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Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

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Why do you hate Hinata!? She is just as bad as Sakura, yet u like her?

Sakura: Badass kunoichi and kickass medic. Now a jonin. Student of the legendary Sannin Tsunade. Saved countless lives, INCLUDING HINATA’S. Took on and defeated Sasori. Punched a god. 

Hinata: Never won a single fight. Still a chunin. Can’t fight for shit. Tripped over a rock. Got Neji killed and didn’t care five minutes later because ‘omg naruto-kun is holding my hand!’ 

They’re the same? Boi the fuck outta here. 

RWBY Art Challenge Day 1: Favorite Character.

ALRIGHT! I’m kicking off this potentially soul crushing art challenge with best boi! Qrow Branwen is hands down my FAVORITE character in RWBY, if that wasn’t already obvious from how 90% of my art features him. I just think he will be a apart of a lot of the secrets the show as yet to unravel, and if he acts like a drunken idiot with a soft spot for his nieces along the way, then amen. <3

I decided to start on a high note and put some extra effort into this piece (had to do my boy justice.) BUT if tomorrow you see me with a stick figure don’t be surprised. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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Hello Faeb! <3 Congratz on your new NPC and amazing new art! I've been wondering who is your favorite lore character and why? :3

That would be Azshara, hands-down. I really like characters who are unabashedly evil. She’s arguably, if not, the most powerful mage Azeroth has ever seen and pure 100% baaaddd to the bone. If you do the quests in, I think they’re IN Azshara, with some of the ghosts in her court, they are so chilling. And on TOP of all that, she’s responsible for one of the coolest races in the game, the Naga! Also I love the idea of the prettiest night elf ever becoming this hideous sea creature–like her inner evil became her outer self. Anyway, I dig her a lot and I think I haven’t seen her in-game yet the way I feel she deserves. 

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*breaks down door* I heard you liked One Piece ((((((: (from an ancient ask lmao)

I not only like One Piece, Luffy is hands down my favorite anime character ever. It’s a shame I don’t draw him more but I’m an arc behind in the manga right now and I need to find the time to catch up first

you all, i just love j-zed so much. I LOVE HIM. He’s hands down to the ground my favorite fictional character. wanna know why? I’ll spill.

He’s just queer and it aint know thing, right? Like he never had this coming to terms with his queerness story line. He just is. He dated gals, he dated men and it is what it is to him. and he’s totally cool with it. He wants to be with Bits for 5ever and it was never an internal battle. and he never had this big need to come out cuz to him he just loves who he loves. and when he told his close peeps about him and bitty…his buds were cool, his rents were cool, his boss was hella cool and supportive. how utterly refreshing, amirite? i get the nervousness about coming out to his team and the public cuz of how homophobic pro sports still are but in jack Zimmerman’s everyday life he’s just incidentally queer and he’s just so okay with it and that is such GOOD representation in media that we NEVER SEE. normalizing queerness. I love it a lot and I would dieeeeeeeeee for jack and ngozi.

FFVII Cloud Strife

Drew the sketch for this all the way back in March I think lol but ITS FINALLY DONE!!!!
My whole goal for this was to try making it look half completed(?) but still completed (if that makes sense lol) therefore played with the smoky fading effect on the torso~ hands down my favorite character everxD

Character © Square Enix Final Fantasy VII
Art by me


Darth Vader is the most terrifying badass I have ever met as a character, he knows how to get shit done and when to get it done. In the original trilogy, he hunts down Luke Skywalker using any means necessary and tries to get him to turn to the Darkside.

In the animated series Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, he still had that intimidating feeling after the Grand Inquisitor was killed. Just the moment when he arrives on Lothal and all you hear is the breathing and his iconic theme gets you hyped for season two.

The Force Awakens, all you see is an old relic of his helmet and it still gives you those vibes, man.





The introduction to Darth Vader was so pleasing. Seeing him in the bacta tank protected by Imperial Guards when Krennic approaches him screams the fact that he’s still recovering from his injuries.






