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A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)


Look guys it’s been a month since I updated Off The Rails you’d think I’d have come up with a better joke than “akaashi’s inner monologue upon meeting Bokuto’s new college friends involves self-inserting into the ouran high school host club opening sequence” but here we are

I firmly believe though that akaashi’s inner monologue is a) loud and b) hyperbolic, because how else do they stay so calm on the outside really tho

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“D—date you?” Kei coughs out.

“Yes! Date me! Date me, date me, date me!”

Date you? he wonders. The term seems so trite, casual. Kei doesn’t think it quite fits he and Yamaguchi. He thinks, after everything and all this time, they’re deserving of something entirely new; untouched by millions before them. 

Campefire in Your Chest is ultimately my most favorite tsukkiyama fic. The characterization, narration, and all the little details in between the lines are phenomenal. 

tried that 90′s anime aesthetic. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: when maya first met apollo in spirit of justice she said phoenix described him as "unreliable." at first i thought she might mean when apollo quit the agency during clay's murder trial, but then Phoenix clarified that he said that two years ago, aka during the events of aa4. apollo won all of his trials during aa4 with practically no assistance or advice from Phoenix (aside from the last case when Phoenix basically hijacks the game from him). in what way was apollo's court performance during that game "unreliable"? maybe not in his first trial against kristoph, which was his literal first time taking lead on a court case and couldn't possibly have expected his mentor to turn out to be a psychopathic killer, apollo is clearly able to hold his own in court while actually knowing what he's talking about instead of bluffing. why would phoenix call apollo "unreliable" when he literally acts as the only source of income for the WAA besides Trucy's magic shows, which don't appear to become popularized until at least a year later? apollo shows up to his trials as prepared as the cases allow, how is he "unreliable"? how dare phoenix wright, disgraced defense attorney who has reduced his life to underground gambling and guzzling "grape juice", call apollo justice, a brand new attorney who started his solo career one year younger than phoenix, "unreliable"

So…Roman’s anger is my absolute FAVORITE characterization that WWE has given him. Like, he’s been so distorted by his desire to make sure that his family never goes hungry again (he was poor and living off food stamps before his wrestling career), that he doesn’t realize his choices aren’t just. And are actually pretty damn evil. From hurting both of his bosses and threatening Hunter’s wife, to retiring a legend that people held dear. In Roman’s mind, he’s doing the right thing. But to an outsider, he’s far from a hero. 

And it’s so. damn. good.


clint/nat fic recs

1. to have a home by oceanofchaos (34k, 1/1, post-catws)
Summary: Natasha Romanoff is almost used to rebuilding herself at this point, but that doesn’t actually seem to make it any easier. It doesn’t really help that this time the entire world seems to be rebuilding as well.
//: this is my favorite clint/nat fic, bar none. although it’s really more of an introspective fic on nat. i can’t count how many times i’ve reread it. it’s my favorite characterization of all these characters (catws!nat, catws!steve, catws!sam, fraction!hawkeyes, etc etc) and it makes the mcu and the more recent comics fit together perfectly.  it’s a great take on how clint and nat’s relationship works. i don’t want to give anything away so JUST READ IT.

2. the glass parade by enigma731 (6k, 1/1, post-catws)
Summary: Steve thinks that he’s seen Natasha be at least three different people in the short time he’s known her, and he isn’t sure which one is real. In which the most confusing part of the future is how much Steve has in common with Natasha, and the fact that she seems dead-set on being his friend.
//: this is mostly steve&nat friendship with some clint/nat. steve and nat’s friendship is my second favorite thing to come out of catws (the first being SAM WILSON and everything that he chooses to be) and this fic is a lovely exploration of that friendship. plus, i always love reading about how other characters perceive clint and nat’s relationship.

3. palindromes by inkvoices (5k, 1/1, avengers (2012), au)
SummaryIsn’t it the same story whichever way you spin it? Tell me again, from the beginning. Natasha Romanoff, born in America in January of 1971, doesn’t kill the kid who at some point came to be known as Clint Barton, born thirteen years after her in Russia. Instead she brings him in to SHIELD.
//: ROLE REVERSAL AU. you’re welcome.

4. between the shadow and the soul by viverella (12k, 1/1)
SummaryClint hesitates to call what they do dating, because they’re spies and fighters and liars and people like them aren’t meant for more than a warm body to push against in the night. He falls in love with her and she falls in love with him and not necessarily in that order.
//: FEELINGS. clint has a lot of them. and so does natasha apparently. another one of my top faves. and pablo neruda, how could i resist? ++ i recommend reading everything written by viverella they’re all wonderful.

