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hey!! i hit 4k followers today and i thought i could celebrate it with a small follow forever, thank you everyone for following my blog!! 4 thousand of you is a lot!!

♡♡♡ here are my favorite blogs of all time:

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thank you again 🌹


Ok so I’ve wanted to do this for a while and I finally did!!🌚 rather than being a follow forever I just wanted to let all of you know that I really appreciate you a lot!!💕💖💐💓💞 Have a nice day/night I love all of you!! 

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EDIT: i am no longer taking requests.

because i finally finished nanowrimo + i’m kinda almost at a follower milestone + i want to follow more new blogs!


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That moment when you want to thank people again but you feel to awkward and shy to do anything and you end up getting flustered

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Ho - Ho - Holy shit. It’s been awhile since i’ve done one of these and what better time to do it than right before christmas. I never know what to write for these things so I’ll keep it short. I hope you all have a Happy Holiday & a great new year as we head into 2k17! Thank you all so much for following me! Below are some of my favorite blogs & friends. It’s hard to include everyone + im probably forgetting people, but I love each & every one of you <333  blogroll

@deeplyg @barasquatch @daisyridders @biglywolf @nthmetal @commanderogerss @killledbydrones @brandydoesart @lucklesslilly @bethesdas @quakebeats @miyku @deathblossurn @omnicbro @jack76 @kaldwinn @mccreeing @mcree @llucielchoi @aanderss @abrudas @kaldwins @sherrybirkns @splicerspawn @spacebard @flutterpoop @scatteredarrow @vampxrebarbie @zeldaslayer @danaskulle @ddeadeye @taleofsuspense @overwatchers @overwatchs @diamndcity @luciosbeats @bioticbutt @knifeb0t @letsgetonwithit @urdnotgrunt @lenaoxton @lesbianvelma @kalahira @trevor-philips @imperial-agent @garretthawke @kitty-fantastico @bookerduhwitt @bookercatch @mintycas @mickkarn @esteljune @element1414 @owlyams @ahmatus @plasmarifles @biostrange @verasmoray @freudian @rahgot @mlmhanzo @altissia @padmaes @ellizabum @nyiro @theladyhawke @notwit @dunwall

Under Attack - AI

Can’t take all the credit for this, got the idea from of an episode of Love I reblogged earlier. Anyway, someone on my dash mentioned Best Friend AU’s and I’m secretly a huge dork for them. 

Word Count: 1127

Listen– I just want to put this out there. I wholeheartedly prided myself on being independent. In all my years of existence, I haven’t had someone hold my hand to do something since I was five years old. But then this restless, gangly mess of a thirteen year old accidentally launched a drum stick across the band room and nailed me in the head. Ashton was a mess of a kid, but so was I. He had a knack for listening to me when I spoke and encouraging me– something no one in my family had done in a very long time. Suddenly, I had a best friend and decided that maybe a little help sometimes wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

So yeah, this is one of those times. And I’ll admit, I’m a little (okay, a lot) embarrassed as he barrels into my teeny-tiny apartment three blocks away from my university and nine blocks away from his much larger, much nicer apartment. “[Y/N] what’s going on?! Are you okay?!”

Ashton’s chest is heaving, but I know it’s probably more from my over dramatic texts I sent him about twenty minutes ago. I’ve never asked for it, but Ashton’s always been my knight in washed-out black skinny jeans and at this moment, I thoroughly appreciate the fact he probably skipped the old, slow elevator and took the stairs two at a time up to my fifth floor apartment.

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Tag Game

I was tagged by: @justasadlittleblogger :)

Name/Nicknames: Smally, Molecule, Brolecule (the last two are a really long story so if you’re curious just ask and I’ll tell)

Height: 5'4"

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Last thing googled: (I’m going to include a few for fun) Sweet Vicious, Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes action figure, Bucky Barnes Tsum Tsum, and Panera.

A fictional character I’d like as a sibling: Steve Rogers because I know he’d protect me from my past and present bullies as well as make sure I’m always doing okay and checking up on me because of my depression and anxiety. Plus I’m pretty sure he’d fight Donald Trump with his partner, Papa Bernie, and save the US. Plus he’d have Bucky as his bff and it’d be really cool to actually know the two of them and have such caring people in my life. 

How many blankets do I sleep with: Two; one heated cause I’m a cold ass human and then a Star Wars comforter on top. 

Favorite artist/band: Currently it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda; I fucking love the Moana soundtrack and I adore Hamilton.

How many blogs do I follow: 245

What about do I usually post: It’s been Bucky and Marvel related stuff recently but I do tend to post some more lgbtq+ related stuff (tips, rants, articles, etc.)