Welcome Home - Part 1

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Request: (by anon) Hello! I love your writing, you’re one of my favorite writers on Tumblr. :) I was wondering if you could do a Winn Schott imagine, where after the crossover or whatever you go back to Earth 38 with Kara and you end up falling in love with Winn? Like a lot of flirting and cute moments where Winn gets all flustered? Thanks! :D <3

Pairing: Winn Schott x Reader feat. Kara, Alex, J’onn, Oliver, and Barry

Warnings: None

Words: 2807

A/N: So, I loved this prompt so much that I decided to make it a series. And if you’re wondering what her costume looks like, I made that too. Sorry this isn’t as flirty/flustery as I meant it to be. Maybe I’ll do better in part 2.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Dominators were defeated, the presidential honors were given, the celebratory party was winding down, and Earth-1 was saved. The only thing left to do was to say your goodbyes and go your separate ways.

Over the last few days, you had become good friends with Supergirl, or Kara Danvers as it was. At the party, she had mentioned how on her Earth it was just her and her cousin defending the planet and how nice it was to have a team. You couldn’t have agreed more. It would be nice to fight crime with others like Team Arrow or the Legends. It would even be nice to have a support group like Team Flash, even if you were the only one in the field.  But you had no one. No friends, no family, no one to rely on other than yourself.

Knowing this, Kara invited you to come back to her world to fight alongside her. Earth-1 had plenty of protectors and you had no reason to stay, so you quickly jumped at the opportunity.

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Started watching My Hero Academy (Boku no Hero Academia) last Friday and I’m actually enjoying the hell out of it. My friend hosts anime nights every Friday, and we knocked out half the series last Friday. Looking forward to watching the rest this week. This guy is my favorite character hands down. Both of his designs are so cool (his weak design is very original, too, like a 90′s grunge rock front man mixed with Metal Sonic or something) and ultra fun to draw, and it’s just so refreshing to see a true, genuine, classic-style super hero in an age of dark and angsty heroes (even Superman’s become an angsty brat). Loving this show. DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME.


Zevran is my favorite Dragon Age character, hands down, no competition. As such, I was really sad to hear that he wasn’t going to be appearing in Inquisition.

So, as a tribute to Zevran, here’s a theoretical Inquisition-era design of him as leader of the Antivan Crows. Design isn’t exactly my specialty, but I had a lot of fun doing this.

Reggie x Reader- request - Okay Reginald

Reggie x Reader 

Word Count: 2,130


anonymous asked: Can i ask for a reggie x reader where reggie tries to ask her out but she plays hard to get? thanks :)

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for in your request. Thanks for reading, this was fun to write.

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Your year had started out a little different than the last. With the arrival of Veronica Lodge, and her friendship - you soon found a new confidence in yourself. And while you may have had a little bit different interests than the typical girl in Riverdale, there seemed to be a new glow around you.

Within the last few days in english class, you began to feel someone’s eyes on you. And with the pop of your head you would turn around and see no one staring. You shrugged it off while going back to the paper in front of you. However, you swear you could hear the faintest sigh that day.

After class you headed to your locker. You glanced at the inside of it, pictures of your favorite things staring back at you. Some pictures of some poets as well as a small flyer for Star Wars: A New Hope at the drive in, some pictures of friends - Veronica included, as well as mixture print outs of your favorite comics. As far as a small town like Riverdale was concerned - your tastes were a little out of the realm for a typical 16 year old girl.

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KND Top 10 Favorite Characters

#5) Benedict Wigglestein  Uno, Jr. (Father) 

Hands down the best and most intimidating villain in the KND series goes to Benedict Uno aka Father. Just hearing his name would give me shivers when I watch this as a kid. He was the perfect main antagonist to the Kids Next Door. He represented the corrupt and unfairness Adults placed on Kids. Father was all sass and power (which I loved and feared). His VA (Maurice LaMarche) is a genius. Father has to have one of the best and unique voices on the show. If CN greenlights G:KND and if Father will be in it, I hope they get the original VA, because I can’t imagine no other voice fitted for the role. I never expected to sympathize Father until I watched Operation Z.E.R.O and saw his origins. Neglectful and abusive fathers tend to create the evil in their children. I found it interesting that our main character Numbuh 1 is related to our main bad guy (though the Uncle and Nephew conflicts have been played out before) and I wished we saw more of that relationship after the reveal. Overall Father is my favorite villain and is a dynamic character that deserves to make my top 10. 

P.S Remember Sector Z :(

rhysand is my favorite book character hands down because he’s so respectful of everyone, gives importance to everyone, loves so greatly, literally wants everyone to be happy, and he’s fkn gorgeous I want to thank sarah j maas for creating such a wonderful character that I can’t get enough of she made my life so much better by introducing rhysand to it :))