favorite clamp

what your favorite CLAMP manga says about you

chobits: casual scum

cardcaptor sakura: probably the only clamp manga you’ve read

tsubasa reservoir chronicle: either casual scum or ultimate clamp trash no in-between

x: you hate yourself

tokyo babylon: you hate yourself, you are gay, and you have good taste

angelic layer: you like retro stuff and mecha anime

miyuki-chan in wonderland: you enjoy lying to yourself and also me

xxxholic: you like psychological horror and/or you want yuuko to destroy you in bed

clover: fucking hipster

legal drug/drug and drop: fujoshi garbage

gate 7: you don’t know yourself

rg veda: you love to die

clamp school detectives: tamaki was your favorite character in ouran

duklyon clamp school defenders: still fujoshi garbage but not as bad

magic knight rayearth: you are gay and love old school shoujo

wish: you are 12

suki dakara suki: no one read suki get out of here

kobato: you are a fun person to be around

So these aren’t quite where I want them to be- I was playing around with my friend’s markers and then threw these into photoshop to try to hide some of the sins, but ultimately they aren’t bad!

I’ll probably rework them soon to make them look nicer- I’ll print the lines out nice and big so I can get some more accurate detail in there with the markers, but eventually I think they’d make cute charms or stickers! What do you think?