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TWD Zone Facebook page celebrates Melissa McBride day - July 11th

I;m having fun this week, running Melissa McBride Day today on @twdzone ‘s Facebook page.  

TWD-Zone-  is the page name, with the site banner and a profile photo of Norman Reedus

I’ ve asked members and fans to send us their favorite photos of TWD Cast and of characters so we’ve had a great response so far.  

Please feel free to send your favorite images to me here, on Zone or via the Facebook page.

Today we celebrate Melissa McBride after “Andrew Lincoln Day” on Monday.

Wednesday is “Norman Reedus Day.”

Thursday is “Danai Gurira Day”

Friday we celebrate Hilltop and ASZ characters

Saturday we cover The Kingdom and The Saviors

Sunday we celebrate characters who have died on the show, from Amy- Sasha

We have another surprise to reveal D=Sunday night for the week leading up to SDCC.

So please feel free to join in the fun with us.

Gerhardt’s picture leads me to something else I’d like to acknowledge, which is what a human-looking cast we are. I personally like a cast with a lot of different-shaped faces and weird little bodies and a diverse array of weak chins, because it helps me tell the characters apart. - Tina Fey