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Me on Valentines Day (aka Day of the Ships)
  • Everyone else: *gets flowers and has companionship in life*
  • Me: *goes home*
  • Me: *sits on bed with comfy blankets*
  • Me: *puts in earbuds and turns on song 'Me Myself and I'*
  • Me: *grabs book*
  • Me: I LOVE YOU ME!!!!
  • Me: *reads favorite book as a VD gift to self*
  • Me: *fangirls over fictional characters to make up for non existent love life*

March Book Photo Challenge (via just0nemorepage)

Day Twelve: Fantasy

There is no genre I will ever love more. 


George Harrison aboard an Alster ferry, Hamburg, April 1961

Photo: Jürgen Vollmer

“[P]rinted later, the black and white contact sheet with twelve photographs of George seated and standing in a ferry, taken by Jurgen [sic] Vollmer, Pauline Sutcliffe’s personal copy.” - Auctioned by Bonhams on 29 July 2003

Rare photos by Jürgen Vollmer picspam

“He was such a sweet and charming little boy. But he also had this melancholy feeling that I identified with. I didn’t have much contact with Paul, and I was always a little afraid of John because he could be arrogant and overly ironic. But George didn’t have a mean streak in him.” - Jürgen Vollmer, Harrison

March Book Photo Challenge (via just0nemorepage)

Days Six & Seven: Novella & Science fiction

I don’t read many novellas, or much science fiction, but this is a great example of both and one that I truly love. 


In honor of Thick as Thieves being released May 15th, Fuck Yeah Queen’s Thief has decided to host a Queen’s Thief Appreciation Week in the week leading up to the release of the new book!

Post your art, fanfiction, graphics, meta, videos, or whatever else to get the fandom all ready for the book (not that we need to be any more excited but hey if we’re all gonna be collectively losing our shit, might as well do something with all that energy). We will be tracking the tag “qtappreciationweek” so be sure to tag with that to ensure your posts get seen and reblogged!

And don’t worry, we will be posting reminders periodically just in case people forget/don’t see this/get a cold and die for a few days like I did.

SO without further ado, here are the themes for each day!

Day One (May 8) - Favorite Book
Day Two (May 9) - Favorite Character
Day Three (May 10) - Favorite Ship
Day Four (May 11) - Favorite Object
Day Five (May 12) - Favorite Minor Character
Day Six (May 13) - Favorite Myth/Folktale
Day Seven (May 14) - Free Day!


Can’t wait to see what everyone has planned!

Small things that make everything better:
  • early morning rain
  • a great book
  • a hot cup of coffee
  • a hot cup of tea
  • hot chocolate
  • a room lit with fairy lights
  • a room lit with candles
  • candles that smell like Christmas
  • Copeland
  • comfortable jackets/sweaters
  • the smell of snow 
  • the smell of rain
  • your favorite song
  • journaling
  • a seat by the window on a dreary day
  • long drives on cold, rainy days
  • going to tiny book stores during the winter
  • the sleepy feeling cold, cloudy days give you
  • Fireplaces
  • warm blankets
  • watching it snow
  • Autumn leaves
The Signs are...

Aries: Midnight bond fires on a cold night, sloppy kisses, mindlessly dragging your finger across someones arm, the liberation of finishing HW, being alone in the city

Taurus: Silence in the desert, reading your favorite book on a rainy day, big sweaters/top knots/long socks, playing acoustic guitar, walking into antique bookstores

Gemini: Not being able to stop laughing with your best friend(s), bright umbrellas in heavy rain, splashing around in puddles, jumping into a giant pile of leaves, holding eye contact with someone

Cancer: The panic and excitement of a first kiss, christmas parties, falling asleep on FaceTime but not ending the call, spontaneously making cookies at 2 am, wearing someone else’s oversized sweater

Leo: Looking in a mirror and going “damn I look nice”, winning a race/competition, sitting in comfortable silence and playing with ur s/o hair, being in a room full of people but only caring about one person in there, receiving surprise gifts

Virgo: Finishing a good book, buying new school supplies, singing at the top of your lungs when no one else is around, taking a selfie and being satisfied with it, making new friends

Libra: Holding your s/o hand when nervous, performing with the spotlight solely on you, someone kissing you a million times at once and telling you they love you, binge watching disney movies, winter’s breath

Scorpio: Learning a new language, tender neck kisses, photoshoots with friends, the view of the city from up top, sipping hot apple cider in winter

Sagittarius: Playing with glow in the dark sticks, wearing red, rave parties, running into the ocean, a late night hook up

Capricorn: Leather bound books, finding small quaint towns, holding in laughter at a serious moment, someone holding you while you sob loudly, movie and popcorn

Aquarius: Wearing heels, grocery store runs, last minute christmas shopping, going cherry picking, creating something you’re proud of

Pisces: Ice skating in an empty rink, tight hugs, traveling to a foreign country, forehead kisses, picking a loved one up from the airport

Elvis Costello and the Attractions // Everyday I Write The Book 

Don’t tell me you don’t know what love is
When you’re old enough to know better
When you find strange hands in your sweater
When your dreamboat turns out to be a footnote
I’m a man with a mission in two or three editions
And I’m giving you a longing look
Everyday, everyday, everyday I write the book