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Finally ready to start posting pieces from my Johtodex project.  The goal is to paint a watercolor of every Pokemon in the original Johto regional Pokedex using their original GBC color pallets.

Starting things off with the Johto starters, still personally my favorite batch of starters from any generation.  The first of which is Chikorita’s evolution line.  I love how this spunky turnip becomes a feisty herb and then a majestic pacifist flower.


i took the mcelroy face challenge on twitter and the results were a little…uh…interesting

It’s not fair 

When you’re not there

I’m so emotionally needy, baby

I’m hoping no one can see me

Mmm, you got me so pathetic

“Pathetic” - Erik Hassle

Haru being the undisputed king of karaoke lol This song, thou. I actually heard it first at work of all places over the speakers. At first I was pretty meh about it. But then it grew on me. I grew attached to it the minute I pictured this guy singing it lol Pretty convinced Haru will become an entertainer after highschool; he promised his parents he’s finish school before even thinking of getting involved in the industry. He loves to sing honestly, it’s fun and he enjoys people’s reactions when they find out he’s actually good at it.

Cropping & Editing Icons in GIMP

Hello everyone!

This is Bubbles-mod here with your second tutorial! Like Jerry-mod, I’ll also be going from start to finish on how I crop and edit icons on the wonderful program known as GIMP. GIMP is a lovely alternative for anyone that’s seeking Photoshop and cannot afford it because – guess what? It’s free! It’s also able to run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux which makes it very versatile. Whether you’re an old timer with GIMP like myself, or a newbie, I’ll guide you through the many steps on how to complete this. And if you don’t have GIMP and wish to learn with this tutorial you can grab it from here!

That being said there is a few things you might need while working with this tutorial.

                                          Important things to have

  • Of course having a method of downloading your video is a must. So there’s many sources you can get videos from, youtubemp4s converters and also Kissanime/Kisscartoon (the latter once they get the site back up and running).
  • Next you’ll need your trusty GIMP program.
  • Then we’ll need my favorite plugin: BIMP – the Batch Image Manipulation Plugin which you can also get from here. Now if you’re not familiar installing Plugins, I recommend following the instructions they have there as this won’t be the main focus of my tutorial.
  • Finally, you’ll want a frame ripper. The one I tend to use DVDVideoSoft’s Video to JPG
  • One other script that can be added is the ExportAll script. This just allows you save all the images you have opened at one time to a location. This comes in handy if you don’t want to save images one by one later on while cropping. It is not necessary needed. Remember to add it to GIMP like you would any other script/plugin.

Now, this is going to get a bit image heavy so I’m going to be putting everything under a cut from this point on. Good luck and happy iconing everyone!

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tw: their numbers in your phone

Allison Argent (you originally had her under huntress and she demanded that you change it)

Derek Hale (he doesn’t know the effect he has on you, and he never would’ve had Isaac not squealed when he saw Derek’s name and blabbed to him right afterwards. when Isaac tells Derek that you call him daddy, he has to know why)

Isaac Lahey (you were almost as affected by Isaac just as you were by Derek. only when Isaac sees an open mouth next to his name, HE grows flustered and YOU do the teasing)

Jordan Parrish (he would NOT stop teasing you when he found out you wanted him to handcuff(uck) you)

Kira Yukimura (she gets slightly insulted when you compare her sword skills to that of a fencing champ. you think the name fits)

Lydia Martin (it was between this and ‘scream of death’ which you weren’t even remotely serious about. Lydia was your best friend and you let her save her number in your phone. these are the results because she thought ‘future fields winner’ would jinx her chances of actually winning)

Malia Tate (the one female FWB relationship that ended on good terms: you two still hooking up in between serious relationships and remaining great friends even when things aren’t so hot between you two)

Scott McCall (he’d never let you drink until you were legal. even after you’re legal, he’s got issues. he’s the protective daddy of you, of the entire pack but you especially)

Stiles Stilinski (because you could not stop laughing for an hour after Scott told you about the mishap. needless to say, Stiles wasn’t too happy about it)

Theo Raeken (he would not stop flirting with you no matter what. everyone would threaten him and he’d only get more persistent)

Here is my TW edition of the phone number thing. Derek’s my favorite in this batch and Isaac’s is a close second. I hope you guys like this & thank you for all the positive feedback on the TVD preferences I did earlier. I appreciate you all so much! Xoxo


Redesigns of my humanized/Mechanid World versions of some of the characters from Cars 2 I’ve been doing over on dA. I’ll post the first cast after I get them done. These guys get to go first since they’re all finished.

It’s fun doing things like this. Helps me practice designing clothing and hairstyles. Character designing in general really.

So yeah, just thought I’d share. First movie cast soon.

Favorite design of this batch goes to Siddley.