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Finally ready to start posting pieces from my Johtodex project.  The goal is to paint a watercolor of every Pokemon in the original Johto regional Pokedex using their original GBC color pallets.

Starting things off with the Johto starters, still personally my favorite batch of starters from any generation.  The first of which is Chikorita’s evolution line.  I love how this spunky turnip becomes a feisty herb and then a majestic pacifist flower.



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You are saying you'll never be over Arc V, but, honestly, can you say you are over any YGO series?

i mean, true

but arc v is different

I used to be in a place where i loved each series equally for their own unique elements

but arc v….arc v is something different.  it’s more special.  It’s changed my life in a way the other series haven’t.  it’s captured my heart and my soul in a way that they others didn’t.  

it has my favorite batch of characters; unlike previous YGOs, i can count on my hands how many Arc V characters I don’t care about.  I just care about almost all of them so much.  It has my favorite art style, my favorite character designs, my favorite plot lines, my favorite soundtrack, my favorite card and archetypes and duels.

it has the message that i relate to the most: for most of my life, i’ve felt much the way i see Yuya, someone who wants to make everyone smile but deep down, there’s an element of selfishness to that wish, and it takes time and effort to manage that and find the true self that you want to become, not just for everyone else, but for yourself too.

Arc V led me to some of the best friends I’ve ever made.  I made my first cosplay that I was actually proud of from Arc V.  It was the reason that I ended up really getting ensconced in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, because it was current and everyone was so excited about it and it was so much easier to find people to talk to about theories and headcanons and aus and ships because it was new and it was the first time that I had actually been a part of a fandom while the content was still coming out, it felt more lively and i met some of the best people I’ve known through it.

So…yeah, you’re right.  I’m never going to be over Yu-Gi-Oh in general.  But Arc V is special, and it will always have an incredible place in my heart, just a little above the rest of the series, that will probably continue to buoy me up in my quiet, sad moments, for years to come.


Kitty Pryde Costume Parade by the incredible Kevin Wada featuring an array of Kitty’s costumes over the years, including (1) my favorite of the batch inspired by Dazzler from Uncanny X-Men #149, (2) her space pirate ensemble from Uncanny X-Men #167, (3) a variation on the traditional school costume from Uncanny X-Men #168, (4) an instant classic in green and brown from Uncanny X-Men #169, (5) an outfit that can only have been inspired by Flashdance from Uncanny X-Men #175, (6) her skating costume from Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Limited Series #1, (7) the Shadowcat costume from the Excalibur era, and (8) her costume from the X-Men Evolution cartoon.


so WOW i finally finished that bundle of requests i asked for a while ago! i think asch was my favorite to draw this batch ‘cause tbh he came out looking like a guy that’d be decked completely in kingdom hearts merch while denying being a kh fan but also most likely to get into a fistfight over how much axel didn’t deserve a keyblade and probably dyes his hair blue during conventions to cosplay saix

An Undertale AU Idea I Have

Name: Parentale

Basic Concept: Asgore and Chara and Toriel and Asriel swap roles.

Story: Things were going pretty peaceful for the Dreemurr family. Despite the barrier being up, they still had a connection to humanity through their new family member, Chara.

Unfortunately, Toriel fell ill one day and died. Asgore wanted to properly bury his beloved, so while his children were asleep, he went to the surface by climbing the mountain up and properly bury her by scattering her ashes near her favorite batch of purple flowers. Unfortunately, humans thought that he had killed his wife and brutally murdered him.

When Asriel and Chara awoke, they did not see their father anywhere. When they climbed up to the surface, they saw Asgore laying there, dead. That day, Chara swore to get revenge on humanity by breaking the barrier and destroying humanity.

When they were old enough, Chara took the title as Ruler of the Underground, despite being a human, due to Asriel not being interested in ruling. The first order Chara has as ruler is to kill the next 7 humans you see to use their souls and shatter the barrier and unleash nightmare on humanity. Seeing that Chara has been consumed by their vengeance, Asriel flees to the Ruins and swears to protect the future fallen humans, hoping that some day, Chara will return to their senses.

