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Something About a Touch

It took me a month, but I finally did it. If you haven’t read the first part, you can so here. I also want to thank @twerkit-hxrry for being my eyes and ears throughout this grueling ordeal, and for helping me write the ‘Niall bathroom scene’. Seriously, thank you.

This part is a little shorter than the one before, but there’s still more to come with these two. And with that being said, enjoy. x

Harry was fucked.

He knew it from the moment he opened Instagram to find you had gracefully accepted his follower request, and was met with what he could only describe as ‘the most strikingly beautiful selfie to ever grace the palms of the earth’ – and what didn’t help was it was the same picture you had taken on his sofa only the day before, an empty chow mien box laid discarded on the table by your side.

The caption read: ‘Chow mieny soy sauce you want?’

A heavy quake erupted deep in Harry’s throat, a sound he could only describe as an unmanly squawk, and he instantly goes to cover his agape expression as he retains the joke he had told you just the night before.

He doesn’t take a second to think before he quickly double taps the photo, only just before noticing Niall had gotten there first, and continues scrolling.

It’s only a quarter passed eleven that morning, and you’ve been gone for two hours, and the one thing keeping him calmly situated in the comfort of his sofa is your scent left lingering on the hoodie he has taken upon wearing the moment you stepped foot out of his house – the same hoodie you claimed as your own the night before when, after grumpily swinging your legs over the sofa with a deep exhale, you trudged over to his wing chair to steal the Muscle Machine hoodie he had hanging over the back.

“Were you born in the Arctic?”

After sharing your intricate meal of Chinese takeaway, it was left to his surprise when you brought up the idea to break out the wine, and it dawned on Harry quickly that the second you start to bat your eyelashes and pout your lip out, there’s no way he could ever say no to you.

Another thing he learned about you was you were, in fact, very dangerous.

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what your favorite CLAMP manga says about you

chobits: casual scum

cardcaptor sakura: probably the only clamp manga you’ve read

tsubasa reservoir chronicle: either casual scum or ultimate clamp trash no in-between

x: you hate yourself

tokyo babylon: you hate yourself, you are gay, and you have good taste

angelic layer: you like retro stuff and mecha anime

miyuki-chan in wonderland: you enjoy lying to yourself and also me

xxxholic: you like psychological horror and/or you want yuuko to destroy you in bed

clover: fucking hipster

legal drug/drug and drop: fujoshi garbage

gate 7: you don’t know yourself

rg veda: you love to die

clamp school detectives: tamaki was your favorite character in ouran

duklyon clamp school defenders: still fujoshi garbage but not as bad

magic knight rayearth: you are gay and love old school shoujo

wish: you are 12

suki dakara suki: no one read suki get out of here

kobato: you are a fun person to be around