favorite childhood movies

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  • Simple Life Questions:
  • 1. Selfie
  • 2. How Many Pets Do You Have?
  • 3. Dog Person or Cat Person?
  • 4. Diet or Regular Sodas?
  • 5. Biggest Fear(s)
  • 6. Favorite Food(s)
  • 7. Best Friend’s Name(s)
  • 8. Favorite Color(s)
  • 9. Number Of Siblings
  • 10. Favorite Animal
  • Love Life:
  • 11. Crush’s Initials.
  • 12. Hugs or Kisses?
  • 13. Would You Have Sex On The First Date?
  • 14. Do You Kiss & Tell?
  • 15. First Kiss Story
  • 16. Are You Single?
  • 17. Reason For Your Last Break Up
  • 18. Tall & Blonde or Brunette & A Little Nerdy?
  • 19. 5 Turn Ons
  • 20. 5 Turn Offs
  • Childhood:
  • 21. Childhood Best Friend
  • 22. Favorite Childhood Memory
  • 23. Favorite Childhood Teacher
  • 24. Favorite Childhood TV Show
  • 25. Favorite Childhood Movie
  • 26. Favorite Childhood Book
  • 27. Childhood Crush’s Name
  • 28. When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
  • 29. Favorite Childhood Activity
  • 30. Favorite Elementary School Subject
  • Education:
  • 31. Favorite School Subject Now
  • 32. College Major (If In College)
  • 33. If Not In College What Do You Want To Major In?
  • 34. High School Graduation Year
  • 35. College Graduation Year
  • 36. College Of Choice
  • 37. Private School or Public School
  • 38. Did You Have To Wear A Uniform In School?
  • 39. Was/Is Your High School Big or Small?
  • 40. What Do You Want Your Career To Be?
  • More Fun Questions:
  • 41. Describe Your Fashion Taste
  • 42. Have You Ever Had A Secret Crush On A Friend?
  • 43. Ideal Date
  • 44. Favorite Nickname
  • 45. London or Paris?
  • 46. Favorite Store
  • 47. If You Could Go Anywhere For A Week, All Expenses Paid, Where Would You Go?
  • 48. Do You Know What You Want To Name Your Kids?
  • 49. If You Could Meet Anyone, Dead or Alive, Who Would It Be?
  • 50. Are You A Light Sleeper?
  • TV, Books, Movies and Music:
  • 51. Comedy Movies or Musicals?
  • 52. Favorite Book(s)
  • 53. Favorite Movie(s)
  • 54. Favorite TV Show(s)
  • 55. If You Could Bring Back ANY Cancelled TV Show, What Would It Be?
  • 56. Favorite Actor
  • 57. Favorite Actress
  • 58. Favorite Singer(s)
  • 59. Favorite Band(s)
  • 60. Favorite Song(s)
  • Etc.:
  • 61. If You Were Stranded On A Island, What 5 Things Would You Want With You?
  • 62. Do You Have An iPhone?
  • 63. If You Have An iPhone What Is Your Favorite Game and/or App?
  • 64. Favorite Fruit
  • 65. Favorite Vegetable
  • 66. What Toppings Do You Get On Your Hamburger?
  • 67. What Is Your Middle Name?
  • 68. 3 Words To Describe Yourself
  • 69. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
  • 70. Do You Play Any Sports? If So, What Are They?
  • This or That:
  • 71. Pizza or Chicken Nuggets?
  • 72. Broccoli or Cauliflower?
  • 73. Cantaloupe or Honey Dew Melons?
  • 74. Math or Reading?
  • 75. Flowers or Chocolates?
  • 76. Christmas or Your Birthday?
  • 77. Hot or Cold?
  • 78. Pool or Beach?
  • 79. Cake or Pie?
  • 80. Picnic In The Park or Romantic Dinner?
  • Getting Deep:
  • 81. How Has Life Changed For You Over The Passed Few Years?
  • 82. Would You Say Your Friends Are Truly There For You?
  • 83. Do You Miss Someone Right Now?
  • 84. Have You Ever Had A Friend Turn On You?
  • 85. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
  • 86. Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?
  • 87. What Are You Looking Forward To The Most Right Now?
  • 88. Have You Ever Cried Yourself To Sleep?
  • 89. Who Was Your Last Argument With?
  • 90. Are You Happy With Your Life Right Now?
  • Etc. Part 2:
  • 91. Do You Cry Easily?
  • 92. What Was The Last Movie You Cried At?
  • 93. Do You Save Souvenirs From Vacations?
  • 94. How Many Kids Do You Want?
  • 95. What Are You Listening To Right Now?
  • 96. One Thing You Love About Yourself
  • 97. One Thing You Dislike About Yourself
  • 98. Biggest Insecurity.
  • 99. What Does Your Last Text Message Say?
  • 100. Any Question You Want.
50 Self Care Ideas
  1. Do some breathing exercises.
  2. Dress in your comfiest clothes.
  3. Go for a drive.
  4. Take a power nap.
  5. Stand up and stretch for a few minutes.
  6. Listen to any happy voicemails you have.
  7. Take a hot bath/shower. Take an extra 5 minutes than usual.
  8. Have a cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa.
  9. Cuddle your favorite stuffed toy.
  10. Visit or call a friend.
  11. Make funny faces.
  12. Make a new playlist.
  13. Make a list of movies you want to watch.
  14. Drink a glass of water.
  15. Stick post-its with positive affirmations around your house.
  16. Think of your happiest/funniest memory.
  17. Clean your jewelry and/or moisturize your tattoos.
  18. Watch your favorite childhood movie.
  19. Watch your favorite television show.
  20. Youtube videos of others laughing ridiculously.
  21. Take your dog for a walk.
  22. Go for a walk without your dog.
  23. Play with your cats/other pets.
  24. Clean out your closet. Put out of season clothes in storage.
  25. Learn to cook a new meal.
  26. Light a candle.
  27. Improve your skills at a task you can already do.
  28. Give yourself a massage or have someone else.
  29. Get lost in a book.
  30. Go to the museum.
  31. Declutter your surroundings.
  32. Take an hour (or a full day) just for yourself.
  33. Curl up in a big blanket.
  34. Do a word search, sudoku puzzle, crossword, etc.
  35. Interact with others. If nothing else, ask a cashier how they are.
  36. Fill a notebook with positive quotes/coping skills.
  37. Complete one five-minute chore.
  38. Paint your nails.
  39. Stay away from mood-altering substances.
  40. Write a poem.
  41. Clean out your computer/email/phone/etc.
  42. Color something or draw without thinking.
  43. Send a loving message to someone.
  44. Sing/dance along to an upbeat song.
  45. Step outside and get some fresh air.
  46. Take photographs of/doodle nature.
  47. Dress up and take selfies.
  48. Take a break from your computer and phone.
  49. Find a new hobby.
  50. Fill a box with your favorite things.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

At times the world can seem like an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe us when we say that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough; and what might seem like a series of unfortunate events, may in fact be the first steps of a journey.

“So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: you are not alone.”



Let's talk about something...

I feel like people have forgotten about the movie George of the Jungle. I mean it’s Disney at it’s finest and THIS MOVIE HAS EVERYTHING!

gorilla in glasses

gorilla playing chess

buff guy in a dress

multiple manes of silky locks

bad guy falling in shit


the average teenager

how we all probably try and attract mates

a naked wet fine piece of ass

cartoon-like fighting effects

brilliant narration (also gorgeous man in suit)

stereotypical bad guy thugs (British greaser wannabe and big guy in leather)

an elephant that thinks it’s a dog

oops…too much coffee

classic 4th wall breaks

and that’s not even half of it!