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Sick of Him

Minhyun is sick, and feeling a little grumpy that your next-door neighbor has been flirting with you lately. 

  • for anon who requests sick!minhyun plus him whining about you being w seongwoo
  • non idol au

“Honey, you need to eat your soup,” you sighed, pushing the bowl of chicken soup towards Minhyun, who was sitting across from you bundled up in a blanket, cheeks red and a pile of tissues next to him.

“Did you also give Seongwoo soup?” Minhyun snarked back before blowing his nose loudly, making you smile at how cute he was when he got sulky.

“No, dear, I didn’t,” you replied fondly, “I only made the soup for you, because I knew how sick you were.”

“I never liked that guy,” he grumbled, spooning some of the soup into his mouth, “too flirty.”

“Well, Mr. Cold Guy,” you said with a chuckle, “Seongwoo’s just friendly.”

“Too friendly,” Minhyun retorted, “no neighbor should offer to cook dinner for their neighbor on a Friday night.”

You watched in slightly amused silence, letting Minhyun sulk. When he got into one of these moods, there was really nothing you could say that would get him out of it—plus, you’d never admit it, but you knew that Seongwoo had been flirting with you.

“Do you wanna watch Transformers when you’ve finished eating?” You asked gently, knowing that his favorite movie might cheer him up a bit. Minhyun eyed you from over the bowl, nodding grumpily. “Sounds good, I’ll go get the TV set up while you finish.”

Minhyun nodded again, this time a little less grumpily, and you stood up to go pop the first DVD into the DVD player. As you snapped the DVD case shut, you felt someone drape themselves over your back.

“You know, it’s weird how cuddly you get when you’re sick,” you remarked, turning around to let Minhyun snuggle completely into your body.

“You’re warm,” was all he said, burying his head into your shoulder.

“And you’re full of germs,” you replied with a chuckle, patting his back. He’d been feeling miserable the past couple of days, down with a really bad cold, so you figured that you’d let him have his moment.

“(y/n),” he mumbled into your neck, wrapping his arms (and the blanket) around you, “thank you.”

You just smiled, rubbing his back as you let him lean on you, half-asleep even before the movie started.

love minhyun


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Hey tbh my favorite cheer up/distract me movie has got to be She's the Man! I hope things look up for you soon. It definitely took me a year to find my stride in college. It's rough sometimes. It was my sophomore year before I had any real friends - but I've now graduated and I'm still roommates with one of the girls I met that year. Things will get better ☀️and in the meantime, there's always baby Amanda Bynes and baby Channing Tatum to enjoy

I LOVE THAT MOVIE OMG now you really made me wanna watch it!! and ahah yeah you’re lucky. everyone @ my school apparently made all their friends freshman year and i’m just here like, yup, guess i missed that party. but thanks anon i might go watch that movie now cause it’s been too long since ive seen it

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Ooh! Then what does it take to put a smile back on your face? Any comfort food?

here’s a list of things that make me happy and tend to put a smile on my face:

  • comfort food like you said - so chocolate, pizza, ice cream, just anything that’s not actually good for you lmao.
  • watching my favorite tv shows (i LOVE friends!!)
  • i also love re-watching shows from my childhood (esp. ZACK & CODY)
  • my favorite movies always cheer me up too!! - i love comedy 
  • talking to people - but sometimes i’m not in a talkative mood so that doesn’t always work.
  • JAKE MCKENZIE (i have an entire folder dedicated to screenshots of him :)))
  • reading
  • unexpected cute messages/asks from people always put a smile on my face
  • the people i know/love in this fandom (a.k.a you maddie)
  • choices!! - i love replaying books esp. es book 1
  • going out helps sometimes but not always
  • i eat + shop beyond my limits when i’m upset which is pretty bad lmao
  • being with my family, i love them sm!! 
  • looking at pictures of dogs
  • dogs in general (send me pictures of your dogs please….)
  • my dog, maxie!!

