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What's you favorite breed of dogs? Personally, I'm a cat person, but I know you like dogs more than cats. :)

I’m a poodle fan. I had a miniature poodle growing up named Rambo. He was wonderful. Very affectionate, adorable personality, and very smart. Long lifespan as well. No shedding. I miss him a lot. He had a powder puff tail!

I also think papillions and min pins are cute as fuh, but I’ve never owned one so I can’t comment on their temperament. Also, I dig mutts. They’re healthier.

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Other Junkrat blogs: "Look at this new mood board I made for Junkrat! I think next week I might try to make some for his other skins to, but until then here are some visually pleasing screenies of his character model :)". This blog: "AH YES, JUNKFUCK, MY FAVORITE BREED OF FERRET. MAY HIS 8 NOODLY APPENDAGES TOUCH US ALL (ESPECIALLY ROADHOG'S SWEET, THICC ASS) GOD BLESS."

Hey, I still post attractive screenshots. Even though I sometimes have nights where all my posts are just sleep-deprived banters about Junkrat’s vagina or something.

i’m rereading philosopher’s stone and chamber of secrets and i’m more and more convinced that lupin was, if not the first character jo came up with (i’m pretty sure she came up with harry first), definitely an integral part of the narrative from the beginning. maybe remus as a character was an idea she had floating around even before she came up with harry, which she then decided to stick in harry’s universe because she was so fond of him. i know i’ve mentioned the wonderful irony of a dark creature teaching defense against the dark arts before, and jo said she wrote prisoner of azkaban in a huge rush, she just went tearing through it and it was fantastically easy to write because all the plot elements were there and it was just a matter of piecing it together.

but yeah, i think that lupin was one of the earliest characters jo made up. just look at the way she’s built up the concept of werewolves in the potter universe (and even the idea of interchangeable DADA professors) before lupin’s official introduction:

philosopher’s stone:

  • at one point, harry and ron look up ways of treating werewolf bites in quirrel’s defense class. this is just a passing mention, no details in the text itself, though they must have learned how painful the bites are, how hard they are to cure, how you have to apply silver and dittany to the wound and how most bitten wizards literally beg for death. (also, slightly related: harry is writing down the definition for dittany a few chapters later, while studying for his exams.)
  • malfoy straight up refuses to go into the forbidden forest during detention for fear of werewolves. harry hangs onto draco’s words (but doesn’t he always??), and once they find the dead unicorn, his mind jumps to a potential werewolf attack. THEN, when they first hear quirrel skulking around, harry asks hagrid if this new, unknown thing is a werewolf. the boy is plainly petrified.
  • another tiny mention: hermione mentions the werewolf code of conduct not coming up on their exams, which means that they definitely learned about the whole issue of werewolves not wanting to be documented for fear of admitting their lycanthropy on record. i’m sad.

chamber of secrets:

  • gilderoy lockhart’s wandering with werewolves continually comes up, from justin finch-fletchley recounting how lockhart supposedly survived getting trapped in a telephone booth with a werewolf (?) to lockhart actually making harry act out the part of the werewolf in front of the whole class, which is interesting because
  • lockhart obviously wants to play himself and so the part of the werewolf goes to harry, but it’s notable that of all the reenactments lockhart had harry do, the one that gets its own scene with dialogue and all (lockhart making harry howl, oh man) is the werewolf one.
  • “Nice loud howl, Harry—exactly—and then, if you’ll believe it, I pounced—like this—slammed him to the floor—thus—with one hand, I managed to hold him down—with my other, I put my wand to his throat—I then screwed up my remaining strength and performed the immensely complex Homorphus Charm—he let out a piteous moan—go on, Harry—higher than that—good—the fur vanished—the fangs shrank—and he turned back into a man. Simple, yet effective—and another village will remember me forever as the hero who delivered them from the monthly terror of werewolf attacks.” 
  • i mean, just look at lockhart’s dialogue here. he makes harry howl (which is, admittedly, hilarious), then has him make this inhuman, wailing moan while he’s got his wand to harry’s throat. lockhart’s body language, his words, his obvious display of power all indicate his, and all of wizarding society’s, prejudice against werewolves. he sees them as creatures to be overpowered and subdued, even though they are in effect humans 97% of the time. lockhart has a whole book on this, and he’s so popular and influential at this point that anybody who’s anybody is adopting his viewpoints.
  • (please imagine remus lupin standing in flourish and blotts, reading wandering with werewolves with mingled curiosity and disgust.)
  • another aside: “No one wants to read about some ugly old Armenian warlock, even if he did save a village from werewolves. He’d look dreadful on the front cover. No dress sense at all.” how the fuck did the original guy do it??? is the homorphus charm actually real????!!! i doubt it, i bet this guy actually straight up killed a werewolf, saved the village, and then gilderoy adapted his story to make it a little more reader-friendly. there’s no way that charm exists, full stop.

