favorite book day

She picked something from her table and walked towards her bed. She smiled lightly and sat down slowly. “I will never meet a lot of people. I will never be able to know and understand why people act the way they do. Even if I still can’t understand them perfectly, I knew that I can relate to what they were going through. Some things will never happen, some lessons will not be learned. And some of the greatest people I met will be forever strangers to me. Yes , I will never be able to tell you the wonderful memories—if that one thing never happened to me. If it occurred differently. I will not be talking about the stars if I haven’t experience the darkest of nights. I will not be mesmerized by how the sun rises if I wasn’t awake until it comes. I will not be in love with the sunset if I wasn’t waiting for the day to end. I will not be talking about heartbreak if it doesn’t happen to me. I will not be moved by sad movies if I never felt pain. I will not be talking about deep meanings behind things if I only used my eyes for trying to realize something. I will not be here if I made a different decision. If I chose a different option.”. She looked up and gave him the thing she’s been holding. A thing he thought she will never have. A piece of paper where a date was written. The day when they met each other. The day when he had seen her alone, reading one of her favorite books. The day when he was silently listening to his favorite music. “I was starting to move forward when you saw me. And I never expected that there’s still someone who would want to be with me when I started to stand and walk. I am moving on, and so are you—from two different reasons—but it feels more precious when we decided to do it together.”
—  ma.c.a // I Remember You

[11.12.17] 61/100 days of productivity

“‘I love winter, and when you really love something, then it loves you back, in whatever way it has to love.’” – A Separate Peace, John Knowles

November week two! Fun fact: this mini Kånken backpack was only $19! 

Small things that make everything better:
  • early morning rain
  • a great book
  • a hot cup of coffee
  • a hot cup of tea
  • hot chocolate
  • a room lit with fairy lights
  • a room lit with candles
  • candles that smell like Christmas
  • Copeland
  • comfortable jackets/sweaters
  • the smell of snow 
  • the smell of rain
  • your favorite song
  • journaling
  • a seat by the window on a dreary day
  • long drives on cold, rainy days
  • going to tiny book stores during the winter
  • the sleepy feeling cold, cloudy days give you
  • Fireplaces
  • warm blankets
  • watching it snow
  • Autumn leaves

last night the thought of kuro!neki visiting :re couldn’t let me go. some au ideas in the tags.

Bad Day Books

On the days that I’m feeling down or just exhausted, I like to read Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s an easy read, it won’t make me feel any complicated emotions, and it might make me laugh. Never fails to make me feel better. I’d love to hear what everyone else’s go-to book is, and why! Comment/reblog!

ASOUE Week: Favorite Arc(s)

As much as they stressed me out and depressed me as a kid, I think my favorite story arc for the series comes from the middle books. It just seemed like so much was going on. The Quagmires were kidnapped, both Olaf and the Police were after them, they learn more about the mysterious VFD, for a while they even find out someone might have survived their house fire! 

And not only is this the turning point in the series, but its the turning point for the Baudelaires themselves. After this point they become much more independent then they already were, they also become more critical thinkers and planners. All three of them grow so much through these arcs. 

Me on Valentines Day (aka Day of the Ships)
  • Everyone else: *gets flowers and has companionship in life*
  • Me: *goes home*
  • Me: *sits on bed with comfy blankets*
  • Me: *puts in earbuds and turns on song 'Me Myself and I'*
  • Me: *grabs book*
  • Me: I LOVE YOU ME!!!!
  • Me: *reads favorite book as a VD gift to self*
  • Me: *fangirls over fictional characters to make up for non existent love life*