i like/love channing tatum because

(a) he is often funny and has actually done some solid dramatic work (really!)
(b) he has a lumbering dancer’s grace
© he is, by all accounts, exceptionally nice, humble, hard-working, and unpretentious. can definitely roll with hollywood’s nicest and most genuine (matt damon and keanu).
(d) he has been so beige for so long that it becomes impossible not to acknowledge his beigeness. his beigeness actually distracts from everything about him that is genuinely interesting: his life story, his successful career management, his fully-formed talent as a dancer (and growing talent as an actor), his self-awareness, his actually pretty fun personality, etc. his ability to coast on mediocrity totally reflects his privilege, but he owns his beigeness and fights to transcend it in a totally honest way. and that makes it easy to root for him—so much more so than most other actors, whose mediocrity or unoriginality nobody recognizes (i’m talking to you, james flacco). there’s nothing wrong with being beige (most celebs are), but if i’m going to root for someone who has done a lot of mediocre work, it might as well be the dude who is actually super nice, doesn’t deny it, always strives to be better, and is really less beige than he appears, right?
(e) i’m fascinated by his 1:1 face-to-neck ratio
(f) very passionate about funfetti icing
(g) my children’s children will probably read his iconic e-mail “F YOU TED !!!” in their u.s. history textbooks, under the chapter dedicated to the interview fiasco of 2k14

i hope he gets an oscar nom just for the narrative satisfaction (and because i want to see the internet burn). i read a review of foxcatcher (which i still haven’t seen yet) that was like “what other actor of this caliber can so easily execute a one-handed backflip” and i actually teared up a little bit, i was so verklempt, like hell yeah channing tatum is an actor of a certain caliber

real talk i think he is my favorite american celeb

SNSD Reaction to you trying to cheer them up when they’re sad

So instead of making all of the girls sad, I tried to incorporate different emotions like disappointment, anger, and frustration. Also I feel like this reaction is my worst one yet even though I tried my best and I’m sorry to the anon who requested this since it took so long to write.

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Taeyeon had been feeling more exhausted than she normally was, with GG concerts, a new album, and her first solo concert. She loved her career but it was far too easy for her to feel depressed by the strenuous demands of her job leading her to become closed off and distant towards you. In several attempts to cheer Taeyeon up nothing worked until she told you, “The best thing you can do for me is to stay by my side through this.”

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Ever since one for her fanmeets, you could tell something strange was going on with Jessica. Each time you tried to confront her or cuddle her, she immediately shut you out. Until the both of you had boiled your feelings over, resulting in an argument where you desperately asked Jessica about what had been making her upset lately. Exhausted she said, “I feel insecure, at one of my fanmeets a lot of fans were bashing my skin tone.” surprised you hugged her for awhile.  

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Sunny had a tough day with one bad thing on top of the other, it felt endless to her and the last thing she wanted was for it to continue when she got home. So as soon as she got home she was distant and a little grouchy, it didn’t take long for you figure out what was wrong with Sunny since she was being pretty obvious about her crankiness. To cheer her up, you brought your shared cats into your bedroom where she was laying and managed to get the cats cuddle up to Sunny and it didn’t take long before you saw her giggling at their playfulness.

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For Tiffany the entire time she spent recording in the studio was absolutely awful, her voice broke multiple times and everything she recorded was useless. When you picked her up from the studio the change in her demeanor was extremely noticeable, she quickly told you about what had happened and how disappointed she was in herself. Once you two got home, you ordered pizza and turned on her favorite movie to cheer her up, once Tiffany saw what you had did she felt super happy almost instantly.

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Hyoyeon came home to you after a frustrating day of struggling to learn new choreography, her face showed visible stress and it was obvious that cheering her up was going to a challenge. It was a long shot, your solution to her stress but you were almost positive that it would work. The plan was to help Hyoyeon open up her playful side again and what better way to do that than to transform your living room into a pillow fort, when you innocently told her what you wanted to do Hyo was hesitant. But, soon she was laughing and you could see the stress leave her body with each smile.

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Yuri just felt off, she wasn’t sad or angry but she also couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was making her feel that way. She was honest with you, saying how her emotions felt out of whack or all over the place and although a small part of you was confused you knew that there was a solution to her problem. It was a long shot but you decided to propose the idea of going to your local bakery/café to just have a petite date. Thankfully Yuri began to feel happy again with a little help from you, a latte, and a sugary blueberry muffin.

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Sooyoung’s eyes were a open book from the moment she walked into your apartment you could tell she was a little gloomy, the playful glare in her eyes replaced with now sadness. Pretty soon you were in the kitchen baking peanut butter cookies and watching her favorite movie to lighten her mood a bit, noticing what you were trying to cheer her up. Sooyoung hugged you tightly, kissing you on the forehead and her gloom mood was replaced with affectionate one.