Do I get asks regularly: Well, you see, because I write fanfiction I do get some asks. 99% of the time they’re just people sending in requests. The other 1% is the occasional response to me trying to get people to send me asks through posts like- “send me Bucky smut scenarios!” (which I love ;) so don’t stop). I don’t tend to get personal ones. If I post something about my mental health I do get some telling me to take some time and get better (which I completely adore and love and it makes me really happy and it’s amazing and you guys who do send me that stuff are super sweet and amazing) :) Damn it, be nosy and ask me things you little dork nuggets, I wanna be asked thiiiiiiiiings. even if they’re the most uncomfortable questions.

I tag: @leisurely-loving, @riseofthehufflepuffs, @goldenlifevsgutter1996, @superstyles24, @parawh0rethings, and @kyleannsmut

Ask thingy?

Send me one of these questions and i’ll answer it :)
1. First fandom i ever joined
2. Gender/sexuality/pronouns
3. OTP?
4. Pet peeve
5. Hobbies?
6. Dream concert setlist
7. Favorite color
8. How many pillows do i sleep with?
9. Dream job
10. Pets
11. Concerts ive been too/im going to
12. Favorite bands
13. Favorite blogs?
14. Kiss-marry-kill any three people of your choosing
15. Follower count?
16. Ask your own question!!

you probably heard of the game Tattletail right? That furby-like horror game heh.

I made this since, every time tattletail will say something, more often or not a player will be like “no she didn’t, no she doesn’t, etc” like they act as if tattletail is lying.

so no lie here, I thought if zim were to play the game that’s his reaction every time tattletail would say something like that hehehe. 
And then when momma jump-scares him he’d probably fall over backward hehehe x'D 

I know it’s dumb, but I couldn’t help myself! It gave me a good little laugh.

DUDE, I LOVE TATTLETAIL! (And so do my youngest siblings. X3 They love watching me draw the little dude.)

The image is so cute! Oh yeah, and the Tattletail’s pretty, too.

This made my entire night. It’s one of my new favorite games, and even on my DIB blog it follows me, i love the lil’ guy! Thank you so much, this gave me a good giggle. I also may or may have NOT watched Markiplier play through the game about three to four times..

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- Mod-Panda

Follow Forever

Y’all I hit 1k on this blog which I thought would never happen so HERE WE GO we doin’ a follow forever

(this is in no real order, I’m just going down my following list and typing down my favorite blogs)

(also if you don’t see me on your follower list, it’s because this is a sideblog and I follow from @discountshark)

@outsidersunsets @curly-shepards @that-cute-transboy @johnnycakescade @goodjokesgreathair/@pony-bitch-curtis @maybe-i-want-to-stay-silver @dallass-winston @stevierandle @gallantoutsiders @theoutsiders-appreciation @westsidegreaser @girlsandgangsofficial @dallyscigarette @greasergirlwrites @dallas-winston-wanted-to-be-dead @aquariusatnight @livwinston64 @violentandyoung @greasers-with-glitter @patrick-swayze @fuckyesdallaswinston @bob-sheldon @twobitmemethews @darryqueen6783 @curtisbrothersgirl 

and i have a few words for a few people

(again no real order)

@talk–greasy–to–me - Y’all okay this is who got me into this fandom. She’s a really good person and my best friend, I wouldn’t be here doing the one thing that makes me happy if it wasn’t for her.

@curlyshepardappreciation - Hi yes your blog is where I go when I’m sad. Thank you for this.

@novocainehowell - (not technically an outsiders blog but she does post Outsider related stuff) GUYS Mikayla is my favorite person honestly. She’s always there for me and aH I love her.

@timcurlyshepard - Hi yes I’m too NERVOUS to talk to you but I hope you know I rlly love your blog, it is literal perfection and gaH I love it.

@pureoutsiderstrash - Y’all Carter is such a good person and honestly deserves all the love in the world alright she is such a frickin BEAN

@roblowes - Hi yes hello you were the first person (besides talk–greasy–to–me) in this fandom that I messaged and OH BOY WAS I A TRAINWRECK but pal I see you doing things all the time like giving advice n shit and oh man you’re my new mom pls and thank

gosh, nearly a hundred followers in a day…

ACOTAR and TOG Aesthetic

ok, so today’s my birthday (!!!) and to celebrate I thought I’d do one of these :) (shoutout to @highladyofemotions for letting me use her format!!)

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- message me your favorite SJM character to receive one of these


Seasonal Court: Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter
Celestial Court: Dawn | Day | Night

Member of the Court of Dreams: Feyre | Rhysand | Morrigan | Amren | Cassian | Azriel

Member of Aelin’s Court: Aelin | Rowan | Lysandra | Aedion | Dorian | Elide

Power of Feyre’s : Winnowing | Light Generation | Glamouring | Daemati | Darkness Manipulation

Kingdom of Erilea : Terrasen | Adarlan | Fenharrow | Melisande | Eyllwe

Event: Starfall | Calanmai | Winter Solstice | Samhuinn

Featured Scent (from one of the books): Citrus | Jasmine | Lavender | Sea salt