Meanwhile, Toriel’s dust manages to seap into one of the flowers in that field, turning her into Flowey. Asgore’s soul was not completely shattered, his spirit now dedicated himself to leading the fallen humans back to the surface.

Post Pacifist: After Toriel uses the souls she gathered to break the barrier, she tells Frisk to, “Look after my beloved children, OK my child?”, and vanishes. Chara and Asriel also reconcile, Chara now vowing to try and understand humanity better, not to just blindly hate them all because of their past.

Ages in this AU:
Chara: 18-20
Asriel: 14-16
Frisk: 13-16

Shippings In This AU:

Changes In Personalities: Flowey now begins as a motherly figure, but then betrays you. Asriel is like Toriel, but retains some childhood curiosity of humanity and is sarcastic sometimes. He calls Frisk “buddy”, since he treats the fallen humans like friends, not really having a lot growing up. Chara is much more serious and strict than Asgore, being focused on their goal of shattering the barrier. In Pacifist, you get to see their kinder side, mainly their love for their family.

Hope you guys like this AU idea! Feel free to leave thoughts if you want.


SCPs for the week.

Thanks everyone for your requests! This was my favorite batch to work on so far!

Taking requests for next week. A few people contacted me earlier with interesting suggestions, so I will pick only TWO this time.

Would you like to request an SCP?

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Ike, Ruby so you like The Stick of Truth?

IKE: Kyle talks a lot about it. It’s a favorite among their batch.
IKE: With our batch, it’s either you like it or you don’t. A lot of the Asian kids aren’t too fond of it, but they’re okay with it as long as you don’t rub it in your face like the Vamp kids did with Twilight.
RUBY: The older kids are doing a LARP based around it, aren’t they?

IKE: My ‘ship’ is apparently stationed at the playground and they get to fight my pirate lackeys. And Firkle’s some sort of Viking. I dunno.
IKE: He’s part of the Goths’ ensemble though, and they ‘ally’ themselves with whichever kingdom assists them.

IKE: Younger sis- sorry, younger brother of the beautiful Princess Kenny, who will be played by, obviously, Kenny the cat.
IKE: Prince Karen is the kindest prince in all the land, wielding the rapier of legend, Queenlasanne. She’s supposed to be co-rulers with Tweek? I forgot how much they changed the storyline for the LARP.
RUBY: Tweek didn’t want to be the Wizard King, so he made the barbarian the king. Barbarian King Tweke, the Incorruptible.
IKE: Oh yeah, right. It’s really funny how the barbarian’s name in the book is Tweke; it’s like it was a role made for Tweek.
IKE: … Do you have a role, Ruby?

IKE: Rose Hood?
RUBY: Feldspar’s sister. Marshwalker knows her.
IKE: Oh, yeah, I remember her! The younger sibling of Feldspar, she lived with the wolves that raised Stan’s familiar, Sparky, because people were out to get Feldspar, and he didn’t want her to get hurt.
IKE: Marshwalker, owing Feldspar a favor, secretly led him to the wolves, and they raised Rose while Feldspar did all sorts of shit, trying to throw them off Rose’s trail.
RUBY: Rose decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps when she grew up… and became Rose Hood, the Wild One. A rogue with the heart of a wolf.
IKE: She’s so cool, how could I have forgotten about her character?
IKE: Wait, Feldspar is gonna be played by Craig the cat. So they’re gonna pretend he isn’t a cat for the LARP so you have a brother?
RUBY: … Most likely.

Sketch of Decans I ordered from the lovely @yamsgarden at the Otakuthon ! This is definitely one of my favorite of the batch and the artist was absolutely fun to talk with ! I didn’t speak too much with her because, well, I’m a shy patoot but god I love how much feelings she put in this drawing ! It’s so fun to give full freedom to an artist after explaining a bit about the character, it always came up with interesting result !

I got from her an this awesome print that she signed ! If you guys don’t follow her already I definitely recommend it to you !