5. the war is over and we are beginning by viverella (6k, 1/1, au-ish)
Summary: That soulmates AU in which any injury you sustain shows up on your soulmate’s body as well. Five Christmases they spent together.
//: soulmate aus are always wonderfully sweet. here’s one of them.

6. we were emergencies by gyzym (37k, 1/1, post-avengers)
Summary: It’s not about being unmade; it’s about remaking, one aching step at a time.
//: this is one of the more popular clint/nat fics but it still deserves a rec bc it’s beautiful and absolutely breathtaking.

7. there’s a hole in my soul (can you fill it?) by viverella (10k, 1/1)
Summary: Clint is asexual but not aromantic. Natasha starts hanging out with him for the break from sexual attention and ends up falling in love with him. OR: the one where they share space and go on dates and literally everyone realizes that they’re probably dating before Natasha does.
//: i always love fics where i get insight into how natasha falls for clint and this is one of the more adorable ones.

8. under the red sky by andibeth82 (14k, 3/3, post-catws)
Summary: “What’s the news?” she asks, biting into a banana, and Clint winces. “You.” [The press conference is over. The files have been leaked. Hydra has been exposed, and Captain America has disappeared. But The Black Widow is a target, and the world wants a trial.]
//: post-catws fic is ALWAYS my fave clint/nat genre, especially when you mix in another hawkeye. @isjustprogress always has a firm grasp on who these characters are, especially natasha.

Laura Moon doesn’t need a defense squad. She’s unapologetic about who she is, and how she lived her life. 
She’s not written to be an enjoyable, pretty, cute and pure character who is misunderstood. She’s a strong female character written with honesty, and she’s not looking for anyone’s approval or sympathy. She slaps you in the face with her personality, she’s not hiding behind a mask or anything.
She’s aware of how selfish she is, how much of a bad person she is, and she makes no excuse for it, so why should we? 
I feel compelled to say, before anyone stars to mark me with misogyny, that I love her character, it’s incredibly human and well written, but I love her as she is, I love her character and I can accept that she is a bad person who made horrible decisions in life and cheated on her husband with his best friend because that’s who Laura Moon is, and as a character she’s brilliant! As a person? Not so much. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'll just say I've followed you for Drarry but stayed because everything is absolutely marvelous! Favorite drarry blog hands down so I need to ask, because I haven't found almost any, do you know good AU fics? Preferably lengthy ones. Thank you so much love 💖

Thank you so much!! You’re so sweet :) Here are my favorite AUs- I hope you enjoy them!

Sorted into Different Houses

Leo Inter Serpentes (Aeternum, 516k so far, WIP): It’s a retelling of all the books with Slytherin!Harry. It finally does justice to Slytherin House and all my favorite snakes.

Cunning and Ambition (MinaAndChao, 372k; not complete!): Also a retelling of each book with a Slytherin Harry. It’s a lot of fun, but it was abandoned during the sixth one. 

Sacrifices Arc (Lightning on the Wave, over 2 million words): Harry has a twin brother named Connor. Harry’s sorted into Slytherin, and it follows him throughout his years at Hogwarts, but it’s quite a bit darker than the other two series.  

Slytherin Lovers (Hijja, 5k): After losing their Quidditch game, Draco gets to spank Harry.

Chaos Theory (Tessa Crowley, 103k): Draco is a genius Ravenclaw, and he becomes friends with Harry during their first year at Hogwarts.

Re-sorted into Different Houses

Malfoy Flavor (Vorabiza, 195k): Harry finds out he’s Snape’s son, assumes a new identity, and is re-sorted into Slytherin during his sixth year. It’s such a fun, pro Slytherin fic! 

The Owlery and the Slytherin (writcraft, 11k): Kingsley orders Harry to finish up his NEWTs and get re-sorted into Slytherin to try to help eradicate the pervasive anti-Slytherin bias. 

Golden Age (zeitgeistic, 53k): To promote interhouse unity, McGonagall decides that all seventh and eighth year students will be re-sorted into a different house. Harry and Draco both end up in Hufflepuff, and have to work together to solidify the magical wards. Normally, I really don’t like Draco in any house besides Slytherin, and Hufflepuff is the last one I’d put him in, but somehow, this author makes it work. It’s a fantastic, fun, and interesting read.  

Canon Divergent Hogwarts Era Fics

Secrets (Vorabiza, 411k): This diverges from canon after HBP. It starts with Draco coming to Harry for help sheltering his daughter from the Death Eaters, and from there, they embark on a quest to hunt down the horcruxes and stop Voldemort once and for all. It’s my favorite characterization of Harry and Draco’s relationship in any fic. 

