favorite bioshock things

daisy fitzroy is my lord and savior

the best thing about canon multiverses is that it’s basically a blank check to ignore any plot points you don’t like. you wanna go live in the world where daisy dies and everything goes to shit? idk whatever that’s your choice i’m gonna be over here where she holds the vox together through sheer righteous carefully planned fury

columbia’s an awful pretty garden and i wanna watch her rip it up by the roots and wear it as her crown

anonymous asked:

BioShock: The Collection has apparently made some design changes. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see changed? A new model, lighting fix or perhaps something new added?

Honestly, i love Bioshock so much, i wouldnt change very many things. That being said, one of my wishes for the game was to have more stuff to look at outside of the windows. Fish, plants, bathysphere wreckage, broken columns. I love that stuff. And im happy to see thats what theyve done, at least for the first game. Id also love for them to bring back the windows and city background/skybox texture from my favorite Bioshock screenshot:

One other thing that would be nice though, would be custom models for all the main characters.