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Viola Davis thanks Fences co-star Denzel Washington in her Golden Globes 2017 speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.


Since we’ve been a couple on the show for some time, do you think that our comfort level is good or that it needs work? Oh, shut up. See? That’s me being comfortable.


Favorite friendships (Arrow cast) ➸ Stephen & Emily

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Day 7: Favorite Cast Friendship: Brooke & Haley

I loved the way that they became so close and they were like sisters at the end. I like that Haley was the maid of honor at Brooke’s wedding and they had Karen’s. How at the basketball game they were together just like they had been best friends forever. These two have an amazing friendship. I love them both.


Melissa McBride Birthday Week - Day 6 - Favorite Friendship: Melissa McBride and Alanna Masterson (x, x)