Temptation on the Warfront (alizarincrims0n, 180k): At the start of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s Horcrux hunt, Remus deposits Draco on the steps of Grimmauld Place, stating that Draco has defected. Although the trio is naturally suspicious of him at first, Harry finds himself hopelessly drawn to him, and Draco ends up joining them on their quest. It’s such a gorgeous, emotional fic, and it has one of the best characterizations of Draco I’ve yet to encounter.

Twist of Fate (OakStone730, 312k): Harry and Draco get together during their fourth year at Hogwarts, but keep their relationship a secret. It doesn’t directly contradict canon; every interaction they have in the books still occurs, there’s just another meaning behind everything (for instance, they’ll stage fights to stave off suspicion, and agree that “Scarhead” means “I love you”). They’re so perfect together, and it will tear out your heart before slowly knitting it back together. 

Abraxan Wings (khalulu, 14.5k): After the Sectumsempra incident, Draco loses the use of his legs. Harry comes to speak to him afterwards, and Dumbledore ends up forcing them to room together. They grow close, and Harry urges Draco to switch sides.

Nonmagical AUs

Worlds Apart (QueenyMidas, 30.5k): Harry and Draco’s characters in World of Warcraft meet, and their initial animosity soon gives way to flirting and sexting. They’re both unaware that the boy on the other side of the screen is their high school rival. The characterizations here are amazing, and their banter gives me life. This is exactly how I like to see them!

To Be Where I’m Going (In the Sunshine of your Love) (theweightofmywords, 19k): After attending rival high schools, Harry and Draco end up at the same college and have to be on the swim team together. They slowly become close, and as their friendship deepens, Harry finds himself falling in love with Draco. After graduation, they go on a road trip across the country, and Harry can’t help hoping for more. It’s beautifully written with such soulful, emotional pining.

Synthetic Bonds (mypetelephant, 116k): Draco is a grad student and Harry is Lucius’ protégée at Malfoy Corporation. To become CEO of the company, Harry has to marry Draco; unfortunately, they absolutely hated each other in school, and are thus not sold on the idea. Luckily, they have incredible chemistry to help keep things interesting as they try to get to know each other better.

Mad Blood Stirring (@provocative-envy, 3k): Harry and Draco are professional hockey players on rival teams who have a penchant for sexting each other, fucking in hotels, and eschewing conversation in favor of sulking or exacting revenge

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night (femme, 22k): After Astoria dies, Draco decides to quit his job as a professional Cricket player and take care of Scorpius. He ends up buying a café (mostly to piss off his dad), and meets Harry, a hot politician who makes him unaccountably flustered. 

Interpreting Draconis (Dacro, 11k): Draco’s been put in charge of his family’s company in the wake of his father’s disappearance. He’s Deaf, and Harry’s hired as his interpreter. 

Catfish (QueenyMidas, 47k): Draco and Harry are hosting MTV’s Catfish. Even though they hated each other in high school, they decide to try to get along for the sake of the show.

The Princess Thief (olimakiella, 31k): The mysterious art thief Draco Malfoy tries to rob the Louvre and escapes persecution. Luckily, bounty hunter Potter is on the case. Most of the characters are Muggles here (except for Harry).

Draco’s Boy (empathic siren, 186k): Harry moves next door to Draco when they’re eight years old. It follows them into adolescence, and shows Harry trying to cope with the Dursleys’ abuse and his struggles in starting a relationship with Draco. 

AUs with Different Universes 

Life Is a Twice Written Scroll (lauren3210, 22.5k): While it initially seems like a traditional eighth year fic, it quickly develops into a rich study of choices and the ripple effects they cause. Draco imagines what would have happened if he had done one thing differently, and is shocked to wake up the next day and find himself living in a world where he had made that particular choice. He explores different realities that hinge on his choices, and finds himself drawn to Harry time and time again. It also has a gorgeous companion piece that explores one of the alternate universes in more depth. 

Oscillate Wildly (Marks, 57k): Harry collapses during his sixth year and wakes up in a hospital, surrounded by Muggle doctors and some familiar names and faces. He’s jolted back into his normal world the next morning, but continues to experience breaks, wherein he’s in a Muggle mental institution and is told that he created the world of wizards and magic as part of an elaborate fantasy. Both worlds feel real to him, and he struggles to decide which life is preferable.

