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The first song I ever wrote, I was 10 years old and I was really into System of a Down. And I wrote this song that sounded like System of a Down, but it was called “Chicken Taquito.” No joke. I called it that. And literally, the words were just like, how much I love eating chicken taquitos. In a round-about way. There was singing about mushrooms and green peppers and stuff too.

Brendon Urie

(if you’re ever feeling unsuccessful and like you’ll never go anywhere in life, just remember that Brendon Urie’s first song was about chicken taquitos)


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Here. Have some pictures that I am very, very glad exist…

Brendon Urie Imagine

Being famous isn’t all about just the music, but also the awards and the gatherings that you attend. Normally you wouldn’t attend these kind of things but the minute you are Brendon went public with the relationship, award shows became a regular thing. 

Panic! at the Disco was asked to perform at the MTV Music awards, and is also nominated for one of their videos. When he heard the news, Brendon rushed right up to you with excitement coursing through him. 

“You better have the sexiest dress ever!” 

“Why?” you ask cocking an eyebrow.

“You are coming with me to the MTV Music awards!” 

“Bren thats so exciting!” 


The day has arrived and you are still sitting in a dressing room as a woman is curling your hair. Another lady is painting your face. Peering at the clock, you see that you are running late. 

“I hate to be a bother but are we almost finished. Brendon is going to walk out any minute.” you ask shyly. 

“Just one more curl. There.” 

The women spin you around to reveal their masterpiece. You stare in awe of yourself in the mirror. Almost unable to grasp their work, you look with wide eyes. 

“Thank you so much.”

Heading out the door, a staff member directs you toward the carpet. As you near, you can hear people yelling Brendon’s name and the incessant flash of cameras. Before you let him see you, you take in the moment with a big breath. Emerging from the shadows, fans start to scream causing Brendon to shift his attention. He smirks at you, cocking an eyebrow. He scans your body up and down, appreciating the slender champagne dress covered in jewels. 

You walk up to him and he greets you with a kiss on the cheek. He tries not to act flustered in front of the cameras but you can tell what he is thinking. He snakes his arm around your waist at the two of you stand in the sea of flashing lights. You feel his lips brush against your ear, his delicate fingers pulling your perfectly curled hair back. 

“God the things I would do to you right now.” 


“I can’t help it my girlfriend looks like a god damn angle.” 

Hand in hand, the two of you continue down the carpet, being stopped by various interviewers along the way. One interviewer caused the most commotion by asking the two of you to kiss. 

“We all know the fans are dying to see it!” 

You look over at Brendon with glossy eyes. With one arm he slides you closer, the other caresses your cheek, his fingertips sliding into your tousled hair. His lips connect with yours and immediately the crowd goes wild. You thought it would be a quick kiss but he wants to play up the crowd a little more. 

Once you pull away, your cheeks are bright red and you have a hard time looking at anyone in the eye. He slides his hand in yours as your heart beats against your chest. 

Interviewer: Hey Ryan, have you ever tried weed? Shrooms or acid?? And what about coke hmm?

Ryan: Um. Well. The police could read this. Also uh no. I haven’t. haha. um.

Interviewer: So Brendon what’s your favorite colo-

Brendon: wEED! POT! Marijuana!! Also I’ve done Shrooms… I’ve tried coke too!! but I just love weeeeeeed! Cannabis! Grass! I love the Green Gentleman 😋😍 Here’s how to roll a blunt kids 🍁🍁🍁