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02.13.17 // my favorite spread of the month so far, along with some words I wish past me knew. I really could have used a little push back then, but maybe those things had to happen so I could be on track now??

Because water fountains are evil.

anonymous asked:

Hey you're my favorite Peach blog and I'm doing a casual Peach cosplay next month for a con and I was wondering if you'd be alright with me tagging you in reblogs to show you the photos?

OH? of course darling!!! I’d love to see :D

& thank you I’m happy to hear you like my blog and Peach!!!! :)) xoxo

Since Elsa and Kristoff never seem to appreciate my fantastic jokes..and lets be real they are fantastic. I thought I’d share some of them here with you guys!!

1.What do you tell someone when they’re looking for the Queen?

…..That she must be Elsawhere.

2. What is the custom greeting in Arendelle?

……“ice to meet you.” Elsa for some reason refuses to declare this law.

3.Why did Grand Pabbie keep checking my temperature the day of my wedding?

….To be sure I wasn’t getting cold feet.

4.What do citizens of Arendelle say to Elsa?

…all Hail the queen.

5. I always get questions to define my childhood,

….I guess you could say I was pretty ice-olated.

My blog broke the four digit follower count last night and in celebration, I decided to post my first follow forever. The past one and a half months being a part of the GOT7 fandom have been a blast for me, mostly thanks to the lovely people whom I’ve had the pleasure to befriend. I look forward to many, many more amazing months with all of you. I also hope to interact with more people in the coming months. Anyway, these are my current favorite blogs, regardless of whether we’re mutuals. I love you guys! :)

A - M

@bambamscloud | @coco-man | @defbeom@d-efsoul | @defwang | @dimblethum | @flowerjr | @gentleyoungjae | @got7europe | @got7ish | @holyfuckmark | @imjacksonsgf | @imxjaebeom | @j1ny0ung | @jackseunie | @jackseunn | @jacksonjacks-off | @jacksonwangpointedatme | @jaebumjpg | @jjjaebum | @jieunyoung | @jinmeowie | @jrjb | @kasugate | @kittenyeong | @limjaebeom | @magiccastles | @mark2young2jae | @markticseas | @milk-tuan | @mybiasforsure | @m-yien

N - Z

@parkmyjinyoung | @pasteltuans | @pinkumark | @pepi-junior | @pepi-tuan | @polarbeom | @protectmarkjin | @shytuan | @sing4youuu | @strxctlygotseven | @tuanpumpkins | @umma-jr | @visxns | @wangmins | @wang-thighs | @whyoungjae@won-der-ing | @wonhard | @xeros | @yieungjae | @yugyeommah


On the left hand side of my blog there is a column of my “favorite blogs”. I will be updating this tab to be my “favorite blogs for this month” very soon! 
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Guess who just found the fan mail button! I am new to tumblr and this is my favorite blog I have come across in the past few months. I feel really happy reading this blog, and just want to tell you to have a good day. This blog was love at first sight, and when I first wanted to send fan mail, I hadn’t been following you long enough. I appreciate your blog a lot and when I feel sad it makes me happy! Especially comes in handy when re watching the season finales… I’m going to look at the blog more now. 

We hope you continue to follow us and enjoy the content. Keep smiling :D

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Which of the spice girls do you wanna be? I chose you girls cause you’re really sweet, cool to talk to, and your blogs are some of my favorites💗😊 and since it’s the month of friendship, I wanna let you know that I appreciate you beauties 🙈


It’s time for the February Writing Challenge, and this month has a special prize for everyone who enters! The rules, as always, are very simple. 

1. Write your entry. It must be 300 words or less and it must contain a valentine. The rest is up to you!

2. E-mail it to me, along with your mailing address. Send it to laurenoliverbooks@gmail.com in the body of an e-mail. No attachments!

3. I’ll pick some of my favorites to share on my blog and on Wattpad, but this month everyone who enters will receive a (probably very belated) valentine from me!