Turn (saras_girl, 307k): Although it starts with Harry being married to Ginny and living an epilogue compliant life, he’s jolted out of this when he suddenly wakes up and is married to Draco. He finds that in this new reality, he sought Draco out after Sectumsempra and apologized, thereby setting a different (and happier) course for himself. 

my rec for a fantastic saturday is to go reread everything on @dantique‘s ao3 account (link), and there are only four so let me make this easier, direct links are bolded for you 

a softer beginning - 2.1k of the actual softest sweetest moving fic and my favorite line is: 

They’d made this place safe together, filled their cluttered shelves with pictures and figurines and rows of their mingled DVD collection, stuck googly-eyes to the light switches and posters of boybands to the bathroom door. He’s romanticising things, he knows, and he can’t wait to do those things anew in a proper house of their own. 

a great deal of light (falls on everything) - 2.3k of the actual best 2017 Phil birthday fic, with Dan on the Isle of Man and my favorite line is short but so impactful and such a summary of 2017 so far, in general:

In 2017 he is teaching himself to swallow down the instinct to hide.

Here’s to the Fools Who Dream - 1.7k of La La Land soundtrack inspired sweetness, with just the right amount of melancholy. Favorite line: 

The nearer they get to the cinema the more frequent it becomes, and they’re both giggling stupidly, and it’s dumb and makes no sense but Phil’s stomach hurts with laughter and he thinks Dan is the best friend he’s ever had, really.

We See the Same Stars - 1.6k of Dan and Phil ringing in 2017 at Phil’s childhood best friend’s home, and some of the most achingly gorgeous Phil characterization ever. Favorite line: 

They’d spent entire months abroad in 2016, and it had been wonderful - exciting and fast-paced and brand-new - but in the hollows of his bones he craves quiet in 2017. He craves home.

(and if you read them and you like them don’t forget to leave the author a comment on the fic itself) 


“I don’t serve the Starks, I serve Lady Catelyn. I told her I’m going to take you to King’s Landing and that’s what I’m going to do.”

I’ve been looping the stolen century waiting for the finale, and holy shit, Griffin totally yoinked Justin’s casually delivered “Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help” aphorism when crafting Magnus’s final bear fight, didn’t he?

I wonder what Pope Paul VI would think if he knew his quote would one day result in an invisible wolf being canon blasted off the moon.

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Did you ever stop to think how sad Error's blueberry story really is? After Error destroyed his AU, he was forced to fight his Papyrus. Then his Papyrus was left taunted and begging to be taken instead. Then taken to the Omega Timeline never to see his Sans again and Blueberry after a long time getting to know Error was left for a long time to a point he started to hearing voices as well, then when someone finally comes as his way out or as company, they stab him to death and TAKE pieces of him.

Oh, of course I know how tragic Blue in Errortale is! I’m mega familar with it. I’ve read through the entire Ask Error blog at least a dozen times for research, and probably another dozen times just because I enjoy it so much! It’s one of my favorite AUs/stories, and one of my favorite characterizations of Underswap Sans, specifically. It’s brilliant.

Do I feel sorry for Blue? Absolutely.

Sorry enough to regret what I put him through in this story, or to have possibly considered not adding him in the first place? Not at all!

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have you read any good finn (also stormpilot:)) fanfics lately?? the behind the scenes of tlj got me shook and i'm so ready for december 15th

OHHH what a great question! I actually haven’t delved into the tag in almost a year (I’m a little tired of sifting thru all the non-Finn/Stormpilot-centric fics that have unfortunately flooded the tag), but have read a few gems recently! All courtesy of thehorrorinsymmetry, who writes some of my favorite characterizations of Finn & Poe!

Can’t Help Falling In Love (T) SO! CUTE!

In The Line Of Fire series (M) this is one of my favorites! I rediscovered it the other day and it was just as perfect the second time around!

In For A Penny (E) I’m so grateful that the author called out some pressing (racist) issues with how the boys are depicted in some fics, while also writing an adorable story!

How about y’all? Any good reads lately? Please feel free to send any fun fic recs my way  (♡˙︶˙♡)

Lena Luthor Appreciation Week | Day 3
Favorite Supercorp/Lena-centered Fics

 List of fics with my favorite Lena characterizations with a dose of supercorp and plot. I have a lot but I’ll list my top ones. I recommend y’all to take a look if you haven’t.

Gold-Crested Ravens and Cornflower Blue Mornings
by @wtfoctagon
Her Brother’s Keeper by ProfessorSpork
my youth is yours by @lynnearlington
there’s a moon in the sky (she calls me) by @nevervalentines
Monster Under The Bed by BiJane
Do not go gentle into that good night by Khrat9
pain by cautiouslyoptimistic
you are the fire (and i’m gasoline
by @lenacorporations
The Ineluctable Path To Being by donteatmyfingerprints

Gradence Fic Rec Time

Greetings friends! As I am sure many of you have noticed, I am currently in Gradence hell, and honestly having a pretty fun time of it. Considering the fact that I have consumed way more fic than I probably want to admit to, I figure it’s about time I put together a fic rec list of some of my favorite fics in the fandom.

