Wicdiv 30 day Challenge Day 3

Favorite male character :


Obviously I’m talking in terms of which male character I find the most interesting and well constructed. I fucking hate this piece of shit. Everyone does. If I am to believe the recent polls, the majority of the Wicdiv readership looks like me : a young, queer Westerner with some sort of education who spends a lot of time on tumblr (that last part is an educated guess). And what’s the closest I’ve ever been to a real-life bad guy ?

That gross racist, misogynistic pig who complains about SJWs on anon.

Woden is not just A villain, he’s MY villain ; I knew exactly what he was when he first appeared and so did every reader. To create a character that will instantly speak to your entire audience and provoke an immediate reaction is no small feat.

We are getting more and more villains who fit that profile as society is starting to realize how much of a hamper this type of people is to itself. Immortan Joe and his warboys. Kilgrave. Kylo Ren. Rowan. But Wicdiv beat them to it, and still managed to fit a twist into that stereotype : self-awareness. Most MRA/PUA types don’t realize how pathetic they are, and still manage to sound unhinged enough to be scary. Woden knows what he is. All his viciousness is neatly tied into a ball of self-loathing and despair.

What do you say to Woden ? Why would you even say anything ? He hates you. All you can do is hate him back.

Woden is in my opinion the truest, most visceral character Wicdiv has managed to ring out. I think any emotion a writer can provoke has to be aknowledged as a success , even when these emotions are negative. And in that regard, Woden, despicable, failed Woden, is a complete triumph.

  • me on a date:so what's your opinion on draco malfoy?
  • them:he's so stupid, I mean how can anyone like some one who is so evil, he has the dark mark, it's rid-
  • me:*shoving breadsticks into purse* something's come up I've got to go