and then, finally, in prisoner of azkaban, we meet a real werewolf, but we don’t know this (or at least, we’re not supposed to know) until the climax. remus is level-headed, articulate, dependable, funny, and a bit mischievous–I think about dumbledore’s comment at the end of CoS, “And I must draft an advertisement for the Daily Prophet, too…we’ll be needing a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher…Dear me, we do seem to run through them, don’t we?” imagine harry and co.’s sense of immense relief when they finally, finally get a decent DADA professor. i mean, they had a stuttering wreck who turned out to have voldemort growing out of his skull, and then a self-absorbed fraud who tried to memory-wipe two of his students and then abandon another student to a literal basilisk. remus not only knows his shit but he’s so decent, so endearing. and he’s a werewolf. 

i really love how jo built it up, and then people’s subsequent reactions. hermione jumping to conclusions about remus and sirius working together, and immediately going, “it’s because he’s a werewolf; he can’t be trusted,” and then immediately outing him; ron’s “get away from me, werewolf!” comment; snape’s extremely prejudiced jabs at remus when he shows up– “don’t ask me to fathom the way a werewolf’s mind works,” “i’ll drag the werewolf”…while, throughout poa, we are shown that remus is everything but the savage, inhuman, animalistic image of the werewolf which jo subtly introduces throughout the early books. 


This dairy goat farm lets the public take tours during/a little after the kidding season during spring! I got chewed on and it was great.

Send me a color on/off anon!

White: What’s your age?
Red: What’s your zodiac?
Blue: What’s your eye color?
Yellow: What is your natural hair color?
Lavender: When is your birthday?
Mauve: How tall are you?
Orange: Any pets? And if you have, what is their name(s)?
Purple: What’s your sexuality?
Lilac: What’s your gender?
Navy: What’s your first language?
Pink: Do you have/want piercings? If so, what kind of piercings?
Brown: How many hair colors have you had?
Green: What are you currently studying/hope to study?
Black: Do you have any bad habits, if so, what?
Amber: Name of your parents/guardians?
Burgundy: Favorite month?
Grey: Favorite movie?
Coral: Favorite book?
Magenta: Favorite Disney movie?
Violet: Favorite song?
Auburn: Favorite band/singer?
Indigo: Favorite smell?
Beige: Favorite sound?
Lime: Favorite weather?
Vermilion: Favorite flower?
Maroon: Favorite dog breed?
Pastel: Favorite cat breed?
Fawn: Favorite word in your first language?
Cerice: Do you believe in aliens? 
Tan: What do you think happens after death?
Peach: Dream job?
Sienna: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Cream: How many languages can you understand?
Ivory: What’s your religion?

Questions from @sassy-0-dinosaur !

