favorite bones moments

anonymous asked:

So one of my all-time favorite moments with Bones is the bit in The Voyage Home where the woman's kidney grows back... But there's also a moment right after where they're scrambling to get to an elevator and they nearly mow over a person with a cast and McCoy immediately starts trying to help them but Jim is like "Not now, Bones!" My question is, are there other moments like that where McCoy feels this overwhelming compulsion to doctor but at the most inconvenient times?

Ugh, A+ prompt, that’s my fav part of Voyage Home. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have a think and you can expect a comic

brown-aces  asked:

Brooklyn 99

Favorite character: Rosa Diaz
Second favorite character: Jake Peralta
Least favorite character: I don’t really have one???
Character I’m most like: I wanna say Jake but I don’t really know
Favorite pairing: tied between Peraltiago and Dianetti
Least favorite pairing: Jake + anyone other than Amy and vice versa bc they’re cute af
Favorite moment: BONE?!??!
Rating: 11/10