Pretty much all of these are long fics or series, largely because that’s been what I’ve been super interested in reading lately. Some of these are finished as of this writing, some are not. Anyway, here we go!:

  • Other People’s Poetry by oppisum - Explicit - Unfinished - Okay, so. This was the fic that really sold me on the ship. I’d been casually reading fics in the fandom for a wide variety of ships, but this was the fic that dragged me into Gradence hell. The characterization is largely enjoyable, the author takes some pretty fun creative liberties with canon, and it’s one of the few fics I’ve read that actually includes Percival’s father. Even though it’s unfinished as of this writing, it’s still worth a read.
  • A Wizard’s Devotional by Polymathema - Explicit - Unfinished - Listen. Listen. I am a simple harpy with simple needs. These needs include painful, agonizing slow burn; religious guilt; and Credence and Graves having to lean on each other as they deal with PTSD. Poly absolutely, 100% provides. If you, too, are a simple creature with these same, simple needs, do yourself a favor and read this fic.
  • This Thing of Darkness by maggiedragon - Explicit - Finished - Listen. I am still a simple harpy with simple needs. These needs include Graves suffering a lot emotionally and Credence acquiring a pet. :P No, but seriously, this fic has one of my favorite interpretations of Graves, and I cannot express how emotionally compromised I was in the last couple of chapters. The payoff was totally worth it, though.
  • autumn dusk at central park by brawlite - Explicit - Unfinished - Is it cheating to put this on my rec list? I feel like this fic has already gotten a lot of attention in the fandom, but that’s for good reason. It’s got a fascinating interpretation of Credence, and I greatly enjoy the way that Credence gets to know Graves after canon. I can’t wait for the third chapter to come out. :B
  • We Get What We Deserve by maggiedragon - Explicit - Unfinished - Yes, I know Maggie is already on here. Yes, I know this is an AU and I don’t normally do AUs. To both of those objections I say: I really enjoy Maggie’s characterization of Graves, and this AU is just that good. I am enjoying the heck out of this even though, as of this writing, the author has left us on A HORRIBLE CLIFFHANGER AND IS A MONSTER. ;)
  • credence barebone and the king of the faeries series by saltpans - Mature - So do y’all remember that AU idea that was floating around, about how wizards/witches were all somehow (even if only tangentially) descended from the fae? Yeah, this fic series totally explores that, with some fantastic world-building and one of my favorite characterizations of Tina.
  • Do We Live series by lyonet - Teen to Explicit - This series isn’t strictly Gradence, but it features fairly prominently in many of the individual works, and I feel like I’d be remiss for not including a rec for this series. The character voices are fantastic, and the way the author has chosen to explore the greater magical society in New York is pretty interesting. (Also, the most recent work focuses on Queenie and frankly her inner monologue is just heartbreaking.)

The two series are technically unfinished, as they both have a fic in them that is currently in progress. If you’re not into reading unfinished things, you can have a satisfying reader experience by just reading the finished works.

Anyway, this is just a small sampling of some of my favorite fics from this pairing. Happy reading!

i would like to make a huge shoutouts to two fantastic works with superhuman authors. They’ve both been around for a while and I have recommend them both before- but they are long, beautifully written, and plot-driven. I cannot recommend either of them enough.

Conspiratheory by LCypherED This story is already super freaking long (over 130K words) and still on-going. The wait between updates is long, but it is reliable and so worth it. It features one of my favorite characterizations of Bill, an astoundingly complex and lively storyline, and an array of OCs that I quickly came to love. It’s funny and brilliant and I adore it to pieces.

Sleeping Through the End of the World by OrphanCricket  I have been following this fic for years. It sounds really dramatic when I say it like that, but it’s true. And every time I’ve got a notification for it, my day became that much brighter. I have so many memories of reading this story and I’m both saddened and excited to see it nearing the end after all this time. There are so many twists and turns and it never once failed to make me think. Dipper and Mabel’s relationship is portrayed flawlessly and the hate-to-love relationship between Bill and Dipper makes it so entertaining to read. 

These stories are just as amazing as the hardworking, genius writers behind them. They deserve all the success that comes their way and more, and I HIGHLY recommend you guys check them out if you haven’t already (and make sure to leave a comment if you do)!