Ask Me Anything: All About Cats
  • 1) How many cats do you have?
  • 2) What's your favorite breed?
  • 3) How many cats have you ever had?
  • 4) Do you do volunteer work with cats?
  • 5) Tell me about your oldest cat.
  • 6) Tell me about your youngest cat.
  • 7) Are any of your cats siblings?
  • 8) Do you have a favorite cat, or a cat you're closer with than the others?
  • 9) How did you get your cat(s)?
  • 10) How many cats do you wish you could have?
  • 11) Do any of your cats have disabilities?
  • 12) What are the most unique features on your cats?
  • 13) How do your cats express affection?
  • 14) Do you sleep with your cats at night?
  • 15) What do you feed your cats——cooked food or canned food?
  • 16) Tell me about your cats when they were kittens.
  • 17) If you could have any cat or cats in the world right now, who would you have?
  • 18) Have any of your cats died? Tell me about them.
  • 19) Tell me about your smallest cat.
  • 20) Tell me about your largest cat.

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sorry for sending so many questions lol. I just love your blog so much. Anyway, do you have a favorite dog breed?

No way. How ever would I choose? 

I adore all sighthounds, but only a select few would fit the lifestyle I need - I’m leaning towards an afghan hound when I’m in a position to be able to own a dog. But, man, I drool over them whenever they’re on my feed.  

Beagles and other hunting hounds are some of my favorites to train because of how they think, but their intensity is a little overwhelming and it’s always nice to give them back to their owners when it’s time to leave. 

Well bred toy dogs, like papillions and chihuahuas, are really fascinating. I love their engagement and their connection to their people. 

Mastiffs and other molossers are wonderful lumps from a distance but I prefer to not be covered in slobber, thanks. 

Most bully breeds have some of my favorite personalities but their temperament is nowhere near suited to my lifestyle or what I need in a dog. 

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hcs for kakyoin and rohan with a s/o obsessed with video games and anime?

Kakyoin is such a rarely requested character on this blog. Hell yeah, anon, you get yo Rohan and Kak!

Originally posted by nicolasis

Kakyoin with s/o obsessed with anime and video games

  • It’s less work for Kakyoin to bond with s/o. They already got two things in common, video games and anime
  • He probably gets competitive during racing games like Mario Kart
  • Kakyoin loves cuddling with s/o when they play Animal Crossing. They both would visit each other’s towns and go fishing together
  • He finds it cute when his s/o is wearing t-shirts of their favorite anime or video game
  • Kakyoin and s/o always trade Pokemon or meet eachother’s dogs on Nintendogs (his favorite pupper breed is probably Shiba Inu or Cavalier King charles Spaniel)
  • When they’re not together in the same house, they reconnect online by playing Final Fantasy XIV (Final Fantasy version of World of Warcraft p much, it’s a MMORPG) and Kakyoin would show s/o secret places to get rare items or help them on team missions
  • Kakyoin likes to spoon s/o when they’re together watching anime
  • Kakyoin’s favorite series to watch are Mobile Suit Gundam, Speedracer, and The Rose of Versailles
  • He collects body pillows of his waifus as his s/o also collects their own body pillows of their waifus/husbands

Rohan with s/o obsessed with anime and video games

  • Rohan may feel uncomfortable at first, even turned off that his s/o is indulged in otaku-things like anime and video games
  • But he eventually learns to get over it. He doesn’t mind if s/o obsesses over his work on Pink Dark Boy though
  • Rohan feels intimidated when s/o asks him to play video games with them, but his pride makes him take the challenge anyway
  • “W-What are you talking about? The great Rohan Kishibe doesn’t turn down a challenge.”
  • Rohan feels despair when he loses the first round of Mario Kart so he kisses s/o, the winner, to congratulate them
  • Rohan’s favorite genres of games are strategy and art-based games
  • Rohan likes playing Okami because he gets to work with the tail-brush mechanic (and unlimited puppers)

Boer goats are my favorite breed because they’re genetically engineered to be living, breathing unstoppable battering rams but they’re actually really sweet. These sweethearts weigh like 250-300 pounds of muscle and dense bone but they’re the most gentle goats I’ve had to deal with they’re too precious. 

I mean look at it

It’s a fucking HUGE breed but the bucks are so gentle they’re usually allowed open pasture and you can actually just chill with them

best goat