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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [4/8] favorite celebrity friendships ▶ Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson

“Josh and I are both crazy! So it’s good when we have people that are not crazy to kind of calm us down a little bit. But when Josh and I are together we’re so bad for each other.” - Jennifer Lawrence

“Jennifer and I totally hit it off. We’re both crazy people and we don’t hold anything back. “ - Josh Hutcherson

We are proud to announce that Spideypool Week is a go! A one week special event dedicated to our favorite boys, celebrating their wonderful friendship, team up, and possibly … hmm… romance?

As for the ongoings of the event, we have the GUIDELINES and the PROMPTS for you to check out. These will help us keep the event flowing smoothly.

Everyone who wants to participate is invited. There are no limits to what you guys can create, go wild! ( but not too wild haha, that’s what the guidelines are for! ) You can submit from Fanart to Fanvids to even Cosplay. Just have fun and we hope you enjoy with us as one big Spideypool family!