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Yoona was unbelievably tired, from store openings to fanmeets all she wanted was a good nights rest but unfortunately she couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. From her lack of sleep, Yoona began to feel miserable and due to her restlessness she happened to wake you up too. To make her feel better, you performed the best aegyo you could in an attempt to cheer up her spirit and to make her tired from laughing so much. This silly little tactic actually happened to work as Yoona quickly fell asleep.

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It was difficult for Seohyun not to feel disappointed when SM rejected her self-written song and when she told you, it was heart-wrenching to see the smile leave her face. Seohyun really appreciates your effort of trying to cheer her up, for you it was hard to pinpoint a solution to her unhappiness since she rarely ever gets gloomy or frustrated. The easiest answer to her emotion problem was to for her open up about her feelings and lots of cuddling; that fixes everything.

Battle for Dominance

NC-17 Luke Hemmings/Ashton Irwin

Ashton gets a little bored of playing the innocent!bottom. He starts to tease Luke, and when he finds the perfect opportunity, he surprises his boyfriend and takes control.

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America, France and England fluffy boyfriend headcanons?

America/Alfred: He loves showing you off to everyone that he can, but gets very flustered when it comes to public displays of affection. He’ll hold your hand or wrap an arm around your shoulders, but if you try to kiss him he’ll get very flustered.

He sucks ass when it comes to romantics. His idea of a romantic date is taking you out to a diner and paying the tab himself. As cute as it may be, he is clueless when it comes to candlelit dinners and flowers.

If you’re having a bad day/week, he will always come over and make you popcorn and bring a bag full of your favorite movies to cheer you up. He’d probably get bored halfway through each, and end up changing it to another, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

France/Francis: Unlike Alfred, he’s all for displaying affection, but not in an extreme sense. He’ll kiss you in public, and hold you close while you walk, but he’d rather save putting your tongues in each other’s throats for when you’re in private.

He would love buying you little things that you might want, even if you don’t say it. If he saw you looking at the same book for a while, he may buy it a few days later and surprise you. If you stop to look at some flowers in the park, he’ll show up the next day with a bouquet of them.

He enjoys giving you massages, whether you’re stressed or feeling just fine. It’ll be a ritual for him to just lay you down on the couch and rub your shoulders and back while he asks how you day has been.

England/Arthur: Similar to Alfred, he gets flustered by affection no matter where you are. He is constantly worried about upholding gentlemanly behavior, and refuses to even hold hands in public, but rather have you hold his arm, or vice versa. If you’re in private too, he’ll just deny everything until you’ve annoyed him enough to give in and kiss you or cuddle on the couch.

He will try his absolute best to prepare romantic dinners for you, but in the end he just ends up ordering delivery from a high-end restaurant and setting it up like he prepared it himself. If you know him well enough though, then it would be obvious he was trying to fool you if he wasn’t serving food with a similar consistency to a brick.

He is awful at consoling you when you’re upset. Helping you deal with stress or anxiety is hard enough for him, but if you were ever to cry in front of him, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He would want to comfort you as best he could, but his immediate reaction would be to tell you to suck it up, which of course would only make matters worse.


*Requested* Imagine the reader is recovering from self harm and depression but has a relapse and Kol helps the reader through it.

( This is for all those who don’t think they are worth it, but in reality you are. I didn´t experienced this myself, but I had some people around me who went through this. Also, if you ever need someone to talk to, I´m here for you no matter what. Just remember: It´s okay not to be okay. Have Hope. I love you guys)

Warnings: Self- harm triggers and mentionings ( If you are not comfortable with this please DO NOT read)

Word count: 857

Your name: submit What is this?

It just sort of happened. You couldn’t stop the relapse from happening. You feel completely under control of the blade as you slide it over you skin after so much time fighting it. You stare at the bloody line for what feels like ages, until you are bringing the blade near your skin once again. You can´t barely see because your tears are blurring your sight, so you don´t notice that someone came into your room.

Kol: “Y/N?”

He walks over to you and sits down on the bed. He closes his hand around the blade, slowly taking it away from you, as he holds softly the hair out of you face. You told Kol about your struggles in the past and he supports you in everything you do, trying to prevent you from relapsing again.

Kol: “Y/N darling you want to tell me what happened?”

Y/N: “It´s just.. I don´t know what happened. All of the sudden I just felt this tingling feeling, telling me to start again”

You look up at the ceiling, trying to hold back the tears which are continuously falling from your eyes, but they continue oozing out of your eyes.

Y/N: “I just feel like I´m broken beyond repair and there´s nothing I can do about it.”

Your voice shakes as you speak while you look at the scars on your wrist from the past.

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