tag will be reblogged here for everyone to enjoy! 

🌟 Anyone can participate with photos, gifsets, edits, fan art, fanfic, meta, headcanons, experiences, discussion, anything DT related. Don’t be shy, the more the merrier!

🌟IMPORTANT: Please do not use or post others’ work.

For any questions or concerns, drop me a line and I’d be happy to help!


DAY ONE (Sun. 4/16):

  • Favorite non-Doctor Who Role
  • Hair appreciation

DAY TWO (Mon. 4/17):

  • Favorite Outfit or Costume
  • Love 

DAY THREE (Tues. 4/18):

  • Happy Birthday David
  • Favorite quotes

DAY FOUR (Wed. 4/19):

  • Favorite attributes 
  • David’s quirks 

DAY FIVE (Thur. 4/20):

  • Most heartbreaking moments 
  • David in theatre

DAY SIX (Fri. 4/21):

  • Interviews, conventions, photoshoots
  • What would you cast David in?

DAY SEVEN (Sat. 4/22):

  • Favorite Dorky Moments
  • David + his co-stars

            Alex Høgh Andersen’s Birthday Countdown

Hello babes, we here at AlexHøghSource are doing a countdown in honor of Alex’s 23rd birthday. Countdown begins on Monday, May 15th, and will continue on through the week until Saturday, May 20th. The days will be as follows:

May 15th – Favorite Non-Vikings Media

May 16th – Favorite Vikings Scene

May 17th – Favorite Photoshoot

May 18th – Favorite Partner-In-Crime (co-star, friend, sister, etc.)

May 19th – Favorite Instagram Posts

May 20th – Birthday Posts

We’ll be using the tag #ahscountdown to keep track of your edits, as well as a new tag that we will be tracking along with our usual source tag: #alexhoghedit. This new tag will help us, as well as any other Alex blogs out there, find the edits easily. Alex has several variations to his name and that makes it a bit difficult for finding edits to reblog. This new tag will help us find the edits right away, as well as filter out any other kind of post related to him. So remember, edits only for that tag, no imagines or regular posts from his social media or casual drooling about him 😉

We look forward to celebrating his birthday with you!


Mads and his favorite Australian co-stars:


- You’ve mentioned how in Rogue One you have a lot of scenes with Ben Mendelsohn and that you two had a nice time.

Mads: “…he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He can definitely keep up the energy on every set in the world…He’s Australian. They all have it somewhere.”


- [Among all your co-stars] who did you hang out with at the bar?

Mads: “With Sam Worthington while we starred in the ‘Clash of the Titans’. He’s a cool guy. And he is Australian.”


[About the friendship on the set]

Mads: “During the filmong of the 'King Arthur’ we spent six months on a horse and did a lot of very cool stuff. I was constantly in makeup and me and Joel Edgerton both had long hair. By the way, Joel is also Australian.”


Robert: So, Sylvia Marie told me what you guys are working on.  Is there room in your return for showbiz for me?

Cynthia:  Of course.  I wouldn’t go back into show business without my favorite co-star.  

Robert:  You really think this’ll go well?

Cynthia:  Honey, I think we could earn another award for this.  Sylvia is getting everything ready.  We’ll be all set in a few weeks! 

And with that, we’ll leave the Kims.  There’s a new baby around, but I still think they’re more concerned with themselves than anyone else.  Little Barbara may need to depend on her big brother.  

We’ll see what happens with the plotty bits of this round once we get back to Malcolm’s house at the start of Round 3.  In the meantime, check out the behind-the-scenes post tomorrow and then join me at university to see what Melody Tinker gets up to! 


“I’ve said this a million times: I was really lucky that I was doing that entire show with Randy because he’s very intelligent, really soulful and we just had some parallel interests.”